Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 280: Wait For You

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 280 Wait For You

Wait For You

Rachel’s body stiffened imperceptibly. She almost wanted to struggle out of Victor’s arm subconsciously, but if she dodged, he would definitely fall and expose her injury in front of

the media. With both the car accident he was in on the way here and then the man who appeared in the lounge to kill him just now, it was obvious that someone wanted Victor dead and they didn’t know who it was. If Victor’s injury was exposed at this moment, whoever it was that wanted to kill him wouldn’t let this perfect opportunity slide.

If she dodged, Victor would be in more danger. This thought quickly flashed through her mind, and she stopped struggling, but Victor still felt her resistance just now. He had seen how she wanted to get rid of him and could guess why she stopped struggling. He lowered his eyes and smiled, then he said to her in a voice that was small enough that only the two of them could hear.

“Thank you.” “……” Hearing this, Rachel was stunned for a moment. Then she raised her eyes to look at him and said coldly, “You don’t have to thank me. I don’t want to help you. I said I would kill you with my own hands to avenge Abby, so you can’t die before I do.” Looking down at her drooping eyelashes, which cast a shadow in her eyes, Victor couldn’t see the look in her eyes when she said these words.

He remembered what she had said to him when he almost lost his consciousness in the lounge just now. daily new chapters only He knew that she was serious about what she had said and he finally felt her hatred for him and how much Abby’s death haunted her. “Okay, I’ll wait for you to take my life. ” He said. Hearing this, Rachel lowered her eyes but she didn’t say anything.

The press conference, which had been postponed for more than an hour, finally began: Victor held Rachel’s shoulder with his left hand to cover his injury and sat behind the long desk, then the press conference officially began. A death test report was shown on the big screen. “Sorry to keep you waiting, everyone.

We are here holding the press conference today to give responses to the questions raised by the public recently. First of all, the question that has attracted most attention and raised most doubts, about the CEO of our oversea branch company, Odin Sullivan.

Here, I am very sorry to tell you this, but two days ago, we received a terrible news from our oversea branch company. After we confirmed the news, we can tell you today that Mr. Odin Sullivan got under attack when he was on his way to meeting a client… He was seriously injured and passed away.”

Although everyone had been talking about it these days, the news wasn’t confirmed. After all, the news came a long way here from oversea, even the media were guessing. And now that it was finally confirmed, everyone was shocked.

All the reporters were asking questions hurriedly, and the cameras were shooting the stage. Someone couldn’t help it anymore, stood up and asked, “Mr. Sullivan, is the killer arrested? “The case has been jointly investigated by the embassy and the local police station. They are still investigating, we can’t tell you much information about the case. ” The host looked at Victor, receiving his hint, he turned to look at the reporter and answered.

The reporter frowned. He was asking Victor, not the host. Seeing this, he was somewhat dissatisfied. He moved his lips and wanted to ask something more, but the host took the initiative and said. “I understand your concern for Mr. Odin Sullivan, but this matter is still under investigation.

We can’t reveal too much details.” The reporter had to swallow his words. “Do you have any other questions?” The host glanced around the media and asked. “……” Since they couldn’t get any information about the case, all the questions they had had in mind were in vain.

“If not…” “I have one.” Someone suddenly stood up.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 280 Wait For You

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