Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 51: I Saw Her Today

Chapter 51 I Saw Her Today

“What’s wrong, Alice? Have you come here to remind me that I have a bone to pick with you? You can’t wait for me to get even with you, huh?” Rachel said while peeling an orange on the table, and took a bite. It tasted a bit sour, but it wasn’t bad. “Rachel, don’t think you can intimidate me with these words! You wanna get even with me? There’s no reason to do that. You did all those shameless things yourself, and they have nothing to do with me! Don’t try to use me as an excuse for your actions!” Alice said hurriedly. “Is that so?” Rachel asked. The tone of her voice was casual, but to Alice, Rachel’s tone was intimidating enough to pressure her, and it caused her to feel a bit restless. “Of course!” Alice sprang to her feet. “I’m only here today to deliver Victor’s message. He said that the Sullivan Group has no use for an employee who would ask for a sick leave for a long time. Every employee of the company is qualified to enjoy fifteen days of paid sick leave, but you are an exception. That’s why, if you don’t go to work tomorrow, consider yourself resigned. You filed a sick leave, and you haven’t gone to work during the past few days. Victor said that it was considered an absence. If something similar happens again, you are automatically considered as resigned.” With that, Alice grabbed her purse and said, “Anyway, I have more important matters to deal with. Goodbye!” Rachel just sat there, peeling another orange and smiling. “Bye, then.” Annoyed, Alice glared at Rachel before walking out of the door. At the same time, Abby came over from the kitchen. When she noticed that Alice was leaving, she paused for a moment, and said, “Miss Bennet, is Miss Jenkins not staying for lunch?”

“What? Oh, she’s not. She wouldn’t dare. She would be too guilty to eat anything with me on the same table.” Rachel chuckled. She then handed the orange she had just peeled to Abby and changed the topic. “Try it. It’s delicious.” Abby accepted the fruit, and muttered, “Is it delicious? Mr. Torres brought these oranges this morning. He tasted one and said it was too sour. He also mentioned that he’s never buying an orange from that shop again.” After saying that, Abby took a piece and chucked it into her mouth. Seconds later, her face was distorted because of how sour it was. Unable to withstand it, she quickly spat it out. “Miss Bennet, the orange is too sour!” “Is it? I think it’s delicious. The sweet, tangy flavor is just right for me. When Andy comes back, ask him to buy some more of these.” After saying that, Rachel glanced at the silhouette

at the door and said, “Alice, it seems like you really want to stay and settle the score with me.” Realizing that she was caught eavesdropping, Alice quickened her pace and left with a glum expression. After being driven out of the Bennet family’s mansion, Jack and his family moved into the villa that his father-in-law gave to him as a wedding gift. This house wasn’t as big as the Bennet family’s house, but it was still acceptable. With her purse in hand, Alice entered the house and shouted, “Viola, is my mother home?” Viola quickly came over to attend to Alice as soon as she arrived. “Miss Jenkins, why are you early today? Your mother isn’t home right now, because your father was feeling uncomfortable this morning, so she took him to the hospital.” Upon hearing that, Alice frowned. “They went to the hospital?” “Indeed, but Mr. Jenkins is probably fine. He’s been suffering from mild angina for a long time. But don’t worry, it’s not that serious,” Viola said to comfort her. “I see. I’m going to rest. Don’t bother me if there’s nothing important.” After saying that, Alice threw her purse into Viola’s arms, and went to her bedroom upstairs without another word.

Stunned, Viola watched as Alice go up the stairs. She wondered why Alice was so furious. Soon, Caroline and Jack came back home. Viola immediately offered them slippers to change into. “Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins, your daughter is back.” “Isn’t she supposed to be having lunch at the company? Why is she home so soon?” Jack asked tentatively while looking at Caroline.

“Perhaps she has grown tired of eating the food in the company’s canteen, and wants to eat something homemade,” she replied. Upon remembering what she had seen in the hospital this morning, her eyes dimmed. But for now, she cast the thought aside, and said to Viola, “Viola, please help Jack get back to the room, so that he can rest. I’ll go check on Alice.” After Caroline put on her slippers, she went to her daughter’s bedroom. But before she could knock on the door, she heard the sound of something heavy being smashed to the ground. Startled by the commotion, Caroline knocked on the door and shouted, “Alice! Open the door! It’s me!”

Moments later, Alice opened the door; her eyes, bloodshot with tears. Before Caroline could utter a word, she turned around and sat back on her bed, fuming with rage. Caroline peered inside and noticed that everything on the dressing table had been smashed onto the floor. There were shards of glass and broken things everywhere. “Alice, what happened to you? Is someone giving you a hard time in the company?” Caroline asked gently.while walking in and closing the door behind her. “It’s Rachel again!” Alice’s eyes were now scarlet red. When she said Rachel’s name, there was obvious hatred in her tone.

And before her mother could even respond, Alice looked at Caroline and said, “Mom, I don’t get it! Did you know that Rachel is now working for the Sullivan Group? Who does she think she is now? She also told me that she’s going to get even with me! Mom, could you think of a way to get rid of her? I don’t want to see that vile woman ever again! Please, help me!” “Did you say that Rachel is working for the Sullivan Group now?” Caroline was intrigued. “Not only did she weasel her way into the company, she also managed to convince Victor to postpone the Bennet Group’s liquidation somehow,” Alice said with obvious contempt. Caroline’s eyes dimmed. “I really underestimated that *****. “Mom, you must have a solution for this, right? Help me get rid of her! If she keeps on appearing around me, it won’t be long until I go crazy! Because of her, Victor already has a problem with me!” Alice said in a hoarse voice as she held her mother’s hand. Rachel’s personality had completely changed! No wonder Alice was so scared of her. As long as Rachel remained in the Sullivan Group, or even in the city for another day, she would feel tormented by her presence in every waking moment. Alice could no longer bear to live like this.

Caroline patted her daughter’s hand to offer a sense of comfort. After a moment of pondering, she asked, “Alice, do you know where I went today?” Seeing that her mother didn’t look riled up after everything she had said, Alice drew her hand back and said crossly, “Viola mentioned that you took Dad to the hospital. Mom, why are you even talking about that right now? Dad is fine. Can’t you see that I’m in desperate need of help right now?” “Alice, calm down and listen to me first!” Caroline sat beside her, and continued, “I saw Rachel in the hospital today.” “So? What’s so strange about her going to the hospital? I already knew that she’s sick, and she has even filed for a leave,” Alice said while pouting impatiently. daily new chapters in “Do you have any idea what’s wrong with her?” “No, and I don’t give a ****! But I’d like to see her terribly ill and bedridden. That way, she won’t be able to do anything to me! It would be even better if she just died! I don’t care what kind of illness she’s suffering from,” Alice sneered. Hearing her say that, Caroline’s face became more serious. Since her mother wasn’t responding, Alice turned to Caroline and found that her mother looked really serious right now. It gave her a bad feeling. Frowning, she asked, “Mom, why do you care about her illness so much?” “Alice…” Caroline looked into her daughter’s eyes. “You mentioned that Rachel is sick, but you have no idea what kind of illness she has. Today, I saw her come out of the Department of Gynecology at the hospital. What kind of illness would she have if she’s consulting with a doctor from that department?” Whenever the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department was involved, the first thing that would come to everyone’s mind was pregnancy. Suddenly, Alice stood in shock and exclaimed, “That’s impossible!”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 51 I Saw Her Today

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