Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 270: Mommy Is Here

Chapter 270 It’Mommy, Mommy Is Here

“Dr. Turner’s assistant?” Ivan looked at Rachel inquisitively. “Yes, sir.” She didn’t dodge Ivan’s gaze at all. Looking at Rachel, he felt a sense of familiarity with his eyes darkening, but he didn’t know whether the familiarity was good or bad. Normally, Ivan wouldn’t have been so vigilant. But now it was a special time. If he had let it go, something bad might have happened. “Take off your mask.” He said in a low voice. Taking off the mask meant that her identity would be completely exposed. Rachel’s eyes froze for a moment imperceptibly, but she had come to this point. If she turned around and left or hesitated, it would definitely make Ivan suspicious, and then her identity would be exposed too. Whether she stepped forward or backward, the result would be the same. Out of the corner of her eye Rachel glanced at the half closed door of the bedroom and clenched her fists to make a decision secretly. Then she looked at Ivan and slowly raised her hand to take off her mask.

“Ivan.” Suddenly, someone opened the bedroom door and came out to call him. Ivan turned around, and Rachel, who was taking off her mask, paused suddenly. Following the direction of the voice, she looked at the figure standing at the door of the bedroom. It was Joey. “Ivan, Mr. Sullivan has something to tell you and let you in.” Joey came towards them and said in a clear and childish voice. “Is Mr. Sullivan looking for me?” Joey nodded heavily, “There must be something important. Ivan, please go in quickly.” Hearing this, Ivan didn’t dare to delay. He didn’t care about Rachel any more, nodded at Joey and walked into the bedroom. 1

The bedroom door slammed shut.

Seeing Ivan’s figure disappear in her sight, Joey breathed a sigh of relief. Then he looked at Rachel, and his eyes turned red with tears.

‘It is Mommy.’ When he heard the conversation between his mother and Ivan in the bedroom, even if his mother deliberately lowered her voice, he still recognized it at once. He was not sure at the beginning, because his mother should be on a mission at this time. How could she be here? All of a sudden, he thought of Uncle Quintin’s phone call whose signal was not good. It seemed that he had said the word ‘mommy’ at that time… At the thought of this, Joey tried to think quickly. Just at that moment, Victor said he had something to talk to Ivan. So he took the initiative to say that he would go out to call Ivan to come in so that he could confirm whether the person outside was his mother or not. Sure enough, he wouldn’t make a mistake. After regaining his composure, Joey looked at Rachel and wanted to call her Mommy. But when he thought of the two men Ivan and Victor in the bedroom, he bit back the word ‘mommy’ he would like to have said. With wet eyes, he threw himself into her arms and said in a low voice. “Mommy.”

When Rachel saw that Joey was standing in front of her safe and sound, she finally felt relieved.

She lowered her eyes to look at the boy Joey in her arms. The reprimand she had wanted to say disappeared in an instant. Because just a few days later, he had lost a little weight, and she felt very sorry for him. “Did you get hurt?” Rachel noticed the blood on his clothes at the first sight, but it was obvious that the blood was not his. “…… No.” Joey also thought that his mother would be angry with him, so he hugged her at the first time. However, he didn’t expect that she didn’t get mad. Now he felt guilty and aggrieved. He felt guilty because he was so willful which made his mother take such a big risk to come to him. He also felt aggrieved when he thought of what happened today, and also felt aggrieved for the “bully” he had suffered these days. “Mommy, I’m sorry.” He lowered his head and murmured. “It’s good that you are not hurt.” Seeing this, Rachel couldn’t bear to blame him anymore, “I’ll take you back now.” After saying that, Rachel was about to take his hand and take Joey away, but he dodged it first with his hand behind his back. “Joey Bennet.” She frowned and called him by his full name. Her tone also became obviously lower

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 270 Mommy Is Here

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