Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 76 You’re Not Allowed To Leave If You Don’t Eat

 You’re Not Allowed To Leave If You Don’t Eat 

In the Sue Garden. The moment the Aston Martin pulled over at the gate, the driver got off the car to open the backseat door for Victor. Upon hearing the noise, Lukas immediately came out of the house to greet him. “Mr. Sullivan, you’re finally home.” “So, what’s going on?” Victor walked into the house while locking eyes with Lukas. “It’s your wife—” Lukas reflexively addressed Rachel by her old title. He suddenly when he felt Victor starting at him coldly. Immediately, Lukas realized that he had made a mistake, and he changed his wording. “It’s Miss Bennet. She doesn’t want to eat anything after she vomited around noon.” Victor was not pleased to hear that. “If she doesn’t want to eat, let her be.” “But she’s pregnant, Mr. Sullivan. If she doesn’t eat it anything, it could affect the baby’s development,” Lukas said with worry“Where is she?” Victor asked. “She’s been in her room ever since she came back.” “Bring her down here this instant!” Victor commanded. “Yes, sir.” With that, Lukas went upstairs to find Rachel. Inside the room, she had just unlocked her phone, and she was reading an email that she received from Quintin a few days ago. It was Wilson’s schedule for the past two weeks. When Rachel saw Alice’s name on the schedule, she figured out what was going on. ‘Well, just as I’ve thought, Wilson and that little *****, Alice are in cahoots. The physical examination that I underwent a week ago was arranged upon Alice’s request.’ 1 Just then, she heard a knock coming from the door. “Miss Bennet, are you awake?” Lukas said from outside the door. Rachel gathered her thoughts as she got out of bed to open the door. “Lukas, what’s up?” “Mr. Sullivan is back,” he replied. “He’s downstairs, waiting for you.” Rachel frowned at that. She had thought that Victor wouldn’t come back tonight. “I see. Let’s go downstairs then.” Rachel nodded, leaving the room and closing the door behind her. Afterwards, she followed Lukas to the dining room. The moment she stepped foot in the dining room, she felt the familiar frigid atmosphere. She scanned her eyes along the table and found Victor at the end of the table, sitting there while wearing a stern expression. Upon seeing him, she couldn’t help but think of how he strangled her with his bare hands,

almost killing her. She clenched her hands into fists.

‘Three times.

Victor has tried to kill me three times.’ 1

The first time it happened was during the day she was reborn. The second time was because of the Bennet Group. And the third was when he found out that she was pregnant. Rachel took a deep breath, and sat down at the table. After she was seated, Lukas looked at the maids, signaling them to serve the food. Soon, all sorts of dishes were served on the table. “Miss Bennet, these dishes were made under the advisement of a nutritionist, which is specifically catered for pregnant women. Aside from that, the nutritionist has taken your current condition into consideration,” Lukas explained as he stood beside the table. When the aroma of the food wafted into her nose, Rachel’s stomach grumbled, and her face turned pale. She then stood up, wanting to leave, but to her surprise, two bodyguards suddenly appeared behind her, and pressed her shoulder down without saying a word. “Victor, what the **** are you doing?” “Eat everything,” Victor commanded, still wearing his stoic expression. Rachel gulped when she saw how much food there were on the table. Even though she wasn’t suffering from nausea, she was certain that she could never eat so much food. She then glanced at the bodyguards on both sides of her seat, and took a deep breath to suppress the nausea she was feeling. “I’m not hungry.” Rachel frowned and said, “If you’re hungry, you can eat these all yourself.” “I said, finish these dishes. Don’t make me repeat myself again. If you’re not hungry, then sit there until you are! If you can’t finish them all at once, you can take a break until you’re able to eat more,” Victor responded. “Miss Bennet, you haven’t eaten anything for an entire day. You should at least have some. It’ll be good for you and your baby,” Lukas suggested, handing her a bowl of light millet porridge. “I really can’t-urgh!” Before she could finish her sentence, she suddenly retched. She kept retching for a long time, but there was nothing in her stomach that she could throw up, and it caused her face to turn pale. Her eyes were turning red, and her hands were clenched against her chest. The pain in her throat and the burning sensation from her stomach was becoming more and more unbearable. Upon seeing this, Lukas immediately poured a glass of warm water for her. “Miss Bennet, please drink some water.” Rachel took the water to moisten her throat. Afterwards, she pushed away the bowl of millet porridge in front of her, and then she cast Victor a cold stare. “Let’s talk,” she said. Looking back at her, Victor caught a glimpse of her wrist. He only saw it because she was covering her mouth with her hands just now, and her sleeves were slightly rolled up,


revealing the bruises on her wrist, which hadn’t completely recovered. Once again, the scene of Rachel falling to the ground flashed through his mind again. His eyes dimmed, and he suddenly had a hard time breathing. Victor sprang to his feet, looking down at Rachel. “I will not talk to you unless you finish eating.” Afterwards, he said to Lukas, “Stay here and make sure she finishes everything. If she doesn’t finish them all, don’t let her leave.” With that, Victor left. Rachel bit her lower lip so hard that it bled. Lukas sighed and said, “Miss Bennet, for the sake of your baby, please eat some.” Rachel looked into his eyes for a while before she nodded in agreement. “Fine, I’ll eat.” Soon, she managed to eat everything on the table, and just as expected, she threw them all up.

When Lukas saw her face turn pale, he felt concerned. “Are you okay?” Rachel grabbed the edge of the table, clenching it hard. She felt horrible, but the fierce look in her eyes never wavered. “Don’t worry, I’m still alive,” she joked in a hoarse and feeble voice. “But Miss Bennet,”

“Lukas, please get me another glass of warm water.” She had vomited so much for so long that she had grown exhausted. Lukas immediately followed the order and gave her another glass. Rachel drank half of the glass’ contents in one gulp, and fortunately, it relieved some of the pain coming from her stomach. Then, she put down the glass, stood up, and left the dining room. This time, the bodyguards didn’t stop her. Worried, Lukas followed her and asked, “Miss Bennet, are you going back to your room to rest?” “No, I want to talk to Victor.” Rachel took a deep breath as she pressed the elevator button to the third floor before Lukas could say another word. “Ding!”

The elevator door opened. Once she stepped out of the elevator, she noticed that there was a study nearby. The door was slightly ajar, and she could see the light coming from the crack of the door. That light felt cold, much like Victor. For a long time, she just stood at the door, before she knocked on the door. “Come in,” Victor said. After hearing that, Rachel opened the door and entered. She saw him sitting behind a large desk, checking emails on his computer with a mouse in hand. From her angle, she could see only the side of his face. He had dashing eyebrows, deep-set eyes, and a high nose. The bright light shone down on him, making him look like an aloof noble. He looked rather

handsome this way. The mere sight of him could sweep people off their feet. Indeed, he was handsome. But beneath that beautiful exterior, lay a horrible man. Subconsciously, Rachel looked at her bruise-covered wrists. With a grim look on her face, she said, “Let’s talk, Victor.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 76 You’re Not Allowed To Leave If You Don’t Eat

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