Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 57: Who Else Will Be At The Party

Chapter 57 Who Else Will Be At The Party 

The next morning, Rachel woke up to the sound of the alarm clock. She turned it off and lay on the bed for a while, staring at the unfamiliar ceiling in bafflement before she realized she wasn’t at home, but in her hotel room in YapryeThey had landed at three in the morning and by that time, she had been so sleepy that she could barely keep her eyes open. When they had finally arrived at the hotel and was being shown to her room, she had thought she heard Victor talking to Ivan about her, but she couldn’t be sure.

The sound of a doorbell

got her out of her reverie. She rubbed her face and got out of bed, then walked to the door and opened it. She saw Ivan standing there, flanked by two people, one of whom Rachel had met before. “Miss Bennet, the people in charge of your… styling are here,” Ivan said, his face expressionless as always. “So nice to see you again, Miss Bennet. This is my assistant,” Eva said, smiling broadly. She was wearing a light pink cheongsam and her long hair was *******, just like the last time Rachel had seen her. It wasn’t until she heard the word “styling” that she finally remembered what it was Victor had said to Ivan last night. He had ordered a stylist found to help Rachel get ready for the party. He wanted her to look her best for Drake’s party and avoid the embarrassment of her choosing the ‘wrong’ outfit. Rachel moved to the side and said, “Come in.” Ivan turned around and left as soon as Eva and her assistant crossed the threshold. Rachel yawned and remembered she hadn’t even washed up yet. “Have a seat. I’ll go wash up and be right back in a few minutes,” she called over her shoulder as she headed for the bathroom. Eva simply nodded in response and she began taking her things out of the small suitcase she had brought with her. Rachel returned a couple of minutes later and saw several dresses lying on the bed. The vanity table was full of cosmetics. Rachel took a look at her watch and said, “It’s only eight in the morning. I don’t think I need to dress up so early, do 1?” With a gentle smile on her face, Eva replied, “Miss Bennet, I’m just doing what Mr. Sullivan told me to.”daily new chapters update only Rachel bit her lower lip and sat in front of the dresser without any more questions. “Okay, go ahead, then.” Eva and her assistant started working on her hair and face immediately and Rachel kept looking at the stylist’s serious face through the mirror. She couldn’t stop thinking of what had happened the last time Eva had dressed her up. She leaned back and asked, “Eva, I don’t think you came all the way here just to style me, am I right?” Eva paused for a second, her brush hovering over Rachel’s eyebrow. At last, she pulled herself together and smiled. “Miss Bennet, if there’s something you want to know, just ask.” “Will you answer honestly?” Rachel didn’t expect Eva to be so smart. She really had been trying to fool her into revealing information, but Eva had seen right through her “I will, as long as it’s something I’m allowed to divulge,” Eva said as she walked across Rachel’s back to her other side and started drawing her other eyebrow. “I bet many ladies from upstanding families have been invited to Mr. Schultz’s birthday party tonight. As you very well know, women like to compete with each other in terms of beauty and you are the best stylist of Gardenia. I am sure many ladies asked you to work on them,” Rachel said with a faint smile. Eva lowered her eyes, put the brush back on the table, and replied, “So, you want to know who else will be attending Mr. Schultz’s party?” “You know, Eva, you are pretty smart. You could be so much more than a mere stylist,” Rachel shot back. “Do you think you are allowed to answer this question?”

“I’m really flattered, Miss Bennet,” Eva said humb] 7“I can write down the names of those in

attendance later.” “Thank you, Eva.” “You’re welcome. If you and Mr. Sullivan get back together in the future, I hope you will say a few good words for me and my business,” Eva said casually as she applied blush to Rachel’s cheekbones. Rachel just looked at the woman with a smile and said nothing. It took her nearly three hours to have Rachel’s makeup and hair done. She might have been a natural beauty, but Eva’s make-up highlighted all her features making her look breathtaking. Her hair was brushed and styled to perfection, making her look like a Hollywood star, ready for the red carpet. After all, the party tonight was a pretty formal occasion. Eva had picked a white strapless evening gown for Rachel that showed off her delicate shoulders and slender neck. The black silk sash on her waist was simply ******* and swayed slightly when she moved.

After Eva was done with her, she kept her promise and wrote down the list of the ladies who would attend the party. She handed it to Rachel right before she left the room with her assistant.

Shelia sat on the sofa and scanned the names on the list. Maybe this would give her a hint as to why Victor had decided to take her to Drake’s birthday party Half an hour later, she had scanned every name on the list over and over, but nothing rang a bell. She didn’t recognize any of them. Even if she had met one of them before, it probably was so long ago that she couldn’t recall it. Perhaps Victor was more familiar with these ladies. Leaning against the sofa, Rachel frowned and murmured, “What the **** are you up to Victor?” She turned to the window and noticed that the sky was now getting darker by the minute. She was tired of waiting and seriously contemplated ruining her look by taking a nap when her phone rang She saw Victor’s name pop up on the screen and hesitated for a second. When she picked up, before she could even say anything, she heard Victor’s voice, “Get downstairs right now.” He didn’t even wait for her reply before he hung up. The entire call had lasted only two seconds.

Five minutes later, Rachel stepped out of the elevator in her silver high heels. At the entrance of the hotel, she saw a black Bentley parked there, Ivan leaning on the car waiting for her. This time, though, Victor was in the car. The window was halfway open and Rachel could see his face clearly. She took a deep breath and walked to the car. Ivan opened the back door for her and she got in. The atmosphere in the car was suffocating. The tension could be cut with a knife and for a moment there, Rachel wondered if all the air had gotten out. Ivan got in the passenger’s seat and told the driver to start the car. daily new chapters update only It wasn’t until the car slowly started moving that she felt the cool breeze on her face. She closed her eyes and savored the way it hugged her, making her feel alive. After a while, they were moving along the coast. The smell of the sea was invigorating, but the air was really chilly. Rachel shivered and closed the car window to keep the cold out. She had been sitting still for a long time and her calf had begun to cramp up. She moved slightly trying to relieve the pain. Victor’s deep voice reached her ears then. “Rachel. Don’t play any of your tricks tonight. I am warning you. We are going to Mr. Schultz’s birthday party, so you’d better be on your best behavior. If you do something stupid again, the Bennet Group is history!” Startled, Rachel turned to look at him. “I can behave, but you’ll have to tell me why you brought me here. You are the Sullivan Group’s CEO, can’t you find a date to a social function? Do you really have to take me, the ex-wife you hate so much, to such an important event?”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 57 Who Else Will Be At The Party

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