Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 56: The Trip And The Birthday Party

Chapter 56 The Trip And The Birthday Party 

In the archive room, when Rachel heard she would be taking a business trip, she felt both excited and horrified. She only had two hours before the plane took off. “Miss Bennet, why did they wait until last minute to tell you about this? What is going on? That’s preposterous! You just drew your blood and you’re still weak. You need rest,” Abby said indignantly.daily new chapters update only The public relations department guy had left in quite a hurry after informing Rachel about the upcoming business trip and he had offered no further explanations. Frowning, Abby felt that there was something wrong today. Strange things kept happening one after the other. Sitting in front of her computer listening to Abby’s ranting, Rachel was lost in her thoughts. Something was up, she was sure of it! First of all, why would a lowly employee from the archive go on a business trip? And not just a simple business trip, but one that Victor, the CEO would also have to take. It didn’t even make sense. She looked into Abby eyes shrugging. “I have no idea.” “So… Are you going?” Abby asked, looking worried sick. Rachel grabbed her purse, stood up and flashed Abby a fond but bitter smile. “I don’t think I really have a choice.” Indeed she didn’t.

Not too long ago, Victor had forced her to do his bidding-drink that infernal wine, that was using the Bennet Group as leverage. So it would probably be the same now. As long as Victor held the power to make or break the Bennet Group, Rachel had no choice but dance to his tune. Abby pursed her lips in disgust. Rachel reached out and pinched the girl’s cheek. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. Victor won’t really hurt me. He just wants to mess with me again, I guess. It’s not that big of a deal.” “Oh, Miss Bennet. I am sorry I’m so useless. I wish I could protect you somehow,” Abby sniffled. “That’s enough. Abby, you need to stop underestimating yourself all the time. When I return, you can cook a huge meal for me, one of those delicious things that have me drooling by the smell alone. That’s all I need.” Rachel gave Abby an encouraging smile and turned to leave. “Come on. There is a car waiting for us outside.” When they reached the huge entrance, Rachel saw a black Maybach SUV parked right outside.

Rachel stopped walking and turned to Abby. “Listen, if Andy asks you where I am, just tell him I’m on a business trip. Don’t mention that Victor will be with me, okay?” Why not?” Abby asked, looking confused.

“It’s just that he will be worried about me too, just like you were. He has a new case and will be going to court in two days’ time. There’s no need to distract him with all this.” As she finished speaking, Rachel caught sight of Ivan coming out of the SUV, looking in their direction. “Alright then… But, Miss Bennet… Please be careful and take care of yourself,” Abby said, albeit reluctantly. Rachel rushed forward and hugged her. When she let go a few moments later, she took her purse from Abby and started walking towards the car. “Hello, Ivan,” Rachel called out and glanced at the back seat window. She wanted to see if Victor was inside, just so she could be mentally prepared. Unfortunately, though, the window was tinted.

Ivan had noticed what she had just been doing and as he opened the door for her, he said, “Mr. Sullivan left for the airport an hour ago.” At the exact same time, Rachel caught sight of the empty back seat and she got in the car breathing a sigh of relief. Seconds later, Ivan climbed in the driver’s seat and they set off. It was an one and a half hours’ drive to the Apliaria International Airport, which Ivan and Rachel spent in complete silence. It wasn’t until they reached their destination that Rachel spoke up. “Can I ask where my flight is to?” With a quick glance her way through the rearview mirror, Ivan replied curtly, “The Yaprye. daily new chapters update only You are to attend Mr. Schultz’s birthday party with Mr. Sullivan.” The Yaprye? Mr. Schultz? Rachel racked her brain and finally got what she was looking for. The Schultz family was full of scholars. Mr. Schultz’s first name was Drake and he used to be the dean of the best university in the country, the Apliaria University. Even though he was now retired, he was still probably the most influential person in academic circles. Drake had touched the lives of many excellent students, who had turned out to be really successful men and women. Victor was one of them, and in fact, he was Drake’s favorite


Rachel had never met the man. The reason Shelia knew the relationship between Drake and Victor was a memory of the night before Rachel’s wedding day. That night, a woman had come looking for Rachel and had told her all about Victor and Drake. That woman, Alicia, had been Drake’s granddaughter. Her grandfather had always hoped for a match between Victor and Alicia, so he had always found opportunities to set them up. Alicia had admitted that she had always liked Victor and had thought she might be his wife one day, until Rachel came into the picture. When Alicia had found out Victor would be marrying Rachel, she had stormed in the Bennet family’s house, wanting to meet Rachel and find out why Victor chose that woman over her. She had screamed and raged, calling Rachel every name in the book, until she had been forcefully taken away by a man sent by Drake himself. So, things between the Schultz family and Rachel were still a little awkward. ‘Then why does Victor want to take me to Drake’s birthday party?’ she wondered. But this was not the right time or place to figure that out. She got out of the car and followed Ivan.

It turned out they would be flying in Victor’s private plane. The crew had been waiting for her at the entrance of the airport and when they saw the SUV pulling over, they rushed forward to open the door for her and Ivan. They led the two of them to the VIP passage, so that they could get on the plane directly. daily new chapters update only She boarded and caught sight of Victor, but she was rushed in her seat and within a few minutes, they were already airborne. Victor had been reading a couple of documents, completely ignoring Rachel. She sat down by the window and looked outside, feeling kind of relieved at being treated as the invisible woman.

It was already dark outside and all she could see was grey clouds. She turned away from the window and took out her cell phone. She punched a series of complicated codes in her browser until she got what she was looking for; the dark web. As soon as Shelia connected, a notification popped up on the screen. [Q]: (Crying emoji) Boss! You are finally online! [King of Hearts):? [Q]: Boss, when are you coming back? I can’t stand it anymore! Every day I have to sit by and watch those two hugging and kissing right into my face! It’s torture! (King of Hearts]: I’m not sure yet. I haven’t finished my work here, so it might be a while longer. [Q]: Boss, what are you up to? Maybe I can help. (King of Hearts]: No. I have to do it alone. But there’s another thing I need to ask from you. Quintin’s excited reply came across in the blink of an eye. [Q]: Anything you need, Boss. Just say the word. You know I’d die for you. (King of Hearts]: I need information about a man. He is the director of the personnel department in the Sullivan Group. The name is Wilson Patel. I want to know who he has been in contacted with in the past month. Get back to me as soon as possible.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 56 The Trip And The Birthday Party

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