Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 275: Rachel

Chapter 275 Rachel

“Ivan “Rachel thought Ivan had come back. She turned around and was about to call him, but when she turned around, she saw a man with a pair of strange eyes.

The man raised his head slightly, revealing his cold and fierce eyes under the brim of his hat. Without giving Rachel any time to react, he was about to grab her neck. Just before the man could do it, he suddenly stopped. “Who are you? ” The bedroom door opened. With a cold face, Victor pointed a gun at the man.

The silver body of the gun reflected a cold light and the light shone in the man’s eyes. The man obviously didn’t expect that Victor would come out of the room all of a sudden. He turned around and looked at him without saying anything. His eyes darkened and he took off his hat.

Squinting his eyes, Victor pressed the trigger. The man saw the bandage on Victor’s shoulder. Victor’s right shoulder got injured, because of the violent move of holding the gun, it started to bleed again. With his injury, it was impossible for him to pull the trigger.

The man sneered, “Someone who will take your life.” As soon as he finished his words, a silver thing fell from his sleeve to his palm. It was a blade, with its tip towards Victor. Rachel’s eyes widened. Without a second thought, she cried out in a hurry and even forgot to lower her voice. “Victor, be careful!”

It was Rachel’s voice. daily latest update only Hearing the familiar voice, Victor was stunned. He looked at Rachel in astonishment, only to see the anxious look on her face. Seeing that the blade was about to touch Victor… Bang!

A gunshot rang out. The bullet shot out from the gun and went straight into the man’s thigh. The man immediately lost his balance because of the pain. He loosened his hand, and the knife fell to the ground with a crisp sound. Then he fell to the ground. Victor lowered his arm and frowned.

His face became even paler and more blood oozed out from his wound. The moment he pulled the spanner, the back seat of the gun was very intense, and the bullet embedded in his shoulder got deeper. He could not help frowning in pain, but compared with the pain, he was more cared about the voice just now.

“How could it be… ” The man’s forehead was sweating because of the pain. Seeing this, Rachel breathed a sigh of relief. Then she realized that she used her own voice just now, her eyes widened for a moment. Instead of looking at the man on the ground, Victor looked at her and walked towards her step by step, bearing the pain. Rachel pressed her lips and then said her fake voice, “Mr. Sullivan, don’t move. You are bleeding…”

“Who the **** are you?” He strode to her with his dark eyes fixed on her face and asked. “……” Rachel swallowed nervously, “Mr. Sullivan, I don’t understand what you mean. Haven’t I told you? I’m Dr. Turner’s assistant.” “Really?” The way Victor looked at her was oppressive, it was as if he wanted to see through her.

Rachel looked up at him but didn’t answer. “Does Dr. Turner know that his assistant doesn’t even know how to bandage a wound?” daily latest update only Victor continued to ask in a deep voice, with a vague guess in his heart. He had been thinking about the possibility for years.

He couldn’t help but get nervous. Rachel froze and a look of astonishment flashed across her eyes. “Who the **** are you?” “……” Rachel stepped back. “Are you Rachel?” He finally asked.

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