Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 63: Childish Behavior

Chapter 63 Childish Behavior 

Rachel was absolutely furious with Victor. She gritted her teeth and fantasized a thousand ways to kill him. And after a while she was much calmer and even managed to fall asleep. When she opened her eyes again, she realized that the car was moving. They were finally on the way back to the hotel. She turned to look at the seat next to her. Victor was there, his eyes closed and the first two buttons of his black shirt unbuttoned, giving her a perfect view of his collarbone. She couldn’t stop herself from thinking that he was so very **** right now. His eyes suddenly flew open then, as if he had sensed Rachel’s gaze. Startled, she looked away, turning her head to look out the window. Her stomach gave a loud rumble in protest, reminding her that she was starving. To get to the hotel they had to pass by a busy outdoors market. There were stalls selling all kinds of street food and through the slightly open window, she could hear clearly the vendors fishing for clients. The smell that drifted in was tantalizing, especially that of spicy prawns on a stick. Being pregnant, she got sick with the faintest smell of food, so she hadn’t had a normal meal in days. And when she managed to eat something, she would just throw it up minutes later.

But today, she felt no nausea at all at the smells that wafted from the food stalls. Maybe it was because she was really starving, or perhaps spicy prawns were too **** hard to resist.

The growling of her stomach was so loud now that everyone in the car could hear it. Rachel kept looking outside her window, pretending that nothing had happened. Victor had been typing a reply to a message on his phone when he heard it. He paused, fingers poised over the screen.


There it was again. Rachel’s stomach was growling Victor immediately called out to the driver. “Stop the car.” The car pulled over in the blink of an eye and Victor turned to Rachel. “I’m in the mood for some spicy prawns. Go get me some.” Rachel’s eyes widened in disbelief and she took a look outside. Not too far away, there was a stall selling spicy prawns. There were seven or eight people waiting in line so, obviously, it was a popular one. Waiting in that line would take too long! She was hungry and tired, and she wasn’t in the mood of standing around in line. But she was certain that if she refused to do Victor’s bidding, he would once again threaten to destroy the Bennet Group. She was under his thumb and he knew it, so she had no choice but to do as he said.

Giving him her best fake smile, she said, “Of course! I’ll be back in a minute!” She threw the car door open and climbed out. As she walked towards the stall, she drew a lot of attention, dressed in a gown and wearing high heels. “Mr. Sullivan, the doctor warned you not to eat prawns and shellfish. You are allergic to them. Your throat will close up and…” Ivan started, looking cautiously at Victor through the rearview mirror.

“I know,” Victor interrupted him curtly. “Then why did you…” Ivan looked perplexed, but stopped talking immediately, noticing the look Victor was giving him. He got the message and stopped talking, trying his best to hide his curiosity. Ivan had in Victor’s employ for two years now. He knew when to mind his own business. 1 Victor rolled down the window, rest his arm against the window frame and saw Rachel standing in line for the spicy prawn. In her long, white dress, she looked ethereal and graceful, standing out in the non-descript crowd. Victor couldn’t help but think of her in Dennis’ arms, dancing and enjoying herself at the party tonight He felt a hot surge of jealousy stirring inside him. He threw his phone to Ivan and barked, “Send these to the KD Group.” Ivan caught the phone and glanced at the screen. His face transformed into a shocked grimace. “Mr. Sullivan, this is evidence that Dennis embezzled the KD Group’s money.” Things like that were a pretty common occurrence in most companies, so that wasn’t what shocked Ivan. It was the fact that Dennis had been selling company secrets to their rivals, and he had access to pretty much everything due to his position as project manager. If the senior executives of the KD Group knew all that, they wouldn’t let Dennis get away with it easily. Firing him would be the least they could do to him. Suing him for a lot of money as compensation would be ruining his life. Victor wouldn’t reveal how he got that evidence, even if Ivan had the nerve to ask. He was used to ordering people around, like a king deciding whether someone would live or die. Ivan felt the night breeze growing colder at that thought. Looking at Victor through the rearview mirror, his heart sank. He had just realized that he didn’t really know anything about his boss. He thought he knew pretty much everything about the man after working for him for two years, but it turned out that he knew next to nothing He had always feared that Victor might be manipulated by other members of the board, but now it seemed that he didn’t need worry about it. After all, the man had found out what.

Dennis had done without breaking a sweat. But if Victor wasn’t wary of the board, why did he tolerate them and did nothing to expose their shenanigans? Rachel’s returned snapped Ivan out of his reverie. She got into the car, with a bag of spicy prawns in her hand, looking a little tired. With her fake smile still on, she turned to Victor. “Well, here’s your food, Mr. Sullivan. Enjoy!” “Just throw it out,” Victor said without even glancing at her. “What?” Rachel looked down at the food container with a puzzled expression. “Didn’t you say you were in the mood for spicy prawns? I waited in line for ten minutes to get it. Why throw it out? You were never going to eat it, right? You just wanted to have some fun with me, have a good laugh. Someone should probably have told you years ago that such behavior is childish.” “Rachel, need I remind you that you are just an employee of mine? You have no right to question my decisions. All you need to do is obey my orders. If you think you can’t do it, you could always quit,” Victor said, a dangerous look crossing his face. Rachel glared at him, tightening her grip on the container. After a couple of moments, she managed to calm down a little and said, “Alright, I’ll throw it out!” She was about to get out of the car and find the nearest trash can, when Victor said in a low voice, “I don’t have time for this. You can do it when we get back to the hotel.” Then he turned to the driver and told him to get moving. Rachel glared at Victor, gritting her teeth all the way to the hotel, trying not to jump at Victor and smash his face in. Twenty minutes later, the Bentley finally arrived at the hotel, driving directly into the underground parking. Rachel got off the car and used the elevator to get to her hotel room, so she didn’t find any trash can. She ended up carrying the food all the way to her hotel room. She sat on the sofa and rubbed the soles of her feet, looking at the box of prawns. The longer she looked at it, the angrier she got. She grabbed it, ready to throw it into the trash can when her stomach growled again. The smell made her mouth water. It was pretty late at night, and the hotel was far from the downtown, so she couldn’t even order takeout. She hadn’t eaten anything all day. Even if she didn’t want to eat-which she did- the little one inside her had to eat something. ‘Anyway, he won’t know if I threw the prawns out or not. And I hate wasting food.’ Rachel put the container back on the table, opened it and began to eat.

Victor decided to return to Apliaria the next day. But he didn’t do so alone… Alicia accompanied him. She was a graduate student in the Apliaria University- which was located in Apliaria- and she decided to go with Victor, even though her classes wouldn’t start for another month.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 63 Childish Behavior

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