Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 65: Stood Up For Abby

Chapter 65 Stood Up For Abby 

“Really?” On the contrary, Rachel felt her appetite for the past two days had been much better. Now, she wasn’t sure if this was because the food in Yaprye suited her better or because her baby finally decided to cut its mother some slack. “Of course.” “Then, I’ll be sure to eat more from now on,” Rachel promised with a smile. Then, she changed into her slippers and said, “I’m getting sleepy, Abby, so I’ll rest for a while. Wake me up when dinner is ready.” Abby nodded. “Don’t worry, Miss Bennet. I’ll cook a meal you’ll enjoy.” Rachel smiled and nodded, and then she made for the bedroom. However, she stopped after a few steps, as something had occurred to her. Without turning around, she asked, “By the way, how’s Andy’s divorce case going?” Abby, who was just heading for the kitchen, stopped and replied, “Oh, he won the case. The husband won’t be getting even a penny after the divorce. Mr. Torres said he won only because you provided him evidence of the husband’s affair.” After a slight pause, she smiled and asked, “Miss Bennet, how on earth did you get those photos of that man having an affair?” “Well.” Rachel smiled. “It was easy. I spent quite a bit of money to get a private detective to investigate.” “But Mr. Torres said his client had hired a private detective, too, but couldn’t get any evidence despite having the husband followed for three months. On the other hand, the private detective you hired found solid, admissible evidence in just a few days. He is pretty skilled!” Abby said with admiration. A bright smile appeared on Rachel’s face, but she said nothing and went upstairs to the bedroom. Unbeknownst to Abby, her assessment was spot-on. Rachel’s private detective was more than capable—he was Quintin, the second-best hacker in the Red Hackers Alliance. Rachel shook her head with a smile and closed the bedroom door behind her. When she sat down on the bed, her phone rang. She took the phone out and checked the caller ID for only a moment before swiping the red button on the screen, instantly decline the call. Her expression didn’t change even once. But before she could turn her attention to other things, the phone rang again. It rang only once, though, because she had declined the call again. However, the caller refused to give up, calling again right after the previous call was declined. The person seemed determined to reach her and wouldn’t take “No” for an answer. So, Rachel answered the call this time, albeit with a cold expression. “Rachel, why the heck did you reject my previous calls and take so long to answer this one?

Do you know our father is in the hospital now?” Alice hollered on the other end of the line. ‘Jack is in the hospital?’ “Now, I know,” Rachel indifferently said as she casually relaxing against the headboard. “Then, come to the hospital right now!” Alice hissed in a loud voice and hung up the call before Rachel could reply. Rachel sneered at the phone. Then, swiping the screen, she navigated to her call logs, located Alice’s number, and blocked it. The next day A loud bang reverberated across the archive as the door was slammed open. “Rachel!” Alice bellowed, storming in the room in her high heels. “Why didn’t you come to the hospital to see our father yesterday?” she screamed. Abby was sorting out some materials for Rachel when the door was slammed open. Taken aback by the yell, she quickly hurried over and greeted the angry guest, “Hello, Miss Jenkins.” Alice ignored her at first and looked around the archive. When she didn’t see Rachel, her expression darkened even further. “Where’s Rachel?” she asked Abby. “Miss Bennet went to deliver the documents. Do you mind telling me what you want Miss Bennet for, Miss Jenkins? I can pass on a message…” “Clap!”

A sharp sound rang out as Alice slapped Abby across the face in rage. The sudden strike forced Abby to turn her head sideways. The sting caused her pupils to dilate and water. “Miss Jenkins, how could you…” she muttered in shock. “What? You are just a lowly servant. Why can’t I slap you?” Alice asked with a sneer. “You are such a traitor. Do you really think Rachel can protect you? Dream on! She can’t even protect herself.” Alice cackled with a wicked grin. Ignoring her stinging cheek and watery eyes, Abby grabbed Alice’s hand and demanded, “What do you mean, Miss Jenkins? Why did you say Miss Bennet can’t protect herself? Is something wrong with her?” Alice’s face contorted in disgust, and she wrenched her hand away. “Don’t touch me! You’re disgusting!” Tears filled Abby’s eyes as she whimpered. Alice’s words seemed to imply that something terrible would—or already had–happened to Rachel, and she couldn’t bear the thought of that. Overcome with anxiety, she turned and ran out of the archive in search of Rachel. Rachel was on her way to the archive, having just returned from delivering the documents. A silhouette in the distance caught her attention. She squinted her eyes and saw it was Abby running towards her. “Abby? Why are you here?” she asked in surprise. As Abby struggled to catch her breath, Rachel noticed a crimson hand imprint on her cheek. She quickly walked over and asked seriously, “Who slapped you?”

“Miss Bennet, you’re fine! That’s great!” Abby exclaimed with bright, teary eyes. Seeing Rachel here, safe and sound, filled her with relief, and she no longer had the strength to hold back her tears. ‘You’re fine? Why would Abby think I was not fine? Was something going to happen to me?’ Rachel thought with a frown. Seeing Abby cry so pitifully, she couldn’t bring herself to ask what had happened. Instead, she quickly took a piece of tissue paper out of her pocket and wiped Abby’s tear-streaked face. “Gee, Rachel, you’re so affectionate!” Alice sneered, walking out of the archive. When Rachel saw her, she instantly understood what had happened. She cupped Abby’s cheek, comforting her. Then, she walked up to Alice and looked her dead in the eye. “Alice, did you slap Abby?” she coldly asked. “Yes, I did. So what? Yesterday, I asked you to go to the hospital. Why didn’t you go? Do you know our father waited for you in the hospital the entire night? Since you didn’t listen to me, I came to teach you a lesson on our father’s behalf. But I couldn’t find you, so I taught this little traitor a lesson. What’s wrong with that” A sharp sound rang out as Rachel slapped Alice hard. The resounding slap made Alice gasp. She cupped her cheek and looked at Rachel in shock. “Rachel, how dare you slap me?” Another loud sound echoed outside the archive. Rachel had slapped Alice again! “It seems I have shown you too much mercy that you now think I don’t dare do anything to you,” Rachel coldly said, walking over menacingly. “I slapped you twice because you shouted at me.” Alice’s cheeks burned, and her eyes turned red with madness. “Rachel! You’re a *****!” Rachel, who didn’t take kindly to that insult, slapped Alice multiple times in quick succession. Alice’s face had swollen up, and her ears were ringing. Even moving her lips caused her tremendous pain. Rachel massaged her sore wrist with a haughty expression, Looking down at Alice with a cold expression, she said, “I slapped you even more because you slapped Abby. You need to pay back with interest.” “*****, I’ll kill you!” Alice screamed maniacally and charged at Rachel, disregarding the gutting pain she felt. “Look out!” Abby yelled. Rachel sneered and stepped sideways in the nick of time, dodging the attack. As Alice ran past her, Rachel grabbed her wrist and tugged it with all her might. Bang! “Ahhhhhhh!” Alice crashed to the ground with a scream. Her back hit the ground so hard that it seemed all her organs were on fire. The pain was so intense that she curled into a fetal position. Rachel walked up to her and coldly said, “If you try something like that again, Alice, I’ll make your life a living ****.” The pain Alice felt was so intense that she wheezed. When she heard Rachel’s warning, she froze in horror, feeling as though all the blood in her body had stopped flowing. Without another glance at her, Rachel walked up to Abby and led her back to the archive. When they shut the door behind them, Rachel brought out a medical kit to treat the wound on Abby’s face. She took a small gauze pad out of the box, but Abby stopped her, taking the gauze pad away“I don’t need the ointment, Miss Bennet. It’s not a big deal.” “It’s not a big deal? Will you still think it’s not a big deal when your face is disfigured? You silly girl. Stop squirming, or I won’t be able to apply the ointment evenly,” Rachel scolded, snatching the pad back with a frown. Then, she began dabbing the pad on Abby’s wound. She didn’t do it gently, though, so Abby’s subtle gasps could be heard within the archive. Rachel glanced at her and asked, “Does it hurt?” | “Yes, it hurts.” “That’s right,” Rachel said in a stern tone. However, she began dabbing the wound carefully and gently after that. “You must remember this feeling.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 65 Stood Up For Abby

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