Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 82: You Should Thank Me

You Should Thank Me 

“Frame you? Are you saying that something is wrong with the surveillance video of the hotel? Do you take me for a fool? ” Wilson’s wife screamed in anger. She was so furious that her chest was visibly heaving in short bursts. “I checked the surveillance video of the hotel myself, and it was definitely you two! Moreover, you splashed a whopping one hundred thousand dollars that night!”

Wow..Everyone gasped when Wilson’s wife said that. One hundred thousand dollars was spent in just one night! Alice trembled visibly. She wanted to refute the accusations and defend herself, but she was at a loss for what to say—Wilson’s wife’s accusation was irrefutable, after all. “Honey…” Wilson timidly called out to his wife. “Scram!” she roared. “Otherwise, I’ll beat you up, too!” Wilson shrank back in fear. Alice’s eyes reddened when she saw him do that. “Wilson, do you really plan to do nothing as your wife bullies me like this? You and I—” Before she could finish, however, Wilson was shoved aside. Wilson’s wife marched over, grabbed her hair, and slapped her forcefully before she could react. Alice’s scream rang out across the office. Ivan narrowed his eyes. He had been watching quietly, and at this point, he couldn’t help glancing at Rachel. Rachel appeared unaffected by the chaos, though. She had been drinking a cup of juice nonchalantly and felt full after only drinking half of it. When she noticed Ivan’s silent stare, she stuffed the cup into his hands and said, “Don’t look at me like that. I just sent Wilson’s wife three photos by accident.” Ivan was speechless. By accident? Seeing that Wilson’s wife, who was going ballistic on Alice, had utterly gained the upper hand, Rachel explained, “The family of Wilson’s wife, Julia, isn’t insanely wealthy, but they do run a small company. This company has pulled in some profit from e-commerce in recent years. Wilson was a promising graduate from our country’s top university when he met Julia. She had just graduated from college, and he pursued her relentlessly. Julia fell in love with him because not only was he talented, but he was also quite considerate to her. She shunned the suitor her family had arranged for her and insisted on marrying Wilson, who was poor at the time. They got married and had two children-a boy and a girl. When Julia’s parents saw their daughter living a happy married life, they slowly accepted Wilson. Time passed, and Wilson got promoted to director of Sullivan Group’s personnel department. The promotion came with a lot of different perks, including increased attention from women. At that time, Julia, who was happy in her marriage, put on some weight after childbirth, so Wilson, who was being approached by many beautiful young women, began to cheat on her. The Sullivan Group was paying him a handsome salary, but his expenditure was too high a burden for him to bear—not just anyone could afford to buy a ten-thousand-dollar bag for their mistress every day, after all. So, to cover the expenses, Wilson lied to Julia that he intended to make an important investment with the dowry her family had given in him. She agreed, unaware that he was, in fact, using the money to support his mistress. Julia remained in the dark until I sent her those three pictures,” Rachel said, looking back at him squarely Ivan frowned. He couldn’t help but wonder the real reason she sent the photos. “Ivan, you really don’t know women,” Rachel said with a smile. Then, seeing the puzzled expression on his face, she decided to elaborate. “You must be thinking that Julia would have lived a happy life if she remained blissfully unaware—with nobody to tell her the truth —that her husband was cheating on her.” “Am I wrong?” Ivan coldly asked. “Yes, you’re wrong,” she replied, and her eyes darkened a little. Then, clenching her hands tight, she gritted her teeth and said, “Living in an illusion can indeed make people happy, but there is nothing hidden under the sun. Nothing stays a secret forever; it will be brought to light someday. Julia would have still learned of the truth in the end, either from others or her husband and his mistress themselves. Let’s take the latter as an example. If she remained in the dark and is one day conspired against by her husband and his mistress, both of who suddenly reveal their affair to her directly in the hopes of getting rid of her…” Rachel paused for a moment and narrowed her eyes. “Then, she will not only lose her happiness but will also collapse because she won’t know what to believe in anymore. The news will destroy her, and she might also…. kill herself,” Rachel finished darkly. When Ivan heard the last two words, his eyes widened in shock. She looked away from him, hiding the glint of malice in her eyes. “I think the show is almost over. Ivan, call security,” she said, changing the topic of conversation. Ivan was quiet for only a moment, and then he took out his phone and put a call through to the security guard. While he was talking to the guard, he caught a glimpse of Rachel’s phone screen. A video live-streaming website was currently open on her web browser. He saw her click on a stream that was titled “New: A man’s lover gets slapped by his wife! Don’t miss this!” It was a live video of the fight currently happening between Alice, Julia, and Wilson. The number of people watching the stream was shown at the top left side of the page-it was currently five hundred thousand. Ivan’s face quickly changed, and he asked, “Miss Bennet, what are you watching?” Rachel smiled and blinked innocently. “Don’t you know what this is?” she asked. “I’m watching a live stream.”

Of course, Ivan knew it was a live broadcast, but who was filming? He looked at her suspiciously. Rachel could tell what he was thinking, and she shrugged and raised her hands innocently. “I don’t know, and it’s not my business, anywayAs you can see, I just happened to come across this live stream.” Then, she stole a glance at the camera facing the office door, and a smile surfaced on her face. Not only had she “accidentally” sent three photos to Julia, but she had also “accidentally” hacked into the public relations department’s camera and connected it to a live stream room. She couldn’t help nursing a desire to invite some Internet users to enjoy the show with her. The live stream took the Internet by storm, causing a lot of commotion. It quickly became a trending topic on multiple social media platforms, and some sites even had their servers crashed because of the explosive number of comments they were getting. “Who did this?! Find out who is behind this!” In the office, Victor’s expression was cold as he issued an order to the technology department’s senior managers. They were all standing in a row, and their heads were hung low. “Yes, sir!” They answered in unison, beads of sweat oozing from their foreheads. Then, they left the office in order. As soon as they left, Ivan knocked on the door and came into the office. “Mr. Sullivan, trending topics and hashtags related to the video have been removed, and the live stream room has been closed. However, the video is all over the Internet already, and I’m afraid this most exposure can’t be suppressed.”, Victor looked furious. His gaze shifted to Rachel, who was sitting on the sofa, and growled, “Is this what you want to see?” Rachel held up her cup of orange juice and looked at him innocently. “What do I want to see? Victor, don’t slander me. I can’t hack the Sullivan Group’s monitoring system. If I cannot do even that, how could I broadcast the feed?! I also didn’t hand over Alice’s personal information to Julia. I just sent three photos without saying anything. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Ivan. He has been with me the entire time, so he knows better than anyone else that I didn’t do it,” she replied. Ivan lowered his head and said, “It’s not a lie. Miss Bennet just sat there and watched everything unfold. She didn’t say or do anything else.” Deep down in his heart, however, Ivan was still suspicious. Although he had no proof, he still felt that Rachel had something to do with everything that had happened. “There you go. I was just watching the show,” Rachel said, smiling innocently at Victor. The stern expression on Victor’s face was visible on her pupil. “Does it hurt you to watch Alice being slapped around like that, Mr. Sullivan?” A chilling aura exploded from Victor when she said that. He narrowed his eyes and slowly said with fury, “Does it hurt me?”

“If you aren’t hurt, then why are you so angry? Alice was a home-wrecker who got punished by her lover’s angry wife. It’s a personal matter that has nothing to do with the Sullivan Group, right? In fact, Victor, you should thank me.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 82 You Should Thank Me

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