Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 269: Assistant

Chapter 269 Assistant

Looking at the basin of blood, Rachel was shocked. “Boss, I’ve sent the message.” The voice of Quintin came from the earphone again. But Rachel didn’t say anything. After waiting for a while, Quintin looked at the map reflected on the computer screen, on which the red dot representing the position of Rachel had never moved while a green dot came out of the lounge and walked towards her. Obviously, someone was approaching. “Boss, be careful!” Seeing that the distance between them was getting closer and closer, Quintin could not help but be vigilant and remind her. After a while, Rachel still didn’t move. Quintin frowned tightly, “Boss? Boss, are you listening? Boss!” When Quintin repeated the last word, he suddenly raised his voice. Rachel suddenly woke up and saw the doctor who had just walked out of the lounge was about to turn the corner. She suppressed her trance and quickly hid into the room behind her, just missing the doctor. “Boss, what happened?” Seeing that the red dot and the green dot overlapped and then separated, Quintin felt relieved and asked.

Being asked, the basin of blood water appeared in Rachel’s mind again. It was diluted by water, so it was not very red, but it was still dazzling when she saw it. Rachel unconsciously tightened her grip on the doorknob, and her knuckles turned white.

‘Whose is that basin of blood water?

Joe’s? If it is really his, where did he get hurt? Why would he lose so much blood? Why didn’t Victor send him to the hospital? Is it painful? ……‘ The more Rachel thought about it, the more uneasy she became. She kept reminding herself not to think too much. ‘It couldn’t be Joe. Don’t scare yourself, Rachel. Don’t panic at this time!’ “…… I’m fine. Have the bodyguards left?” She kept her voice down and asked. On the other side, listening to Rachel’s voice, Quintin still frowned tightly. He thought something must have happened, but he was not there, let alone see it in person. If his boss didn’t tell him, he couldn’t know anything by asking. Thinking of this, Quintin had to give up asking and looked at the screen. “Yes, they have left. I sent a message to them as Carson and asked them to go to the underground parking lot of the edifice to get something. If they found no one in the underground parking lot, they would definitely find something wrong. So boss, you only have five minutes.” He said.

“I know.” Rachel raised her wrist and adjusted the countdown. It was just five minutes. “Boss, be careful and keep in touch.” Hearing the sound of the door opening, Quintin knew that Rachel had left the room and went to the lounge where Victor and Joe were staying. He said worriedly. “……” Rachel didn’t answer, but took off the earphone and put it into her pocket. As she approached the door of the lounge, the smell of blood in the air became more and more intense. Rachel pressed her lips tightly and felt that her heart was grasped by a hand, making it difficult for her to breathe. The door of the lounge was ajar, leaving just a narrow gap. Rachel walked to the door and looked inside through the crack of the door. There was a verlimited range of sight, and she could only vaguely hear someone talking on the phone inside. It couldn’t go on like this. She had no idea what was going on inside. She needed to find a way to get in. Rachel thought about it quickly, and soon an idea occurred to her. After a short hesitation, she decisively reached out her hand, pushed open the door of the lounge and walked in. This lounge was a suite.

At this moment, Ivan was on the phone. Hearing the noise, he thought it was the doctor who had come back, but when he turned around, he saw a woman in professional clothes. “Who are you?!” Ivan hung up the phone with a serious look on his face and kept vigilant. Rachel’s hand, which was drooping beside her, curled up imperceptibly, but soon she loosened her hand. She took a deep breath, looked up at Ivan, and deliberately lowered her voice, saying, “I am…” Her last syllable trailed off slightly as the name on the doctor’s badge flashed through her mind, “I am Dr. Turner’s assistant nurse. He asked me to come and help him check on the


Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 269 Assistant

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