Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 62: Try Me And See If I Wouldn’t Dare

Chapter 62 Try Me And See If I Wouldn’t Dare 

Inside the hall, the band was playing music. Victor was Drake’s favorite student, and Alicia was Drake’s granddaughter. The pair attracted a lot of attention during the party. And this was the perfect moment for them to perform the opening dance. While they were dancing, they coordinated so well that it seemed like they were indeed a perfect match. Alicia was nimble and graceful, while Victor’s every move was steadily calculated. Halfway through their performance, more and more people joined them on the dance floor. Dannis led Rachel to the dance floor. One of his hands was holding her hand, and the other was carefully placed on her waist. As the romantic music played, they slowly danced along to its tune.

while later, Dannis was pleasantly surprised by Rachel’s dancing skills. “Miss Bennet, I must say, you’re quite good at dancing than I’ve thought!” “I actually learned how to dance when I was a child, but I was a lazy student, so I’m not really that good at it as a real lady should be.” Rachel looked into his eyes and smiled. “Please don’t blame me if I accidentally step on your foot, Mr. Powell.” After saying that, she winked impishly. Surprised that she blinked at him, Dannis blurted out, “How could I blame you?” In response to his question, Rachel just smiled without saying anything. “Say, Miss Bennet… Are you married?” Dannis was thinking that any man married to Rachel was fortunate, so he popped that question without thinking about it. Only when he said it out loud did he realize how abrupt and awkward that question was. But before Rachel could respond, he said, “I apologize for asking you such a question. I just think you’re quite beautiful and extraordinary! You must have a lot of pursuers.” “Perish the thought, Mr. Powell. I’m not unwilling to tell you about myself.” If he knew Rachel’s full name and had her investigated, it would be easy for him to know everything about her past. It was something she couldn’t avoid. Shelia didn’t want to deny the old Rachel’s deeds in the past. After all, she was Rachel now, and she must take responsibility for her past. “I used to be married, but about a month and a half ago, I got divorced,” she said. Dannis was stupefied for a moment. The fact that Rachel told him the truth so calmly was astonishing. He didn’t come to his senses until she accidentally stepped on his foot. “I’m curious to know who would be so stupid to divorce a beautiful woman like yourself, Miss Bennet,” he said. “If I were him, I would never commit the same mistake.” On the other side of the dance floor, Alicia caught sight of Rachel and Dannis dancing together. She frowned and muttered unhappily, “Why are they dancing together?” Her voice wasn’t loud, but Victor heard it clear, for they were dancing face to face. He then stared at the direction Alicia was looking at seconds ago. Upon seeing Rachel and Dannis dancing together, his face turned serious, and the air around him became frigid. Alicia couldn’t help but shudder at his expression. “Victor, are you okay?” He didn’t respond to her question. Judging from the look on his face, she could feel how angry he was. She then pursed her lips and had a vague feeling that the reason Victor was mad was because of Rachel.daily new chapters update only When that thought crossed her mind, it made Alicia upset. “Victor, you—” Before she could finish talking, Victor suddenly brushed her aside. Caught off-guard, Alicia lost her balance as she staggered backwards. Not long after, she fell onto Dannis and Rachel. Fortunately, Dannis managed to notice that Alicia was falling towards him, so he quickly let go of Rachel and caught Alicia. Rachel didn’t expect that Alicia would fall onto them. While she was too stunned to react, someone grabbed her by the hand. The following moment, she was pulled into Victor’s arms before she even realized it. “What are you doing, Victor?” When she smelled his familiar fragrance, it brought her back to her senses. She was annoyed by what had happened. She then turned around to see how Dannis and Alicia were doing, only to see that they were looking at her at the same time. Dannis looked surprised, while Alicia was biting her lip with so much anger and jealousy in her eyes. 1 As Victor held Rachel’s waist, he said, “Rachel, focus on dancing.” He increased the strength of his grip, and she felt the pain. And so, she withdrew her gaze and followed his steps. “Why are you doing this, Victor? Don’t tell me that it was an accident that Alicia fell onto us. daily new chapters update only I saw what you—” “It’s none of your **** business, Rachel,” Victor interrupted her. “Are you mad at me for ruining your sweet moment with Dannis? Huh? You can’t be Mrs. Sullivan, so you want to be Mrs. Powell instead?” Upon hearing that, Rachel didn’t want to dance anymore. She had been feeling guilty because she misunderstood Victor’s intention of taking her to this party. When she came across Dannis, she wanted to get closer to him, thinking that it would aid Victor’s plan of cooperating with him in the future. If not for that reason, she would’ve left Dannis right away. She had thought that helping Victor would convince him to give her more time to save the Bennet Group. But now, it seemed like she was just wasting her time and kindness. Rachel struggled to break free from his grasp, but Victor’s grip on her waist was too strong for her to handle. Coldly, he warned her, “Rachel, I advise you to give up on that idea at once! Do you honestly think that Dannis will like you?

“How do you know that he won’t?” Rachel gave up on struggling. She then laughed at Victor’s statement. “Actually, he just asked me if I had a boyfriend. If you hadn’t intervened, I might have…” ? Victor suddenly lifted her up, and carried her out in his arm. “Victor what the **** are you doing?” she exclaimed. Ignoring her, and everyone’s gaze, he then walked away from the dance floor.

shouted, “Victor! What is the matter with you? I said put me down!” Victor stopped in his tracks and stared back at her. “Are you sure?” Right after he said that, he put down his hands, immediately causing Rachel to fall. Caught off-guard, she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck. And now, she was hanging on his body, swaying from left to right. “You *******!” Rachel’s face turned pale. If she didn’t react fast enough, she would’ve fallen to the ground, and she might’ve lost the child in her womb. With a stern face, Victor lifted her up again, and continued walking out of the hall in silence. Meanwhile, Dannis and Alicia remained on the dance floor, wearing different expressions.

Through gritted teeth, Alicia shouted, “Victor!” Ignoring her, Victor went on his way with Rachel still in his arms. Once again, Rachel began to struggle. She really wanted to get out of this man’s arms. What happened seconds ago really freaked her out. daily new chapters update only While she was struggling, Victor said, “Rachel, if you move another muscle, I’m going to throw you into the sea!” Heeding his warning, Rachel dared not move again. daily new chapters update only She could tell that it wasn’t an empty threat. Outside, Ivan had been waiting for the party to finish. When he saw Victor walking out of the house with Rachel in his arms, Ivan was stunned. ‘What is going on?’ he wondered. Seconds later, Victor put Rachel into the backseat of the car and said, “Rachel, if I want it to happen, Dannis will lose everything he has now. And you won’t be able to live a good life as his wife.” “Victor, I don’t think you would dare to—” Before she could finish her sentence, Victor grabbed her chin, and snarled at her with a ferocious glare. “Try me, and see if I wouldn’t dare.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 62 Try Me And See If I Wouldn’t Dare

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