Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 61 Dance With Me

Chapter 61 Dance With Me 

“What’s the matter? Is it that strange to see us together?” Rachel said casually while looking back at him. “No, it’s nothing. I just didn’t expect you’re Mr. Sullivan’s woman.” Dannis suddenly lost interest in Rachel. After all, he couldn’t afford to offend someone like Victor. As a matter of

couldn’t find any useful information on him, so he had to pay a hacker to investigate everything about Victor. Unfortunately, he still ended up with nothing. As the KD Group’s project manager, Dannis was vital to the company, so they paid a high price to hire a competent hacker from the Red Hackers Alliance to hide every detail about his existence. Hiding his information was successful, but they never managed to conceal everything. If a person really wanted to find out about Dannis, they might be able to do it with enough perseverance. However, Dannis could never find any info on Victor aside from the ones he willingly revealed. With that in mind, he realized how powerful an adversary Victor could be. And so, for his own safety, Dannis did not dare to covet Victor’s female companion. He then glanced at Rachel and replied, “It seems that I’m indeed not qualified to be your date. If we ever meet again in the future, and you are no longer with Mr. Sullivan, I will definitely ask you to be my date.” Rachel was surprised to hear that, but she was also amazed at how intimidating and powerful Victor was. It would appear that most people were wary of how terrifying he could be. Chuckling, Rachel replied, “Mr. Powell, you misunderstood me. I’m not Mr. Sullivan’s woman. I’m just an insignificant employee working for the Sullivan Group.” “You’re an employee of the Sullivan Group?”

“Indeed. Do I not look like one to you? It’s no wonder you mistook me for his woman! I suppose everyone attending Mr. Schultz’s birthday party are either famous or distinguished individuals, except me,” she said with a smile. “Moreover, I think Mr. Sullivan no longer needs me as his date.” After saying that, she looked at a direction behind Dannis again. All of a sudden, he felt a chill run down his spine. The air around him dropped a few degrees. When he turned around, he saw Victor walking towards them, arm in arm with Alicia. Rachel straightened herself, putting down the glass of orange juice on the nearest table, and standing beside Dannis. Soon, Victor and Alicia were standing face to face with them. “Miss Bennet, I must say, you are quite charming! In a short span of time, you managed to attract a man already. I bet you enjoyed flirting with him, didn’t you?” Alicia said with

Ever since Shelia was reborn in Rachel’s body, she had heard all sorts of sarcastic, bitter remarks from different people, so she had grown immune to them. However, Alicia was spoiled by the Schultz family, so she didn’t know how to regulate her manner of speaking even in important occasions. She was oblivious to the fact that her remark also offended Dannis. Originally, she only intended to insult Rachel, but Dannis felt like she was also mocking him. Her words invoked a bit of his ire, and his face changed slightly. “You’re mistaken, Miss Schultz. This wonderful lady and I just met by chance, and we were just having a friendly conversation.” daily new chapters update only”Huh? All I said was that she was flirting with you, not vice versa. Why are you in a hurry to defend her? Is it because the two of you actually did something dishonorable?” Alicia pressed her lips with dissatisfaction. She really hated it when people talked back to her. Meanwhile, Rachel just lowered her head in silence, acting like this conversation had nothing to do with her at all. At this time, Victor looked at her with sullen eyes. He had planned to leave Rachel alone during the party and ignore her for the rest of the night. But for some reason, when Drake asked him to greet the guests, he couldn’t help but glance at her from time to time. The only instance he managed to focus his conversation with others was when she went to the balcony with orange juice in hand. Now, when he checked on Rachel again, he saw her happily speaking to a man. He couldn’t really hear what they were talking about, but he found the smile on her face annoying. So much so that he could barely resist the urge to rush towards them and pull Rachel back to his side. For a time, he managed to not look at the balcony and focus on the conversation he was having. However, Alicia also noticed that Rachel was speaking to a man with such glee in her eyes. During their conversation, she intentionally mentioned Rachel’s name over and over. And when Victor heard that name, he subconsciously got distracted by the fact that Rachel was now smiling at another man. The mere sight of it got on his nerves. He pulled a long face, and his eyes turned grim. Lost in thought, he no longer paid attention to anything Alicia was saying during the conversation. When she offered to see who Rachel was talking to, he acquiesced to the proposal and they quickly went to the balcony. Upon seeing Rachel stand shoulder to shoulder with Dannis, Victor could not hide his displeasure; the veins on his temples were practically pulsating. Displeasure was also written on Dannis’ face. “I’ve heard that the Schultz family are a scholarly and well-mannered family. Miss Schultz, I’m afraid that your groundless speculations about my connection to this lady here makes me doubt your manners.”

The Schultz family were strict in raising their children. Drake would indulge Alicia in all her needs and wants, but he would never disregard her education, and he would never allow her to forget her manners. “I…” Alicia had no rebuttal to Dannis’ remark.daily new chapters update only “There’s nothing left for you to do here. Go wait in the car. Ivan is there, too,” Victor commanded Rachel. She was surprised by his command. ‘Didn’t he take me here because he wanted me to get close to Dannis? If I stayed and talk to Dannis longer, then I’ll get to know him better, which in turn, will benefit the partnership of the Sullivan Group and the KD Group. Why is Victor asking me to leave now?‘ Before she could figure out what Victor was up to, a melodious sound of violin engulfed the hall, interrupting her thoughts. Alicia frowned and said, “Victor, leave her alone. Let’s go dance, shall we? Today is mgrandpa’s birthday, so let’s perform a dance number for him!” After casting another glance at Rachel, Victor nodded. Alicia smiled at his response, and then she glanced at Rachel and Dannis with a scoff. Afterwards, she held onto Victor’s arm as they went into the hall. Once again, Rachel and Dannis were left alone together.

While she was thinking of going back to the car as Victor had commanded her to do so, Dannis suddenly held out his hand to her. As he stood in front of her, he bowed slightly as a courteous sign of inviting her to the dance floor. “Miss Bennet, right? Will you dance with


The wind was getting stronger, and it blew across Rachel’s hair and her dress. Against the backdrop of the moonlit night, she gazed into Dannis’ eyes with a smile. The mere sight of her beauty enthralled him. She looked so elegant. Her calm and leisurely outlook to everything was quite attractive. The moment he found out that she was Victor’s date, he hesitated to get to know Rachel better. But now, after seeing her in all her beauty, he could no longer hold back his desire to know her more. “Mr. Powell, I seem to recall that you wanted to stay away from me just because you were concerned by the fact that I’m Mr. Sullivan’s woman,” Rachel said coldly. However, she didn’t say anything that implied she was refusing his invitation. “Well, it turns out that you’re not. So, Miss Bennet, will you do me the honor of having this dance with you?” ‘If she really is Victor’s woman, then he wouldn’t have given her the cold shoulder.’ After thinking it through, Dannis’ interest in Rachel was reignited.

‘Besides, even if she is Victor’s woman, it would do no harm to dance with her. 1

Victor might be a powerful and intimidating business man, but Dannis himself, was not a man to be trifled with, for he was the KD Group’s renowned project manager. Dannis thought that Victor wouldn’t try to harm him for the sake of the KD Group. Since he didn’t have that much information on Victor, all he knew was that Victor was the influential ceo of the Sullivan Group. He had no idea just how terrifying Victor could become whenever he was mad. As a result, Dannis wasn’t afraid of him that much. “Gladly,” Rachel replied. This time, she took Dannis’ hand and smiled. The moment she stood close to him, the aromatic fragrance of her body wafted into his nose

Rachel was fatally charming. Any man would become obsessed with her if theweren’ determined enough to resist her charm.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 61 Dance With Me

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