Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 60: The Man Who Wanted To Be Rachel’s New Companion

Chapter 60 The Man Who Wanted To Be Rachel’s New Companion 

A glimmer was visible in Drake’s eyes as he watched Alicia storm out of the hall. When her footsteps faded away, he turned to look at Rachel and said, “Miss Bennet, I’m sorry. I also apologize on my granddaughter’s behalf.” “That’s okay, Mr. Schultz,” Rachel said, casually waving the apology away. She could tell that he was observing her, but she masked her discomfort well with a casual smile. “She’s not wrong, though—I’ve done many stupid things before. It’s only fitting that people bear the consequences of their actions, so I don’t blame her. In fact, I sincerely accept her criticism,” she replied. daily new chapters update only Drake’s eyes widened slightly in surprise. There was no trace of displeasure on her face. On the contrary, she seemed genuinely decent, generous, and accepting of criticism. She really seemed unbothered by Alicia’s outburst. This made him doubt the rumors he had heard about her. “I’m impressed, Miss Bennet. You really are generous. Alicia ought to learn from you,” Drake said, scanning her with an unreadable expression. Then, he looked at Victor and said, “When I heard you had divorced, I planned to ask you what happened. However, I remembered you might be busy with work, so I decided not to disturb you with silly questions. It seems you two are back together and plan to remarry, yes?” He asked with a dark expression. “Mr. Schultz, Rachel is just an employee of the Sullivan Group now,” Victor replied calmly. His meaning was quite clear: Rachel was here just for work. Mr. Schultz had presumed wrong—there was nothing between them.

The darkness in Drake’s eyes vanished instantly, and so did his frown. “I see. Again, I apologize for my Alicia. You know she has a short temper. I blame myself for doting on her too much. It’s why she’s childish and impolite. I’m sorry she threw a tantrum with no idea of what’s truly going on.” It was the second apology he was making on her behalf, but Rachel, who raised her eyebrows, wasn’t buying it. After all, she could see these things for what they were. It seemed Alicia was still in love with Victor. Drake still desired to marry his granddaughter off to Victor, and anything that appeared to threaten that goal would trigger his ire. When Victor clarified that Rachel only worked for him, Drake was quite satisfied, so he asked about Victor’s wellbeing, changing the topic of conversation. More guests soon arrived at the hall, and Drake asked Victor to accompany him to welcome these guests. It was unclear if he was doing this just to show off his favorite student to the guests or because he considered Victor his future grandson-in-law.

When the two men left to greet the guests, Rachel was all alone. She could still feel many gazes on her. The guests were quite interested in her, even more so after learning that she was the infamous lady of the Bennet family. It wasn’t long before it seemed everyone was looking at her. Some onlookers were quite bold. They were watching her with a twinkle of fondness in their eyes. Unfortunately, some were watching her with eyes full of disgust. It was clear they were looking down on her, thinking she had employed underhanded methods to fool Victor into bringing her to such a prestigious occasion. The female guests were looking at her with jealousy, disregarding the fact that she was all alone at the moment.daily new chapters update only  Rachel didn’t like being stared at like the newest animal at a zoo. In her discomfort, she spotted an empty balcony nearby. She didn’t think Victor would ask anything of her anytime soon, so she walked to the balcony without hesitation, ignoring the pointed stares. There was a waiter in her path, holding a tray of drinks. She stopped briefly to take a glass of orange juice from him before continuing on her way. When she arrived at the empty balcony, she sighed. Then, she relaxed her arms on the balustrade and looked into the distance. The Schultz family’s home was at the seaside. Rachel could hear the splashing of waves in the distance. The cool breeze kissed her delicate face, and the faint salty smell of the sea permeated her nostrils. “A beautiful woman shouldn’t be all alone in a place like this! Your male companion can’t be a gentleman.” A man’s voice resounded from behind Rachel. His teasing undertone didn’t elude her notice. She turned around and saw a man in a silver-gray suit standing at the balcony’s arched entrance. When she saw his face, she was surprised but also vigilant. ‘What a coincidence,’ she thought, making quick calculations in her mind. However, she masked her caution well, smiling the moment she saw him. “You’re not wrong; my companion really isn’t a gentleman.” Her smile fascinated the man, who couldn’t help but stare for a bit. Try as he might, he

couldn’t find a suitable word with which to describe her beauty, Rachel blinked slightly as she spoke, causing the man’s attention to divert to her long eyelashes. They were supple and fluttery, and he couldn’t help feeling a slight tickling sensation in his heart. The desire to walk up to her and caress her face was nigh overwhelming, but he swallowed hard and contained it. However, he couldn’t hide the twinkle of passion in his eyes. “How about letting me take his place? I came here alone tonight, and it just so happens that you’re all alone now, unsatisfied with your companion. We could pass the remaining time together as a couple, you know,” he said. “Sir, there are many here who want nothing more than to be my companion. Why should I choose you?” Rachel replied, smiling proudly. Eli

Her reply wasn’t out of place. Not only did it make her appear more attractive and ****, but it also implied she wasn’t someone that could be hooked up with casually. The man’s eyes brightened. His gaze intensified as his desire for her had increased. Then, he took a business card out from the inner pocket of his suit and handed it to her. “I’m Dannis Powell, the project manager of the KD Group. Do you think this is enough for you to choose me?” Rachel smiled and took a step back, leaning against the balustrade. However, she didn’t take the card—she just looked down at it with a wry smile. “Well, I don’t think it’s enough,” she said. Dannis frowned. It was the first time a woman was rejecting him even after he had revealed his identity. The KD Group was an international conglomerate of great renown. The women he had met in the past fought tooth and nail to stand beside him when they realized he worked for the KD Group, even though he was only a project manager. Most women would be flattered if he approached them for a chat. “Don’t you know the KD Group?” Her reaction made him suspect she knew little of the KD Group. His tone contained traces of arrogance. “I know a little,” Rachel replied with a slight smile, gently tucking her hair behind her ear. “Its headquarters is on Wall Street. It started in oil exploration industry, but it has since expanded its scope of business into the diamond and jewelry industries. Today, it’s the biggest supplier of raw diamonds and gemstones in the world.” Dannis was taken aback slightly. “If you know the KD Group is this famous, then you should know that having me as a companion will make you look good,” he said. He didn’t think she would know anything about the KD Group. Anyone would wonder why she still rejected him, despite knowing this much about where he worked. Her calm smile made him suddenly doubt whether he really understand women—a feeling he was experiencing for the first time. Even if he understood women perfectly, it was clear he wouldn’t understand the woman in front of him.

Her smile was bright, but it also seemed it could vanish in a second. It made her appear not to care about anything, but she still seemed to have everything under her control-a puzzling oxymoron. Although Rachel was right in front of Dannis, it felt as though an impenetrable veil separated them. His inability to read her only strengthened his need to know more of her. daily new chapters update only “I don’t care who you are or what company you work for. Neither means anything to me. I’m looking for a companion, not a sugar daddy,” Rachel said. “Then, my beautiful lady, what do you expect from a companion? Do I qualify?” Dannis asked, smiling. His interest in her had grown. “It depends on whether you can exceed my current one,” Rachel casually said, tilting her

head slightly to look behind him. Following her gaze, Dannis turned around and saw Drake close by, chatting with guests. Alicia and Victor were standing beside him. Although Drake was standing between Alicia and Victor, anyone who saw them would think they were a perfect match. Most people believed Alicia would marry Victor and become a part of the Sullivan family. Dannis’ eyes widened in surprise. He had undoubtedly recognized Victor. Although he had not met him personally, he had heard a lot about Sullivan Group and its CEO, Victor. He looked back at Rachel in surprise. This woman had surprised him much more than he had expected. “So, Mr. Sullivan, the CEO of Sullivan Group, is your companion?”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 60 The Man Who Wanted To Be Rachel’s New Companion

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