Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 277: My Life Is Yours

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 277 My Life Is Yours

Rachel bit her lower lip and didn’t say anything. She lowered her eyes and saw a drop of blood dripping from the fingertips of his other hand to the ground. “Vic…” She moved her lips, and before she could finish speaking, the pressure that had been on her eyelids suddenly disappeared, and then a shadow covered her. Victor couldn’t hold on a anymore and fell on her.

The pungent smell of blood rushed into her nose. She saw the man’s pale face, but before she could see it clearly, Victor was about to fall to the ground. “Victor… ” She subconsciously raised her hand to support him, but as soon as she touched him, her hand was all wet of blood.

The bandage on his right shoulder blade was already stained with blood. The man stabbed Victor from his back, although the knife missed Victor’s heart, it was close to it. Blood kept dripping. “I’m here.” Victor couldn’t even stand steadily and almost pressed on her. Hearing her voice, he answered subconsciously, “Let me lean on you for a while, just for a while.

Don’t push me away, Rachel.” Speaking of the last few words, his voice became weaker and weaker. Rachel felt the blood on her hand, and her fingertips were trembling slightly. “You’ve lost a lot of blood…” If she really let him close his eyes like this, he would really die. And he couldn’t die.

This idea popped up in her mind and she blurted out, “Don’t fall asleep, Victor!” “Mr. Sullivan!” Ivan also rushed over, he called out in a hurry. “……” However, this time, Victor didn’t answer her. The expression on Ivan’s face changed. “Mr. Sullivan, stay with us!” Rachel was really in a panic. Her eyes turned red, “Wake up, Victor.

Don’t fall sleep! Wake up!” However, no matter how hard she screamed his name, Victor leaned on her shoulder and remained quiet. She couldn’t see how he was now, but she could still feel his blood warm on her hand.

She kept repeating what happened in her mind, Victor stood in front of her, raised his hand to cover her eyes and then was stabbed from the back. Suddenly, she felt something salty in her mouth. When she came to her senses, tears were streaming down her cheeks.

She suddenly realized that she didn’t want him to die. In the past four years, she had planned countless times to take revenge on him, to make him pay for the death of Abby and all the things he had done. But at this moment, she suddenly realized that in all of her plans, she had never wanted Victor to die.

“Don’t you want to know who I am, Victor? If you die here today, you will never know who Tam. “Rachel pressed her lips and said in a hoarse voice. “……” There was still silence, “Did you hear that, Victor? “Rachel raised her voice, “Open your eyes! Stay with me! Don’t you want to know if I’m Rachel? Open your eyes.

As long as you open your eyes, I’ll take off the mask and show you. Do you hear me?” Still no response, Rachel’s vision was blurred by tears, and a heavy sense of powerlessness rose in her heart She clenched her teeth with her eyes all red. She said some cruel words but in a sad tone, “I haven’t been able to kill you with my own hands and avenged for Abby, you can’t die like this… Wake up! Do you hear me? Open your eyes!” “…… Okay.”

Suddenly, a weak voice sounded. Then, Victor’s feeble hand moved a little. Feeling it, Rachel’s body stiffened. She couldn’t believe what she had heard and called out, “Victor?” “Yes.” He answered her, “Didn’t you say… You haven’t been able to kill me with your own hands? I’ll keep my life for you to do it.”

Keep his life for her to do it. Rachel was stunned, but before she could react, Dr. Turner came in a hurry. Soon, Victor was carried into the bedroom. The wound on his back had to be dealt with immediately. Seeing the bedroom door closed, Rachel lost all her strength and slid down the wall. But just after sitting on the ground for a while, the door of the bedroom was pushed open from inside again.

Ivan walked over and looked at her with a complicated look. Until now, he still couldn’t believe that the woman in front of him was Rachel. woman who had been dead for four years. At that time, he had personally watched her body being dragged out from the water. How could it be possible?

“Miss Bennet.” called Ivan in a low voice. Rachel gradually calmed down and stood up. “Since Mr. Sullivan is out of danger, I should leave now.” Her mind was still in a mess, and she needed to think it over quietly. When the man was shot by the guard here, Joey was sent to somewhere safe, it seemed that she couldn’t take him with her today.

Moreover, it might be safer for Joey to stay with Victor. Thinking of this, Rachel was about to leave. But as soon as she took a step forward, Ivan stopped her and said, “Miss Bennet, Mr. Sullivan wants to see you.” “……” Rachel stopped and turned her head to look at Ivan. After a moment of silence, she looked at the door of the bedroom.

“Mr. Sullivan said that if you don’t go in, he will not receive any treatment.” Ivan added.

Rachel frowned.

“Is he threatening me with his own life?” Ivan looked at her and said nothing. Noticing the way Ivan looked at her, Rachel immediately understood that Victor would really do such a thing She clenched her fists and caught a glimpse of the blood on her fingertips. “I’ll go with you.”

When she pushed the bedroom door open, Dr. Turner had already prepared everything, waiting for Victor’s consent to treat him. As soon as Rachel came in, she saw that Victor’s face was ghastly pale, as if he would die the next second. Rachel didn’t know what to say about him. Did he really not care about his own life at all?

How could he threaten her with his life even in such a situation?

He didn’t change at all. Hearing the noise, Victor slowly opened his eyes, but Rachel didn’t look at him. She said to Dr. Turner, “Dr. Turner, help him now.” Dr. Turner thought of the phone call he had just received from his mentor. He took a look at Rachel, and then looked at Victor. Dr. Turner dared not do anything without Victor’s consent. “Come here.” Said Victor, looking at Rachel. Rachel frowned and didn’t move.

Seeing that she didn’t want to move, Victor was about to sit up. Dr. Turner’s face changed, “Mr. Sullivan, you can’t move now!” Ignoring his words, Victor looked at Rachel stubbornly and said, “If you don’t come over, I’ll go over.” “Don’t move! Didn’t you hear what the doctor said?

” A touch of impatience flashed across Rachel’s eyes when she heard this. She walked a few steps forward to the bedside and asked, “Are you a child, Victor? Only kids could threaten others with their lives! Besides, it’s your life, not mine.” “My life is yours.” Victor said.

“I have promised I would keep my life for you to kill me with your own hands.” He added.

Rachel pursed her lips. Hearing this, she was in silence. Then she looked away and said to Dr. Turner, “Dr. Turner, treat him.”

“But…” “Didn’t you hear what he said just now? His life is mine. Since then, I decide if he would live.” She knew what Dr. Turner was worried about, so she interrupted him.

Then she looked at Victor sarcastically and continued, “Don’t be gentle to him, if he dies while you are treating him, I won’t blame you. You know what?

I will even give you money as a reward.” When Victor heard this, he didn’t say anything. Seeing this, Dr. Turner hesitated for a moment before he started to treat Victor’s injury. His wound was still bleeding and it needed stitches, they were in a bedroom, not a hospital, so Dr. Turner had been very careful.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 277 My Life Is Yours

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