Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 54: Ivy Was Fired

Chapter 54 Ivy Was Fired 

The following day, Rachel went back to the Sullivan Group to work. But this time, she had an assistant to help her do her job in the archive room-Abby. It had only two days since she last went to work, but there was already a mountain of documents waiting for Rachel to be sorted out. The files were scattered everywhere, and there was little to no room left to stand on. As she began sorting out the documents, she said to Abby, “Abby, you need not worry about me. You can go home now. I can handle this myself.” 1 Putting on a serious face, Abby picked up a box full of papers and put it on the table. “I refuse,” she said firmly. Rachel was so surprised to hear Abby refused her command so adamantly that she raised her eyebrows. daily new chapters update only This was the first time that she had heard Abby say “no” to her. In her eyes, Abby was a soft and caring woman, who would rarely lose her temper. “Miss Bennet, you’re pregnant. You should think about the health of your child. You should have more rest and shouldn’t skip meals anymore like you usually do,” Abby said with a frown. Ever since yesterday, Rachel had been hearing her say that, and she was tired of hearing that same statement. “Fine, I get it. If you want to stay and help, do as you please.” Rachel shook her head, wearing a helpless smile. “Don’t worry. I won’t cause trouble for you this time,” Abby added. Rachel was staring at a computer and typing on the keyboard when she heard her speak. There was a smile on Rachel’s face, but the tone of her voice sounded serious. “You’ve never caused me any trouble, Abby.” 1 Honestly, Shelia hated troubles. Generally speaking, Abby was soft and vulnerable. Had Shelia met her in the past, she wouldn’t have even bothered talking to her, because people like Abby would often bring trouble. Perhaps the change in her personality was influenced by the original Rachel. Or maybe it was due to the fact that she had died once and everything she had experienced in her previous life had changed her. Now that she was Rachel, Shelia had become more human than ever. “Miss Bennet…” Upon hearing Rachel say that, Abby’s eyes welled up with joyful tears. Seeing that her helper was about to cry again, Rachel immediately stopped her. “Abby, focus. We need to hurry, or else we won’t be able to finish our work today.” The moment Abby heard that, she held back her tears, and concentrated on working. Considering the dispute Abby had with Ivy last time, Rachel left Abby in the archive and went to deliver the materials personally this time. “Just sign here,” the front desk receptionist said as she pointed at the blank space in the form where Rachel’s name must be signed. After signing her name on the space, Rachel handed the form back. Once she had confirmed that there were no errors, she turned around and was ready to go back to the archive and get back to work. But before she could even walk on, she heard the receptionists whispering behind her. “Why is she still working in the archive? I heard that she’s going to remarry Mr. Sullivan.” “Who did you hear that from? Have you forgotten how Mr. Sullivan made her clean all the washrooms the other day? It would be nigh impossible for them to get remarried! Do you think that he’ll let his future wife clean even a single washroom?” “But Mr. Sullivan fired Ivy for her. Is that not an indication that he still has feelings for her?” “Ivy got fired? Where did you hear that from? It’s no wonder I haven’t seen here at work these days. daily new chapters update only I just thought she was sick or something!” “Just the other day, Ivy called me crying. She said that the personnel department told her that she was sacked, and that this was Mr. Sullivan’s direct order.” Rachel was shocked to hear that. Their voices were loud enough for her to hear them clearly. ‘Ivy got fired? And the order came directly from Victor, huh?’ Instinctively, Rachel slowed her pace and frowned. She couldn’t figure out what Victor was up to. Even if he wanted to fire a receptionist, there was no logical explanation why the order had to come from him directly. After all, a receptionist was an insignificant position. While she was engrossed in contemplation, Rachel soon reached the elevator. It was lunch time, so there were many people waiting for the elevator. As she stood in line, Rachel lowered her head, absorbed in her thoughts.


Not long after, the elevator door opened, and many people came in and out. Rachel wanted to follow the crowd into the elevator, but someone bumped her from behind, causing her to stagger forward. When she steadied herself and wanted to see who had bumped her, someone bumped against her left shoulder again, and soon, she was pushed out of the line.daily new chapters update only It happened so quickly that she didn’t even had the time to react. Caught off-guard, she fell to the ground in front of Victor’s exclusive elevator nearby, which happened to be opening. The following second, before she could hit the ground, Rachel fell into the arms of the person coming out of said elevator. “Ouch!” she bellowed. For a moment, the noisy footsteps dissipated, and was soon replaced by the sound of people gasping for air.

Rachel quickly raised her head to see who she had accidentally ran into, only to find that Victor was staring down at her with cold eyes. She looked into his eyes, trembling with fear, knowing that he was angry. Her instincts were telling her to back away, but Victor suddenly clasped her waist with his arm, rendering her unable to move a muscle. “Victor…” With eyes wide open, Rachel was at a loss for words. Suddenly, Victor leaned closer and closer towards her. “Rachel, I seem to recall that you filed for a sick leave, am I right? So, have you recovered now? You just couldn’t wait to throw yourself at me, huh?” Victor whispered in Rachel’s ear. He could feel the coldness of his breath with every word he uttered. Angered by his accusation, Rachel sneered, “You’re enjoying holding me this tight, aren’t you?” A faint aroma of jasmine flowers exuded from her body, and it smelled refreshing. In reality, the smell was the lingering scent of laundry detergent. But somehow, when Victor smelled it from Rachel, he felt calm and free from annoyance. That was the reason he suddenly held her waist, for he wanted to get closer to sniff the smell. With narrowed eyes, he snorted, “Don’t think so highly of yourself, Rachel. What makes you

think that I’m interested in a woman like yourself?” Right after he finished talking, he pushed her away from him. Caught off-guard, Rachel lost her balancé, staggering back and eventually bumping against the wall. The cold, solid wall felt hard, causing her to wince in pain. After casting her a cold glare, Victor walked away, leaving the employees staring at Rachel with stupefied gazes. They had different reactions, but none dared to come to her aid. Standing nearby, a man and a woman was watching the entire scene unfold. “I didn’t expect Rachel to look so pure and beautiful without heavy makeup on. daily new chapters update only No wonder Mr. Sullivan changed his outlook about her,” the man said to Alice beside him. He was shocked to find contempt in her eyes, but the emotion quickly vanished. Alice was biting her lip so hard that it almost turned white. ‘Since when did Victor and Rachel started interacting more often? In the past, he didn’t even want to glance at her, but now he took the initiative to hold her? If he finds out that Rachel is pregnant with his child, then…’ Alice didn’t dare to go there. Her eyes turned red, and her grip tightened on the cup of coffee in her hand subconsciously. As a result, the coffee spilled all over her hand. She cried in pain when she felt the hot coffee come into contact with her skin, causing her to release the cup, and spilling its contents all over the ground. daily new chapters update only “Alice! Are you okay?” Upon seeing what happened, the man beside Alice quickly took out a handkerchief from his pocket and offered it to her. The back of her hand was burned red. Although Alice felt the burning pain, the strong hatred

in her heart numbed her from the pain. With no regard for her injury, she grabbed her companion’s hand and said, “Wilson, you must help me!”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 54 Ivy Was Fired

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