Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 64: Caroline’s Scheme

Chapter 64 Caroline’s Scheme 

In the private plane, Alicia cut some fruit and served them to Victor. Worried that he had been dealing with business for too long, she closed the lid of his laptop directly. A hint of displeasure flashed in Victor’s eyes when he looked up at her. Taking a seat across him, Alicia smiled sweetly. “Victor, have some rest, and eat something. Work can wait. You are a human, not a machine.” She picked up a piece of watermelon with a fork and brought it to Victor’s mouth. She looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to eat it. From the corner of his eye, Victor noticed Rachel watching them. He opened his mouth and let Alicia feed him.

“Sweet, isn’t it?” Alicia asked, her eyes lighting up. “It is,” Victor answered casually. His attention was not on the woman across him, but on Rachel.

She glanced at them, then lowered her head and continuing to play with her phone, as if she didn’t even notice the flirting between Alicia and Victor. Victor’s eyes darkened and he felt a pang of disappointment somewhere in his heart. “I’m glad you like it. More?” Alicia picked up another piece of watermelon, ecstatic that Victor was paying attention to her. She didn’t even notice the change of expression on his face.

Glancing at the piece of fruit as if it had somehow offended him, Victor said, “I don’t want any more. Why don’t you eat it?” “But I made this for you. Victor, why…” “I don’t like being disturbed when I’m working. I’ll forgive you this time. I hope you won’t do it again.” Victor interrupted her, opening his lap top screen. The smile froze on Alicia’s face. If Victor had talked to her like that two years ago, she wouldn’t have minded. But last night, she had seen him fuming when he saw Rachel dancing with another man. He had grabbed that bitch’s arm in a possessive way and left the party with her without any explanation. And today, he was so cold with Alicia. She found that she couldn’t stand it. After all, she was the prized daughter of the Schultz family, loved and spoiled all her life. She was arrogant and willful and she had never been treated like this before. 2 Her eyes started to swim with tears and she sulked. “I’m sorry. I won’t bother you any longer.” She stood up and took a seat on the sofa on the other side of the cabin, glaring at Rachel the whole time. The plane landed at the Apliaria International Airport in the afternoon.

After disembarking, Victor ordered Ivan to make sure Alicia got to the Apliaria University safely. She seemed unwilling to leave Victor’s side, but she didn’t really have a choice. She got in the car reluctantly, but then she suddenly got out again and walked directly to Rachel. “You won’t win this time! Sooner or later, he will realize that I am the one for him! Just wait and see,” she spat out, her eyes full of hatred. Meanwhile, Alice was looking at Rachel’s physical exam results.

There was a knock on her office door and a moment later, the door opened a crack. “Miss Jenkins, this quarter’s…” “Get out! I am busy,” Alice barked impatiently. The employee’s face turned pale and he quickly closed the door. A great clatter accompanied the man as he retreated hastily, and he realized what it was after a minute or two; everything that had been on Alice’s desk had been swept off and thrown to the ground. Furious wasn’t enough to describe what Alice was feeling right then. She crushed the report in her hand, her neat and long nails almost piercing the paper. She had asked Wilson to arrange a physical examination two days ago in order to get her hands on Rachel’s blood. The two tubes of her blood were not used for a simple regular blood test, but to detect the HCG levels in Rachel’s blood. That would tell Alice for certain if that bitch was really pregnant. Suddenly, her phone rang. Alice took a look at her phone and answered it in a hoarse voice, “Mom… She is really pregnant. What do I do? What now?” “I’m on my way there. Meet me in five minutes. You need to stay calm and don’t let anyone see you are upset, okay?” Caroline reminded her daughter Alice bit her lower lip and murmured, “Okay, Mom.” She hung up the phone and took several deep breaths before she left the office, her high heels clicking on the marble floor. In the first-floor cafe, Caroline had already found them a table. She sat there looking elegant and poised. When she saw Alice, she waved her over. Alice walked quickly towards her mother and didn’t even wait until she had taken a seat before she asked, “Mom, what should I do now? This child can’t be born!” “Alice, I’ve told you many times. No matter what happens, you must stay calm,” Caroline said and took a sip of her coffee. “How do you expect me to do that? Victor would rather take Rachel on a business trip than me… If he finds out Rachel is pregnant with his child, he will run back to her,” Alice hissed. “Mom, you must help me. It took me a lot to get where I am today.”

“Really? What is it?” An evil smile appeared on Caroline’s face. She motioned for Alice to get closer and then whispered her well designed plan in her daughter’s ear. “We will tell Rachel that Jack is sick to trick her into going to the hospital. I’ll arrange for someone to wait for her there and knock her out. Then, she will be taken into the OR to have an abortion. While that is happening, you call Victor and tell him you just found out that Rachel is getting rid of his baby.” “No! Are you nuts? I can’t let Victor know she’s pregnant! That’s exactly what that bitch wants!”

“So what? By the time he finds out, the baby will be gone! And when Victor hears that Rachel decided to get an abortion without even telling him, he will be pissed off. When he sees het come out of the OR with his own eyes, he won’t believe a word she says,” Caroline said, looking excited at how well-thought-out her plan was. Rachel would be in a world of trouble! “How could Victor ever believe the woman who killed his own child? He will surely kick her out of the Sullivan Group, and the Bennet Group will be crushed. Without Victor’s support and protection, she is nothing. You can do whatever you want to her.” Alice lowered her eyes, lost in thought. She could almost see Rachel kneeling in front of her, begging her to spare her. An evil smile formed on her lips. ‘Rachel, you will suffer as I have suffered!’

Later that night, after Rachel got home from her trip, Abby looked her up and down carefully. “Miss Bennet, can you turn down going on business trips in the future? You look thinner than ever and you’ve only been away for two days,” she said, concern etched on her face.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 64 Caroline’s Scheme

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