Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 268: Basin Of Blood

Chapter 268 Someone Was Injured And There Was A Basin Of Blood 

Realizing that she had said it too quickly and impatiently, Maria pursed her lips and explained, “I mean… We don’t know what’s going on with Victor. If he still doesn’t come here in half an hour, it will only make the impact worse. This is a press conference, not a child’s play.” o “It turns out that you are so considerate.” Carson gave her a sickly smile. Others might believe her words, but Carson wouldn’t. Although he couldn’t see through what she was thinking, he still had heard what kind of person she was. He knew it clear how many efforts Victor had made to become the chief executive officer of the Sullivan Group, and he knew exactly what role Maria had played in it. ‘Tut-tut, women are really terrible creatures.’ #1 “I’m doing this for the sake of the Sullivan Group. I think if he knows about it, he will understand too.” “Mrs. Sullivan, you’re thinking too much. I know that you’ve been in such a hurry and you have to stand out to preside over the overall situation in such a sad situation. Of course, Vic won’t blame you.”

Although Carson looked slovenly just now, his words were barbs with smile. All the reporters present were so incisive they could tell the subtext of their words at once.

Maria’s mind was almost exposed by him.

But now, Carson’s attitude had obviously softened a lot, which confused Maria for a moment. She didn’t know what he meant. Her eyes darkened and her mind was in a mess, “It’s good that you understand. Then…” “But…” before Maria could finish her words, she was interrupted again, which was the third time.

“……” A hint of impatience gradually appeared in Maria’s eyes. Carson’s lips curled into a smile when he saw Maria’s pale face, “Mrs. Sullivan, you’d better have a good rest. Vic will definitely be there in half an hour. Don’t worry.” “Because he is in the lounge now.” He added before Maria could say anything. The expression on Maria’s face changed immediately. At the same time, in the corner of the last row of the press conference, Rachel took a look at the scene where the two of them seemed to be modest and courteous, but their words were full of undercurrent. She took the gauze mask from her bag, put it on, stood up and left her seat. In the earphone came the voice of Quintin, “Boss, you walk forward in the current direction

for about thirty meters, turn left and then turn right. The last one is the lounge of Victor. I found that they had arrived there ten minutes ago, and there was a doctor accompanying them. Someone must have been injured.” “Have you found out who was injured?” Rachel paused imperceptible. “I can’t find it.” Quintin frowned, “It’s strange. All the news has been delayed. It seems that someone did it on purpose. I checked the surveillance video of the car accident and found that the second half of the video has been cleared.” “It makes me feel like…” “They were luring someone into the trap.” Rachel’s eyes darkened and she answered before Quintin could finish.

All of a sudden, Quintin began to understand it, slammed the table and said, “Yes, that’s exactly what I feel! The surveillance video was cleared and the news was delayed. This was definitely not something that could be done in a short time! It only proves that Victor has already known that someone will arrange a car accident on the road today. “……” Following the route that Quintin had just said, Rachel soon arrived at the corner of the lounge where Victor and Joe were staying. Outside the lounge, there were two bodyguards. The door was closed tightly. She couldn’t see what was going on inside. “Boss, did you see Joe?” Quintin asked as he hadn’t heard Rachel for a long time. “No. someone is guarding. Quintin, try to send a message to the two bodyguards and make them leave here.” As long as the specific location of the target was determined and the IP address of the mobile phone was locked, the mobile phone system of the target could be hacked. It was not difficult for everyone in the Alliance of Red Hackers to send messages by pretending to be someone else. “Okay.” The door of the lounge was pushed open from inside when Quintin’s voice reached her ear. A doctor came out with a basin of water. His white coat was stained with blood, and the red color was dazzling while the basin of the water… It was also red.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 268 Basin Of Blood

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