Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 79: Just Here For The Show

Just Here For The Show 

Ivan arrived at the Sue Garden at ten o’clock and found Rachel waiting for him in the living room. He handed her the agreement and a pen. “Miss Bennet, this is a new draft. Read it thoroughly and if everything works for you, you can go ahead and sign it.” Rachel didn’t bother reading any of it. She clicked the pen and signed her name on the last page before handing the document back to Ivan. This reminded him of the day her divorce to Victor became official. He had been the one to bring the divorce papers to her then and he clearly remembered her signing her name without even reading a line. Back then, if anyone had told him that in less than two months Rachel would not only be pregnant with Victor’s child, but also living in the Sue Garden again, he would have laughed his head off.

What a surprising turn of events! “The legal department has withdrawn the lawsuit against Andy. He should be released this afternoon,” he said in a businesslike tone as he returned the agreement to his briefcase. “Where is Abby?” Rachel asked, frowning at Ivan. “Abby? Do you mean your maid?” “Yes,” Rachel replied curtly. “Where is she?” “Don’t worry, Miss Bennet. She is safe and treated well. But we can’t release her just yet,” Ivan said. Rachel eyes were shooting daggers at him. “And why is that?” “Mr. Sullivan doesn’t trust you, given your history in breaking promises. Just to be sure, he will wait until the baby is born to release the girl, but only when he is sure you are out of the city.”

Rachel clenched her fists.

She was furious, yet not at all surprised by Victor’s actions. She took a deep breath and regained her composure, relaxing her hands. Ivan was certain that Rachel would explode when she heard what Victor had in store for her maid, so he was taken aback seeing her so calm. He checked his watch and said, “You will have to excuse me now if there’s nothing else…” He looked at her inquiringly but when she didn’t respond, he turned to leave. He was almost at the door when Rachel stopped him in his tracks. “Ivan, wait.” “Yes, Miss Bennet? Is there something else you need?” “You are on your way to Victor’s office, right?” Rachel grabbed her purse and moved towards

Ivan. “I need to get to the Sullivan Group too. I’ll just tag along.” Some matters required her attention. They had been left unresolved for too long, and now was the time to settle them and punish those that deserved to be punished.

In the public relations department of the Sullivan Group, everyone was surprised to see Alice returning to work so soon. 1 She had been in the hospital for a few days, but now she could finally get out of bed and walk. Thinking Rachel getting that abortion, she felt truly elated. She didn’t listen to her mother’s suggestion to stay at home for a couple more days

She was dressed in the latest fashion, carrying her most expensive designer bag. Her red high heels clicked on the floor as she entered the building. One of her colleagues spotted Alice first and her eyes lit up. “Miss Jenkins, you are here!” Alice flipped her carefully coifed hair and flashed the woman a broad smile. “I’ve ordered drinks for everyone. They’ll be here soon.” “Thank you, Miss Jenkins!” Everyone shouted, looking really excited to have a reason to party. “Miss Jenkins, are you wearing Orlais? This year’s autumn collection if I am not mistaken?” Alice scanned the crowd and found the woman that had asked the question. She was happy to see that her eyes were wide as saucers. Alice raised her chin slightly and gently touched the pearls adorning her sleeves. “It is! I didn’t think you’d recognize it.” “Oh my ***! This dress is a limited edition! It was all but sold out two days after it reached the market! Some friends of mine waited in line all night outside the shop to buy a dress like this, but before they even got inside, there wasn’t any left. How did you get it, Miss Jenkins?” All the women in the office were looking at Alice with undisguised envyAnd she enjoyed it immensely! She tried to look modest as she said casually, “Oh, I just happened to know the chief designer of Orlais, so I asked her to set one aside for me.”

That elicited a collective gasp from the women around her. The chief designer of Orlais! This brand was maybe the third-best luxurious one in the world! Its chief designer was bound to be someone truly extraordinary and even seeing their face was a faraway dream for most people. But Alice knew them personally. After all, she had asked them to keep a dress for her. Every single woman in that room would give their right hand to be in Alice’s place. Alice smiled smugly, her eyes glinting with pride. “Oh, and by the way, I have a client who wants some materials. I’ll print out the list. Could someone help me send it to Rachel in the archive? She needs to gather everything and send it to me.” A dead silence seemed to spread over the previously cheerful crowd at her words.

The man standing right next to Alice told her in a low voice, “Miss Jenkins, didn’t you hear about Rachel?” “No! What happened?” Alice tried her best to look surprised and confused. “I took a few days off. Did anything happen while I was gone?” “Rachel was fired,” someone cried. “Fired?” Alice frowned, not unconvincingly. “How is this possible? Didn’t she just accompany Mr. Sullivan to his business trip in Yaprye?” “Pfft!” The man rolled his eyes. “She had us all fooled! She is not as innocent as she wanted us to think she was! Probably she used some dirty means to go on that trip! People say she threatened Mr. Sullivan! Of course she got fired! Did you know she used to be married to Mr. Sullivan? I just found out! What man could put up with her? And pestering Mr. Sullivan after their divorce? What a tramp!” “Come on, now. After all, she was his wife…” “Bah! She’s not good enough for our boss! I believe that Miss Jenkins would be a much better match for Mr. Sullivan,” another woman said.

Alice tried to hide her smile at that, but she pretended to be annoyed at such talk. “What are you talking about?” “It’s the truth! You are so much better than Rachel.” She paused a little before adding, “Besides, Rachel won’t be coming back this time.” “What do you mean?” Alice asked. “Mr. Sullivan looked absolutely terrible at the meeting that day, and Malcolm from sales department told me that he had overhead that person talking on the phone about Rachel. Mr. Sullivan was so furious that he broke his pen! Furious, I tell you!” Alice lowered her eyes to hide her satisfaction at everything she just heard, but didn’t say anything ‘I win! How does it feel, Rachel, being kicked out just as I said you would be?’ Meanwhile, a Maybach stopped right in front of the Sullivan Group’s building. Ivan got out and opened the door for Rachel. “Mr. Sullivan is in a meeting. If you want to…” “Who said I am here to see Victor?” Rachel shot back as she climbed out of the car. “Then… why did you come here?” Rachel checked her phone to see if her message had been sent. An enigmatic smile formed on her lips. “I am just here for the show.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 79 Just Here For The Show

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