Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 278 A Human Or A Ghost

Chapter 278 A Human Or A Ghost

Half an hour later. At the press conference, the journalists looked at the time passing by. There were only thirty seconds left before the time Carson promised that Victor would be here. Someone couldn’t help asking, “Mr. Scott, you said Mr. Sullivan is in the lounge. Then why hasn’t he come out?

It’s almost time.” Sitting on the chair, Carson took out a box of bubblegum from his pocket, put one into his mouth, glanced at the man, and said nothing. Maria, who was sitting on the front seat, also looked at the time.

Thinking of the news that her subordinate told her fifteen minutes ago, she thought in her heart. Come out? Victor might not even be alive now, how could he come out? So what if he kept stalling? In the end, she would be the center of the press conference.

Three, two…

At the last second, she stood up, with a hint of eagerness in her eyes. “Half an hour has passed and Victor is still not here. I think there must be something urgent he has to deal with, so how about let me… ”

“Mr. Sullivan is here!” At this moment, one of the reporters suddenly shouted.

All of a sudden, everyone turned their heads and looked in the direction where the voice came from. They saw that there were several people following behind Victor from the exit of the lounge. Victor was dressed in suits and didn’t look like he was injured at all.

“This is strange. Didn’t Mrs. Sullivan say that Mr. Sullivan had a car accident? But it seems that he is fine.” “Didn’t you see Mrs. Sullivan’s anxious face just now?

It’s hard to say whether the car accident is true or not.” “It’s strange. Why is Mrs. Sullivan so anxious about the press conference? I thought she wouldn’t want to take part in it at all. After all, the news of her son’s death will be announced here today, right?”

Someone started the conversation. The others began to realize the strangeness in the atmosphere and began to discuss as well. When Maria saw him appear in front of everyone and looked normal and calm, her face darkened. Shock and disbelief flashed across her face. How was this possible? Wasn’t he seriously injured? How could he be here now

Carson was much calmer than Maria, but soon he couldn’t keep his composure anymore. Because he saw the woman behind Victor.

His eyes widened in an instant and he doubted if he had seen it wrong. He rubbed his eyes and found that it was true. Seeing that Victor and his men were getting closer and closer and that the woman’s face was clearer and clearer to him, Carson was dumbfounded. He said to his men behind him, “Pinch me.”

. “What… What?” The man thought he heard it wrong and asked. “Pinch me. Hurry up.” Urged Carson. Hearing this, although his subordinate was confused, he plucked up the courage and pinched Carson’s arm. Feeling the pain, Carson took a deep breath and said, “Holy ****, I am not dreaming?

A dead woman came alive?” As he was in shock, Victor had already walked up to him. With his eyes fixed on Rachel, who was standing behind Victor, Carson was astonished and he asked, “What… Are you a human or a ghost?” “……”

Rachel took a look at him, refraining from rolling her eyes. She ignored him and glanced at Victor out of the corner of her eye. Her eyes darkened when she saw a red mark on Victor’s cuff.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 278 A Human Or A Ghost

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