Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 272: Bandage

Chapter 272 Bandage

Joey widened his eyes in disbelief, “Mommy…” When Rachel looked at it, she could only vaguely see the figure of Ivan standing by the bed through the crack of the door. She knew why Joey was so surprised at her words, but she was clear that it was the best choice.

From the moment she knew that Joey had sneaked back to Apliaria, or from the earlier moment she jumped off the ship without hesitation, she had known that she would meet Victor one day, which she couldn’t avoid. Because there was the death of Abby between them. Since it would happen sooner or later, it didn’t matter to meet him earlier. There was also no need to hide.

Rachel puzzled it out. She looked down at Joey and didn’t answer his question, “Let’s go,”

She said in a low voice.

Joey pursed his lips and clenched his small fists. He didn’t understand why his mommy

would do that.

Just then, the bedroom door was opened. With a grim face, Ivan walked out, looked straight at Rachel and ordered in a low voice, “Come in.” As soon as he finished his words, Ivan turned around and walked into the bedroom without any more explanation. Without hesitation, Rachel reacted quickly and was about to walk inside. However, as soon as she took a step, she clearly felt that someone was pulling her sleeve.

She turned around.

It was Joey. She didn’t know when Joey gripped the cuff link of her sleeve to stop her. But before she could ask him what happened, all kinds of expressions quickly flashed through his little face, including entanglement, hesitation and worryHe was worried that something bad would happen when Victor saw Rachel.

On the one hand, he hoped that his mother could stay with him. On the other hand, he was afraid that his willfulness would hurt his mother. Finally, he loosened his grip, as if he had made a great decision. He said, “Mommy, don’t worry. No one can take me away from you! Don’t be afraid!” He said that not for Rachel, but for himself. After all, it was Rachel who gave birth to him and knew what he was thinking about, so she didn’t expose it and nodded.

The mother and son walked into the bedroom one after the other. As soon as they entered the bedroom, the air was filled with a stronger smell of blood. On the floor beside the bed, a shirt with blood was lying there. The scarlet color was extremely dazzling. Against the white shirt, it was like the Red Spider Lily blooming in the white snow. When Rachel saw the blood on his shirt, her heartbeat stopped for a moment uncontrollably

and she even held her breath unconsciously. After a while, she took her eyes off the shirt and her eyes slowly alighted on the bed. The person who had been lying on the bed had already woken up. Now he was leaning against the head of the bed, half naked. The bandage around his right shoulder was stained with blood, and the color was still deepening.

It was obvious that the wound was still bleeding “You said you are Dr. Turner’s assistant. You should have the basic knowledge of bandaging the wound, right?” Ivan turned to look at Rachel and said, “Help Mr. Sullivan bandage it again.” Bandage… If it was a simple bandage, she might know how to do it, but it was obviously not enough to stop the blood.

But if she said she didn’t know, it would be tantamount to telling Ivan that she was not Dr. Turner’s assistant at all. With her knuckles twitching beside her body, Rachel had no option but to nod and walked to the bed. As she approached, she also saw the face of the man Victor clearly.

Her facial features were brooding and angular. When she first saw him four years ago, she thought he was good-looking. Now four years had passed, and her impression of him still remained the same when she met him again. Time seemed to take special care of him, leaving no sign of age on his face. But now his handsome face was pale and bloodless. “It may hurt a little. Bear it.” Rachel only looked at the man’s face for a moment and then took her eyes off it to look at his right shoulder.

She needed to remove the bandage before she could put a new dressing on it. The man didn’t say anything. Perhaps he had lost too much blood, so Victor neither looked at her nor refused her. Rachel took a deep breath and stretched out her hand to remove the bandage, but she stopped halfway.

The bandage was wrapped around his right shoulder and chest for several circles. If she wanted to untie it, she could only hold him in her arms. She didn’t know if she should continue her action for a while, and the man still leaned against the head of the bed, seeming not to cooperate.

“In… Ivan.” After hesitating for a while, Rachel turned to look at Ivan and said, “Please give me a pair of scissors.” “Okay.” Without asking more, Ivan turned around to look for the scissors. At this moment, the man who had been resting with his eyes closed suddenly opened his eyes. His Adam’s apple rolled up and down and his voice was deep, “No need for scissors.” Rachel didn’t expect that Victor would suddenly open his eyes, and they were facing each other in a strange posture. They were very close to each other.

She could feel the slight coldness and the pungent smell of blood from him. Rachel pursed her lips and raised her head slightly and stiffly to keep a distance from him calmly, “If’it needs to be bandaged again, I have to cut off the bandage with scissors first and stop the blood from bleeding…” Before she finished her words, the man raised his left hand to hold one end of the bandage.

Enduring the pain, he sat up, loosened the bandage, and finally took it off. Rachel didn’t even have time to stop him. All of a sudden, the ****** wound came into view. There was a ****** hole in the place where the man’s shoulder blade connected with his arm. The hole was not big or small, but the size of a bullet.

The blood was still oozing out, and the wound was aggravated because he violently tore off the bandage just now. The sight was shocking. Just looking at it, one could clearly feel a sharp pain, let alone how strong the real pain would be. Rachel’s heart suddenly stopped beating for a moment. “You can bind it up now.” The man said to her calmly even though he was supposed to be in great pain.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 272 Bandage

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