Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 58: Do You Want Me To Seduce Him

Chapter 58 Do You Want Me To Seduce Him 

“You have no right to question my decisions,” Victor said with “If you don’t tell me the reason, how am I supposed to know what to keep in mind during the party? What if I accidentally do something stupid that could ruin your plan? Will that be my fault or yours?” Shelia didn’t take his words to heart, and just casually looked out the window. Nearby, there was a brightly lit house. It was the Schultz family’s house, their destination for the night.

A fearsome gaze appeared on Victor’s face. But it didn’t frighten her at all, and instead, she looked directly into his eyes. Suddenly, the tension rose within the car. It seemed colder inside the car than it was outside. Shelia had no doubt that Victor took her to this party, because he wanted her to do something for him. Otherwise, he would’ve thrown her out of the car already. Just as she was about to feel unable to breathe because of his intimidating aura, Victor narrowed his eyes and looked ahead. In a stern voice, he said, “There’s someone from the KD Group who will be attending the party tonight.” ‘The KD Group, huh?’ The first person that came to Shelia’s mind was the mysterious project manager that Victor had asked her to investigate before. “I see… You want me to seduce him, do you?” If Victor wanted to enter the jewelry and diamond industry with the help of this mysterious project manager, he must first find a way to get close to him. And it was common knowledge that the best way to get close to a man was to set a honeypot trap. Rachel was only woman who had read this man’s detailed information, and therefore knew his likes and dislikes. Moreover, she had a gorgeous body and pretty face, which made her the best candidate as the honeypot. daily new chapters update only The moment Rachel figured this out, she immediately got angry. She really couldn’t underestimate how low Victor could go just to get what he wanted. In the dark night, Rachel couldn’t make out his expression, so she had no idea that his face turned grim when she uttered her speculation. The business world was a world filled with deception. People used all sorts of dirty tricks to get what they want, and the honeypot trap was just one of those dirty tricks. Such tricks were not new to Victor as he had long been a businessman. But strangely, he felt annoyed and furious when he heard Rachel say that. With a sardonic smile, she said to him, “Victor, how are you so certain that I’ll seduce him just because you said so? You’ve forced me to do a lot of things in the past. Aren’t you worried that I’ll tell him the truth and ruin your plan-ouch!” As soon as she finished speaking, Victor suddenly grabbed her wrist. Before she could react, he pulled her into his arms. Her chin hit his shoulder blade, causing her to gasp in pain, and her back broke into a cold sweat. She gritted her teeth, struggling to break free from his grasp. Unfortunately, Victor held her even tighter. And now, she could no longer move a muscle. If anyone were to see them like this, they would assume that the two of them were just embracing each other intimately. Enduring the pain, Rachel glared at him and said, “Victor, let me go! Otherwise, don’t blame me for biting you again!” When he heard her say that, Victor suddenly remembered how hard she bit his arm on the rooftop. Once more, his face darkened. “Are you trying to scare me by threatening to bite me? Are you a dog, Rachel? “You’re the dog! Barbaric methods are the only way to deal with savages like you! Who would even send his own ex-wife to another man’s bed aside from you?” The more Rachel thought about it, the angrier she became. She then prepared to bite Victor’s neck by opening her mouth. In her mind, she was doing the world a favor by ridding it of this devil, even if she would have to take responsibility for his death. However, Victor saw her attack coming. He loosened his grip on her waist, grabbed her chin, and forced her to look at him. “Rachel, that’s enough! Don’t test my patience!” His voice was frigid. At the same time, the Bentley pulled over in the Schultz family’s garden. Ivan and the driver got off the car, opening doors on either side of the backseat respectively. Victor let go of Rachel, and straightened his jacket before he got out of the car and walked into the house. Meanwhile, Rachel massaged her wrist as she got out of the car. Ivan immediately spoke to her, “Miss Bennet, you misunderstood Mr. Sullivan’s intention.” “I did? Last time, he asked me to drink with that horrible Trevor guy, and now, he’s asking me to sleep with another man. I don’t think I misunderstood him. He’s just using me as a puppet to get what he wants,” Rachel sneered. “The reason he brought you here is because you’re the only woman who knows this project manager’s likes and dislikes, and only you can avoid taboos during a conversation with him.”

Right after he said that, Ivan went to catch up with Victor, leaving Rachel stupefied. ‘Did I really misunderstand Victor? If he wasn’t planning to ask me to seduce the project manager, why didn’t he just say so?’ Rachel looked at Victor’s direction, blinking her eyes. After a moment of hesitation, she followed in their tracks, strutting towards the house in her high heels. Soon, Ivan caught up with his boss. They were about to enter the hall when he noticed that Rachel wasn’t with them yet. After pausing for a moment, he asked Victor, “Shall we wait for Miss Bennet?”

Upon hearing that, Victor stopped in his tracks. His eyes dimmed as Rachel’s eyes kept flashing through his mind. He had to admit that her eyes were truly beautiful. They glimmered like diamonds, and there was a light in her eyes whenever she was smiling. In the past, she used to look at him with admiration and obsession, and she only had eyes for him. But now, all Victor could see in those eyes were anger and mockery. The love Rachel used to have for him seemingly disappeared into thin

air. Every time he thought of that look in her eyes, Victor became infuriated. “No, we won’t.” “A gentleman shouldn’t leave his female companion behind. Victor, you’re supposed to be a gentleman tonight, right?” Rachel said as she lifted her dress while walking up the steps. When she caught up to them, she overheard their conversation. Victor turned around and saw her standing right behind him. She was dressed in white. Her graceful figure made her all the more attractive against the backdrop of the moonlight and lights. As she stood there in all her beauty, she outshone every well-dressed young lady in the area. Every man passing by couldn’t help but glance at her more than a few times. Seeing that Victor wasn’t responding, Rachel thought that he might still be angry with her. Actually, it didn’t matter to her whether he was angry or not. What did matter was the fact that if she couldn’t calm him down, he might actually go through with his threat of shutting the Bennet Group down. Thus, she didn’t have much time think about a way out. daily new chapters update only Besides, Shelia felt guilty that she might’ve misunderstood him. If the Bennet Group were to go bankrupt because of her, then all the hardships she went through, and all the efforts she put into saving the company would be in vain. There was no way she could let that happen! “Victor…” Rachel called out to him after weighing the pros and cons. Suddenly, he grabbed her arm, pulling her close to his body. He stared down at her and said, “Rachel, I thought you didn’t want to come?” “When did I say that? It’s just a birthday party. What’s stopping me from going? Is there a monster here that will eat me alive?” Rachel looked him dead in the eye. Her red lips curled up, and her eyes blinked innocently. As Victor looked at her, he wanted to read her thoughts through that expression on her face. Rachel didn’t mind that he was examining her face, and just smiled at him. “Aren’t you worried that I’ll send you to someone from the KD Group as a gift?”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 58 Do You Want Me To Seduce Him

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