Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 59: I Am Victor’s Ex-wife

Chapter 59 I Am Victor’s Ex-wife 

There was a bright smile plastered on her face, but her eyes were devoid of emotion. Upon sensing the insincerity of her smile and noticing the way she was fawning over him. Victor felt annoyed again. He frowned and let go of her. Without waiting for her response, he turned around and walked into the hall.

Rachel was stunned. ‘This man must’ve been an obscure book in his former life. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so difficult to understand him. His mood swings are so volatile! I really can’t read him.’ Rachel took a deep breath, took a step forward, and held his arm as they entered the hall together. “Mr. Sullivan, if you really want to send me to someone else’s bed, I bet you already figured out a way to do it. Even if I manage to escape this time, I’m sure I won’t be able to do it every time.” Rachel lowered her voice to the point that only the two of them could hear her. “As long as you can bear the consequences, it wouldn’t matter if I’m afraid or not. Maybe when I meet this man, we’ll hit it off! He is wealthy, isn’t he? Marrying and living with him somewhere abroad doesn’t seem so bad.” Victor was infuriated to hear her say that, and his eyes tumed cold.daily new chapters update only “You wish.” Seemingly unaffected by his remark, Rachel just smiled and said, “You’re right, Mr. Sullivan. Since this is just a wish, I should expect to get something good out of this rather than think about how bad it could be. Isn’t that right?” “I didn’t even know you were expecting something to happen,” Victor replied sarcastically. “Of course, I’m expecting something bad to happen.” Suddenly, Rachel looked into his eyes and said, “Sometimes, people expect the worst to happen so that they can mentally prepare for it, and I’m no different than they are.” When Victor looked into her eyes, he didn’t know how to react for a moment. For some reason, he didn’t want to listen to her talk anymore. Perhaps he subconsciously didn’t want to know about the bad things she thought could happen.

“Victor.” A deep voice came from behind them, interrupting their conversation.

“Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Schultz is here to greet you,” said Ivan. With narrowed eyes, Victor leaned close to Rachel and warned, “You’d best behave yourself, or else you’ll regret it.” “Oh, I can’t guarantee that, but I’m not going to cause trouble myself. Besides, I’m your female companion. If I don’t defend myself when someone is picking on me, it’s only going to disgrace you and the Sullivan Group!” Rachel grinned as she caught a glimpse of the woman standing next to Mr. Schultz. It was Alicia, the woman who once pursued Victor. Judging from the way Alicia was looking at her,

Rachel gleaned that this woman still hadn’t given up on Victor. Or maybe she had given up before, but now that she knew that Victor had gotten divorced, her love for him was rekindled. When he saw Rachel grinning, Victor’s eyes dimmed. “Remember to keep your word!” She just smiled at him without saying a word. Seconds later, Drake and Alicia walked up to them. Victor’s tense expression relaxed a little as he spoke to Drake with respect. “Mr. Schultz, I’m glad to see you looking so well.” daily new chapters update only”Ah, you finally have some spare time to visit me, I see! I’ve been inviting you to my birthday parties over the past two years, and you’d always tell me that you’re busy. Every year, all you did was send someone in your stead to deliver your birthday present to me without showing up all! As your previous mentor, I don’t feel like I’m that important to you. Otherwise, why would you refuse to attend my birthday party every year?” Drake remarked with a smile. “Grandpa, that’s not what you said when Victor couldn’t come to your birthday party. You told me he was busy, and that we shouldn’t get mad at him for not attending. Why are you getting worked up now that he’s here?” Alicia teased Drake while holding onto his arm. Afterwards, she cast a glance at Victor. It had been two years since they last saw each other. Seeing him now, she realized that her heart was racing as fast as it did the first time they met. Victor hadn’t changed much after all these years. The only difference was that he now looked more mature and reliable, and thus it made him much more attractive to her. While Alicia was staring at Victor, Rachel examined Alicia. The woman was wearing a camel-colored dress, making her look like a beautiful fairy. Her long hair went all the way down to her waist. At a glance, it seemed casual, but upon a closer look, it was actually carefully styled. It was apparent that Alicia was really looking forward to this party. Although she wasn’t a natural born beauty, she still stood out among the female attendees. The Schultz family was a relatively large family, but Alicia was the only girl in three generations. And because of that, she was her family’s apple of the eye. Among Drake’s grandchildren, she enjoyed the most love and attention. “You’re such a naughty girl. How could you not side with your grandpa? You’re not even married yet, and you’re already antagonizing me! What if you get married one dayAre you going to abandon me?” Drake complained while chuckling. His eyes glinted while turning to Victor. “If you don’t believe me, ask Victor.” Upon hearing that, Alicia looked at Victor as well, and her cheeks started blushing. “Grandpa! You’re embarrassing me!” Drake laughed heartily because of his granddaughter’s reaction. Just then, he noticed Rachel, who had been standing next to Victor all this time. His smile faded, as he looked at him in confusion. “Victor, who’s your friend?”

Alicia had already met Rachel, but Drake hadn’t. Rachel could feel that they were all staring at her. Drake was curiously gazing at her, but Alicia, on the other hand, was looking at her with jealousy. Thus, she felt uncomfortable with their stares. When drake asked that question, the atmosphere became a little awkward because nobody was answering. After moments of pondering, Rachel took the initiative to introduce herself. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Schultz. I’ve heard a lot of great things about you. I’m Rachel Bennet.” Two years ago, when Victor got married, he didn’t hold a wedding ceremony, so Drake never got the chance to meet his wife. In addition, since he had retired, he had been enjoying his leisure time in Yaprye, and he rarely showed up in the social gatherings of the upper class in Yaprye. He didn’t even know the full name of Victor’s wife, aside from the fact that her surname was Bennet. Additionally, he had heard rumors that she and Victor had gotten divorced not long ago. When he heard that her surname was Bennet, his eyes darkened. “Did you just say your surname is Bennet? Hang on… isn’t the surname of Victor’s ex-wife also ” “Mr. Schultz, you’ve got an excellent memory. I am his ex-wife,” Rachel admitted, putting on a smile.

Her voice wasn’t that loud, but right after she said that, the eyes of everyone around them fell on her. “Victor, haven’t you divorced her already? Wait, are you two-” Alicia hesitated to finish her sentence. Upon realizing how beautiful Rachel was and seeing how she held onto Victor’s arm, Alicia felt hurt. It hurt her so much that she wanted to pull them apart and keep them away from each other. However, she resisted the urge to do that because she was a lady from an eminent family, and there were numerous guests in the house. “Alicia! That’s impolite!” Drake rebuked her sternly. daily new chapters update only Alicia’s eyes welled up with tears at once. “Grandpa, you have no idea what this Rachel had done in the past. There’s nothing wrong with what I said! She and Victor are divorced, so why is she still pestering him? It’s obvious that she’s a—” “Alicia! Just keep your mouth shut, okay?” Drake scolded her before she could say something vulgar. “But Grandpa!” Alicia protested. The veins on Drake’s temple bulged. He didn’t expect that his obedient and sensible granddaughter would be so discourteous in public. “Alicia, go and see why your mother hasn’t arrived yet. Tell her to come here immediately to entertain our guests.” As she bit her lower lip, Alicia glared at Rachel with eyes turning red. Afterwards, she turned around and walked away.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 59 I Am Victor’s Ex-wife

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