Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 73: Back To The Sue Garden

“Fine, I won’t leave,” said Rachel. She remembered what Clara had told her. Now that she was pregnant, she shouldn’t put herself through stressful situations. She wasn’t allowed to be angry, nor exhausted. Otherwise, it could endanger her child. These bodyguards were fiercely loyal to Victor. Without his approval, she would never get out of this place. Wasting her time with these bozos was pointless, so she decided to give up for now. “Thank you for cooperating, Miss Bennet.” In a solemn expression, the bodyguard said, “If there’s anything you need, just tell us. We’ll do our best to satisfy your needs.” “I want to make a phone call.” Three days later. Clara was standing at Rachel’s bedside, checking her wounds and bruises. “Once your discharge papers are signed, you can leave the hospital. However, your bruises still haven’t recovered completely, so keep applying the ointment on them when you go home.” Rachel nodded in response. Then, Clara turned to look at the men standing guard at the door. Over the past three days, there had been three pairs different bodyguards taking shifts, and they were all sent by Victor.

“I’m off duty this afternoon. Do you need me to send you home?” Clara asked while looking at Rachel. Rachel looked back at her. Upon seeing the concern in Clara’s eyes, she immediately understood why Clara asked that question. It was clear that she was worried that those men at the door would maltreat her just like Victor. “I appreciate the kind offer, but no. I can get home by myself.” Rachel had no idea why Clara pretended as if they haven’t met before, but she still didn’t want to get this woman involved in her own problems. “I see. In that case, I’m going back to work now. Take care, Rachel.” A puzzled and concerned look flashed in Clara’s eyes. Since Rachel seemed adamant on her decision, she decided to let it go, and left the ward.

Soon, Ivan showed up. Upon his arrival, Rachel was looking at the garden of the hospital from the balcony. It was already autumn, and what once were green leaves had now turned yellow. As the wind blew by, the yellow leaves danced in midair, until they finally landed on the ground. As Ivan looked at Rachel’s back, he was taken aback for a moment. She was standing in front of the balustrade, reaching out to catch one of the leaves, and her hair was fluttering with the breeze. This scene was so picturesque. Rachel was dressed in a blue and white hospital gown. The one she was wearing was the smallest size, but it still looked a bit loose on her. Her figure looked frail and vulnerable. It was difficult to perceive her as the same woman who showed no sign of fear despite being tortured by Victor three days ago “Miss Bennet.” After collecting his thoughts, Ivan said, “Your discharge papers have been signed.” Rachel then turned to look at him calmly. It didn’t surprise her that Ivan was here to help her sign the discharge papers. As she walked back inside from the balcony, she said, “I’m just going to change my clothes.” Afterwards, she picked up the clothes she was wearing three days ago, and went into the bathroom. Ivan was surprised by how calm she was at this moment. He had initially thought that Rachel would ask him why he was here, or perhaps demand him to let her go. He had imagined a myriad of reactions from Rachel, but never did he expect her to be this calm. At this point, he had no idea what was going on in her mind. Moments later, Rachel came out of the bathroom and said to him, “Let’s go.” “Miss Bennet, where are we going?” Seeing that she was headed for the door, Ivan frowned and stopped her. “Shouldn’t I be the one to ask that question? I’m assuming you came here to sign my discharge papers under Victor’s orders, didn’t you? So, lead the way,” Rachel said indifferently. For a moment, Ivan tried to read her thoughts by examining her expression. But in the end, he failed. He could only clear his mind, and order the bodyguards to follow him and Rachel. Not long after, the group left the hospital. The Maybach had been driving along the road for about forty minutes now. While Rachel was surveying the scenery outside, she soon figured out where they were heading. They were on their way to the Sue Garden, the place she once lived for two years. Named after Victor’s late mother, the garden was his retreat; a place in memory of his biological mother. Victor being an illegitimate child of the Sullivan family was not a secret to the public. Before he turned seven years old, he was living alone with his mother. However, when he turned seven, his live underwent a tremendous change, Since Tomb-sweeping Day was approaching, he and his mother hitched a ride back to their hometown to pray at his deceased maternal grandparents’ grave. However, along the way, a truck’s brake was busted, and it crashed against their car. The driver couldn’t react fast enough, and it resulted in a collision with the oncoming truck. Three people died on the spot in that accident, and Victor was the only survivor. Later on, when Victor’s paternal grandmother heard about what happened, she sent someone to take him back to the Sullivan family, and decided to raise him.

Soon, the Maybach drove into the Sue Garden. It had already passed through the front garden, and finally pulled over on the open space in front of the main building. Ivan opened the door for Rachel and said, “Miss Bennet, we’re here.” When she got off the car, she saw a row of servants standing in front of the building with varying expressions. Who would’ve thought that Rachel, who had once been driven out of this place in such a humiliating way, would ever come back here one day? Neither she nor those servants ever expected that God would play such a cruel prank on them. “Ma’am,” the butler greeted her as he approached. Lukas the butler used to work for Victor’s grandmother. When the old woman passed on, he continued to serve Victor. He remembered back when she was still alive, she loved and doted on Rachel so much. Thus, despite the many brazen acts that Rachel had done, Lukas still treated her with respect. Shelia knew who this butler was. He was the only person who had ever been nice to Rachel aside from Victor’s grandmother. Everyone else in the Sue Garden was either indifferent or mean towards her. On top of that, Shelia still remembered on the day she was reborn, Lukas was the one who begged Victor to have mercy on her. This man was the one who saved her life. And so, whether she was Rachel or Shelia, she was eternally grateful to Lukas. “Lukas, I’m not Victor’s wife anymore. Just call me Rachel from now on,” Rachel said with a smile as she looked back at Lukas. He was taken aback by what she said, and he immediately noticed the change in her personality. In the span of one month, she had changed from inside out. In the past, Rachel was a resentful and vindictive woman. Even though she held a certain degree of respect for Lukas, she still acted arrogant and petty around him. But now, she was a lot like her mother, Elisa, the most famous female socialite The autumn breeze blew past them, and it was now getting colder by the minute. Lukas noticed that Rachel was wearing thin layers of clothing, so he suggested, “Miss Bennet, it’s cold out here. Let’s go inside, shall we?” She then looked at the gate, and realized that her only choice was to enter the house. No matter how much she wanted to leave, she must wait for Victor to come back first. After a moment of contemplation, she nodded and followed Lukas into the house. As Rachel’s figure disappeared from her sight, Ivan got in the car and ordered the driver to take him back to the company. Not long after, Lukas led Rachel to the third floor, and opened one of the doors. “Miss Bennet, this shall be your bedroom from now on. You have everything you might need inside. And if you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to tell me. I’ll send someone to buy it as soon as possible.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 73 Back To The Sue Garden

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