Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 279: Decency In Public

Chapter 279 Decency In Public

When Maria saw Rachel, she clenched her fists and looked at Rachel in disbelief. How could she be here? Why didn’t she know she was back at all? Noticing that Maria was looking at her, Rachel turned her head and met her gaze. She could clearly feel the hostility from the way Maria looked at her, which made her feel strange and stared at Maria for a while.

She had heard of Maria’s name before. She was the daughter of the Kennedy family and married to Victor’s father when she was in her twenties. In a blink of eyes, she had been Mrs. Sullivan fór over twenty years. Because of the marriage, the Kennedy family rose to the upper class.

But if she remembered correctly, this should be the first time she had met Maria, but the hostility Maria had towards her made her wonder if they had met before. Moreover, Maria didn’t seem to be surprised at her being alive, but her being here. If they had never met before, why would Maria look at her like that? But if they had met before, Maria should also know her death four years ago, why wasn’t surprised?

Unless… Rachel’s eyes darkened, unless Maria knew she was alive the whole time, which was why she wasn’t shocked to see her but only surprised she came here today. At the thought of this, Rachel’s eyes fell on Maria became more inquisitive. But before she could think it over, her sight was suddenly blocked by a tall figure.

Apparently, Victor also noticed that Maria was staring at Rachel. He narrowed his eyes and stood in front of Rachel, then he called in a cold voice. “Mother.” This was how Victor addressed Maria when they were in public. daily new chapters only It was not a secret that Victor was the illegitimate son of the Sullivan family, but when in public place, they had to keep decency.

Maria withdrew her gaze and smiled gently, “Victor, is everything okay? I heard that some accident happened on your way here. I was worried about you… I was worried that you would end up like Odin, I am so relieved to see that you are fine. ” Worry was written all over Maria’s face, as if the man in front of her was not the illegitimate child of the Sullivan family, but her own son.

Having been Mrs. Sullivan for over twenty years, Maria knew how to act. “Sorry, I made you worried, mother.” Replied Victor in an indifferent tone. “It’s good you are fine. If something happens to you, I don’t know how I can face Carolyn in heaven. ” Of course, Maria was referring to Victor’s grandmother. “Since you are fine, you

should host the press conference today. I thought you might be caught in something just now.” Although Maria really hated the fact that Victor was here now, she had to pretend like a gentle elder, “I… I haven’t had a good rest these days. I feel tired, I may have to go back early.” “Ivan, drive Mrs. Sullivan home.

” Without saying anything, Victor ordered in a low voice. Ivan answered “yes”. Seeing that she couldn’t get what she wanted here today, Maria had to nod to Victor and then leave. She knew she would only be more ****** if she stayed. After Maria left, the reporters all looked at Victor eagerly, waiting for his words.

Next to Victor, Carson tried hard to hold back the shock and doubts in his heart and noticed blood was dripping down Victor’s arm. He walked to Victor, blocking the reporters’ sights and asked in a low voice. “Victor, are you okay? If not, we can do this another day.” “No.” As soon as Victor answered, a drop of blood hit the ground.

The floor was covered with a dark colored carpet, and the drop of blood couldn’t be seen clearly. But Rachel saw it dripping down just now.

Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw the man in front of her suddenly trembled slightly. Rachel’s eyes widened. Subconsciously, she reached out to hold him, but unexpectedly, Victor held her shoulder with his left arm.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 279 Decency In Public

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