Captivation Want Nothing But You, Chapter 276

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 276: I Know It’s You

Rachel pressed her lips tightly, with sweat on her forehead. With his deep eyes staring at her, Victor tried his best to suppress the urge to take off her mask.

He was scared. Realizing this, he clenched his fists imperceptibly. He was afraid that what he had just heard was just in his mind. He was afraid that after taking off her mask, he would find that the woman in front of him was not the one he had been missing day and night for four years.

He didn’t wanít to disappoint himself. “Answer my question!” As soon as he approached, Rachel stepped back. “……” Rachel clenched her fists. At last, she had to place to retreat anymore and her back hit the wall.

Looking at her eyes, Victor felt them so familiar to the ones that belonged to the woman he loved. Finally, he couldn’t help but raise his hand and want to take off the mask on her face. Noticing what he wanted to do, Rachel turned her head to avoid him subconsciously. But her dodge made Victor more sure of his guess.

His cold fingertips touched the mask. The mask would fall off as long as he decided to take it off. Clenching her fists, Rachel held her breath and thought quickly. “Mr. Sullivan, watch out!” Suddenly, there was a hurried shout from behind. It was Ivan’s voice.

“Mommy!” In the bathroom, Joey also heard the noise and ran out in a hurry. Cold light flashed in front of Rachel’s eyes. She looked over Victor’s shoulder and found that the man who had been kneeling on the ground stood up. Bearing the pain, he was about to stab Victor in the back with the knife in his hands.

The point of the knife was aimed at Victor’s heart. Moreover, he was very fast with the determination to die with Victor. When Victor realized it, the knife was very close to him. Subconsciously, Rachel wanted to push him away, but she found that she couldn’t. There was no way for him to dodge the knife now.

And he couldn’t. Once he dodged, Rachel behind him would be stabbed. Victor could clearly feel that the woman behind him was trying to push him away. His heart missed a beat, and then a faint smile appeared on his face. “Vic…” a cold hand held Rachel’s wrist and stopped her from pushing him away. Astonishment flashed across Rachel’s eyes, but before she could finish her words, Victor

suddenly turned around, let go of her hand, and raised his hand to cover her eyes. “Don’t be scared.” He said. “Mr. Sullivan!”


The blade pierced into Victor’s flesh.

Bang! A gunshot rang out. Rachel clearly felt the fingertips of the hand on her eyes slightly crooked, and the sound of the knife entering the flesh and blood oozing out. Her eyes widened and her heart seemed to stop beating at that moment.

In an instant, the whole world seemed to become exceptionally quiet. Rachel’s body stiffened. After a long time, she finally came to her senses and called in a trembling voice that she didn’t even realize, “Vic… Victor…” “……” He didn’t answer her.

His hand was still covering her eyes, even with her eyes open, she couldn’t see anything. “Victor?” She called him again, feeling her eyes sore. There was another moment of silence.

When Rachel felt that her tears were about to fall, the person in front of her finally responded. “I’m here.” He answered in a low voice, “Rachel, I know it’s you.”

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