Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 274: Just Go

Chapter 274 Mommy, Just Go

Bang! The washbasin on the bedside table was knocked down and fell to the ground. The water mixed with blood spilled out and sprinkled on Joey’s body, interrupting the slightly tension between Victor and Rachel. “I didn’t mean it. ” Joey explained with embarrassment.

Seeing that his clothes were all wet, Rachel immediately said, “Mr. Sullivan, let me take him to change into clean clothes, or he will catch a cold.” With his eyes squinted, Victor thought for a while and then his eyes became cold again. “There are his clothes in the car. Ivan will send someone to pick them up.” “Okay, I’ll take him to the bathroom first. ” After saying that, Rachel left the bedroom with Joey and went to the bathroom on the other side of the living room.

Rachel closed the bathroom door and turned on the shower. “Take off your clothes and take a hot shower. You don’t want to catch a cold.” “Mommy, just go.” Joey looked at her worriedly, “That jerk must be suspicious of you. You can leave now. I’ll pretend to be knocked out by you, so that he won’t be suspicious and investigate you.” Rachel paused and asked, “Did you knock down that water basin on purpose?”

“…… I had to, or he would keep asking.” “Joe! You silly boy. What if that was hot water in there? Aren’t you afraid of getting hurt? Don’t do this again!” Rachel was both angry and moved. Fortunately, the water in the basin was cold. Otherwise, if it was sprinkled on his delicate skin, Joey would get severely scalded. “I was afraid that jerk…” “He won’t give up.” Rachel interrupted him. Joey looked at her in confusion, not knowing what Rachel meant.

Rachel filled the bathtub with water and signaled him to go inside. It was cold today and it was easy for him to catch a cold. When she saw Joey today, she found that he didn’t look well.

She thought he was frightened, but now she found that he might have caught a cold. “I mean, if I just run away like this, he won’t give up searching for me.” She explained, “Besides, it’s not that bad yet. He doesn’t have conclusive evidence to prove that I’m not Dr.

Turner’s assistant.” “Dr. Turner will be back soon.” Rachel pinched his cheek and said, “Not necessarily. “What? What do you mean?”

Rachel raised her wrist and tapped on her watch. A file popped up on the screen. It was Dr. Turner’s.

Quintin just sent it to her.

Rachel just finished reading it when she was in a stalemate with Victor. At the beginning, she was not sure whether Victor would buy it, but after reading this file, she was confident.

Because she saw a familiar name in Dr. Turner’s personal information. Dr. Turner’s teacher was Pearson Lee, a renowned medical expert in the International Health Organization Pearson owed her a favor.

Therefore, the moment she saw the name, she used Morse code to inform Quintin to get in contact with Pearson. If she was correct, Dr. Turner should have received a call from his teacher now.

“I’ll go and ask Ivan to bring the clothes. ” Rachel smiled, turned around and walked out of the bathroom However, Ivan was not in the living room. At this moment, there was a strange silence in the living room. A rustling sound suddenly came from behind her.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 274 Just Go

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