Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 53: I Want To Keep The Baby

Chapter 53 I Want To Keep The Baby 

“So, what? He just provided the sperm. I don’t plan on getting married again, so it’s almost impossible for me to have a baby. I was considering adopting a child in the future, but now that I’m pregnant, I’d rather keep this baby,” Rachel said indifferently. Andy pursed his lips while looking at Abby. Obviously, he wanted to know her opinion on this matter. Catching his hint, Abby took a step forward and squatted down beside Rachel. She smiled at her and said, “Whatever your decision will be, 1 fully support you, Miss Bennet. If you want to keep this baby, then do it. I’ll always be here for you no matter what. daily new chapters update only And if in the future, you get exhausted taking care of the child on your own, I’ll help you. I’m very fond of children, whether it’s a boy or a girl.” With a smile, Rachel pinched Abby’s face and replied, “Thanks, Abby. It’s reassuring to have you by my side.” Then, she turned to Andy and said, “Andy, I know you’re worried that Victor might find out that I’m pregnant with his child. He may not let me off easily, and even my child could suffer from his wrath.” “If you already know that, Miss Bennet, why do you insist on…” Andy paused, leaving his sentence unfinished. After a while, he let out a sigh and said, “You and Mr. Sullivan were married for two years. You know better than anyone else how scary he can be. Should you decide to keep this baby and give birth to it abroad, you may be able to keep it a secret from him for a while. However, you can’t stay abroad your whole life. Even if you really do let go of everything here and move abroad, do you think you can keep this a secret forever? Once that child is born and discovered, you know that Mr. Sullivan will definitely take it away from you. That child is a descendant of the Sullivan family after all.”

“But what if I can hide it from him?” asked Rachel.

“You must be kidding, Miss Bennet! Considering his sphere of influence and connections, there’s nothing that he can’t find out if he wants to. Don’t you know how difficult it is to hide a person’s identity and whereabouts? Even an experienced hacker might not be able to do that. Unless…” Andy paused, pondering for a moment, and then shaking his head with a bitter smile. “No, it’s impossible. Please, reconsider, Miss Bennet. Don’t be impulsive.” “You didn’t finish your sentence, Andy. Unless what?” asked Rachel Andy stared into her eyes, thought for a moment, and said, “I’ve heard of an urban legend. They say that in the circle of hackers, there’s a genius who once helped a person hide his whereabouts and identity for an entire year. During that year, it appeared as though the person disappeared from the face of the earth, because there were no traces of him anywhere. It was not until a year later when he suddenly appeared again. Everyone was amazed at the hacker’s capability because of what happened.”

“Is that so? What’s the name of this hacker?” Rachel was supposed to sound surprised, but she sounded like she wasn’t interested at all. “The hacker’s alias is King of Hearts. However… No one has seen this hacker aside from the leaders of the Red Hackers Alliance. There are no photos of this hacker, so people don’t even know whether it’s a man or a woman. daily new chapters update only Therefore, some people began to think that the King of Hears’ fans just made up that story. After all, hiding everything about a living person sounds unbelievable,” Andy remarked. Rachel rubbed her nose while looking at him. Somehow, she felt the urge to tell him that she was the King of Hearts, and that she really did something so unthinkable. But on second thought, she decided not to tell him. Andy was already shocked that she was pregnant. If she told him that she was actually the best hacker in the world, he might think that she had gone insane; if not, he might go crazy himself.” 2 “In that case, i’ll ask this King of Hearts for help,” Rachel said with a smirk. “But Miss Bennet…” Upon seeing the relaxed smile on her face, Andy let out a helpless sigh. “We don’t even know if King of Hearts will agree to our request. Moreover, we don’t even know what this person looks like, and we have no idea where he or she is.” When Abby heard Andy, she became worried as well. “Miss Bennet, are you really planning on keeping this baby?” Rachel looked at her, but she didn’t answer immediately. Instead, she took Abby’s hand and placed it on her abdomen. “Can you feel it?” she asked.  “Huh?”

“There’s life growing inside me. In time, it will grow bigger. It’ll torture me for months on end, and it will render me unable to eat, and kick me from inside while I’m sleeping,” Rachel said calmly. “Honestly, before I told you that I was pregnant, I wanted to abort this child. But when I thought about it again, I realized that this child was a gift from ***.”

“A gift?” Abby was puzzled to hear that. “Abby, imagine, nine months from now, there will be a cute little kid following you around and calling you Auntie Abby. What do you think of that?” After saying that, Rachel cast a stern gaze at Andy. “Andy, I know there will be a lot of trouble if I decide to give birth to this child, but I will find a way to solve these problems. And if I can’t solve them, I’ll leave this baby to its fate. No matter how many obstacles I encounter in the future, I at least want to keep this baby now.” “Miss Bennet, have you ever considered that you might regret this decision someday?” Andy asked, looking troubled. Well, life is short. I have no time to always worry about what will happen in the future. But I am certain of one thing. I want this baby, and that’s enough, isn’t it? Besides, as you said before, we can’t be scared off so easily.” Through Rachel’s eyes, Andy could tell that she was adamant on her decision, so he finally conceded. “Since you’ve made up your mind, I will respect your decision.” “I’m also worried about you, Miss Bennet, but if you’re determined to keep this child, I will respect your decision as well. I’ll help you take care of this baby, and I promise that I’ll protect you and your baby,” Abby said firmly, withdrawing her hand from Rachel’s abdomen. Rachel was delighted to hear their answers. She put her hand on her own belly, leaned back, and raised her eyebrows. “Actually, there’s another important reason I want to keep this child.” “What reason?” Abby and Andy asked in unison. “As you can see, I’m quite attractive, and Victor has a genius intellect. This child will inherit our genes, which means its IQ and appearance will exceed most people. If it’s a boy, he’ll be handsome, and many girls will swoon over him. If my son is attractive, he won’t have to worry about getting a wife. And if it’s a girl, she’ll be beautiful but smart. I won’t have to worry that she’ll be taken advantage of. Perhaps she’ll be even more successful than most men. Either way, I’ll be proud of my child.” The more Rachel talked about her expectations on her child, the more excited she was, and the more she felt like she made a great decision to keep this baby. This child would bear excellent genes. An adopted child wouldn’t have gotten such good genes, since it would be difficult to find someone as outstanding as Victor from the sperm bank

Abby nodded in agreement. She thought that Rachel had a fair point. On the other hand, Andy chuckled helplessly. He already said that he respected Rachel’s decision, but he was still worried. “Miss Bennet, isn’t it too early to think about such things?” “Time flies, Andy. It’s never too early for anything,” Rachel remarked, feeling much more relieved now that she had solved one of her problems.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 53 I Want To Keep The Baby

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