Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 266 Press Conference (Part 7)

Chapter 266 The Press Conference And The Background Of Joey (Part Seven) 

At the press conference. Half an hour had passed since the press conference began, but Victor still hadn’t shown up. The media reporters under the stage looked at each other, not knowing what had happened. Someone finally couldn’t help but ask the host of the press conference, “It has been half an hour. But Mr. Sullivan hasn’t come out yet. Are you kidding us media reporters?” “Yeah. Why don’t you give us an explanation?! Do you want us to sweat it out like this?” “Is there anything wrong with Mr. Sullivan?” “Anything wrong? I heard yesterday that there might be some big news in today’s press conference. Is it true? What will happen to Mr. Sullivan?” “Three days ago, the vice president of the Sullivan Group, Odin, was dead. Someone suspected that it was not a coincidence. Now that Mr. Sullivan does not come out, and the press conference has not begun yet. Is it true that the death of Odin has something to do with Mr. Sullivan as the rumor goes?” With the first reporter making a start, all kinds of reporters questioned, and some of them said even in an aggressive tone. It was clear that they were questioning, but their tone sounded as if they had enough evidence to convict Victor. “As the saying goes, misfortune comes out of the mouth. Please behave yourself. All the lawyers of our Sullivan Group are present today. If they find any reporter spreading rumors in public, he or she must have been prepared to argue in the court with the lawyer team of the Sullivan Group, right?” The host’s smile was decent. His eyes flicked from face to face of all the reporters off the stage and reminded them slowly. Although he was only a host, how could he be a person picked on by others at will since he worked for the Sullivan Group and was able to host such an important press conference? Although he was smiling, there was an obvious sense of oppression when his eyes fell on the reporters. “……” The reporters suddenly quieted down. The host certainly understood the reason of carrot and stick. Seeing that everyone had fallen silent, he narrowed his eyes and said modestly and politely, “I know the anxiety of all you reporters, my friends. Mr. Sullivan did encounter some trouble on his way here, but since he invited you to attend the press conference when his crowded calendar allowed, he will definitely not break the agreement. Please calm down.” Since his words left no room for it, the journalists couldn’t say anything more even if they wanted to. At the same time, in the corner of the last row of the press conference, a hand gently patted the shoulder of the woman sitting at the far end, “Hey, you sneaked in, didn’t you?” “……” The woman with her eyes down frowned slightly and said nothing. “Talso sneaked in. I heard that there is big news about the Sullivan Group’s press conference today! I thought everyone could come to this press conference, but the Sullivan Group only invited those big media companies, and we, small companies, have no chance to get a share at all. Fortunately, someone I know in the Sullivan Group secretly brought me in.” Seeing that the woman ignored him, the man didn’t stop. Instead, he continued with great interest. “If I can get the first-hand information of the Sullivan Group news this time, I will be rich!” “Do you really want the first-hand information?” The woman finally said in a gentle and lazy voice. “Of course, this is a good opportunity for me to rise to fame.” After saying that, the man paused and looked down at the woman. Because the woman slightly lowered her head, and the light in the corner was dim, he could not see her outline clearly, “Don’t you want to be famous? Didn’t you also sneak in with me to get the first-hand information?” “No, I don’t.” She said, “I’m here for someone.” “How could it be possible?” The man firmly denied with a smile when he heard these three words. But before he finished speaking, the woman raised her head and her appearance bumped into his eyes. He couldn’t help but catch his breath. ‘She is so… So beautiful.’ “You…” His lips twitched, and he didn’t know what to say for a moment, which made him a little absent-minded. At this moment, the door of the conference hall was pushed open from the outside, and everyone was immediately attracted to look at the door. A figure came in from the door, followed by the clear sound of high heels stepping on the marble floor. Everyone gradually came to their senses and saw the person clearly, revealing a surprised expression. “Mrs. Sullivan?!” Someone exclaimed from the crowd. Shouldn’t it be Victor? How could it be Maria?


“Boss, there are many cars bumping into each other on the Third Street. One of them is an Aston Martin. It’s possible that Joey is,” said Quintin in the woman’s earphone, “He is in that car.”

Rachel’s face turned pale and her heart sank. Yes, the woman sitting in the corner was none other than Rachel. She faked her identity and sneaked into the press conference in order to find Joey.

But now

Aston Martin…

And a few cars piled up…’ “I’m sorry to keep you waiting. I just learned that Victor had a car accident on his way here, and I haven’t been able to contact him yet. If you don’t mind, today’s press conference will…” “Mrs. Sullivan, you seem to be too anxious.” Suddenly, another figure appeared at the door and interrupted Maria.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 266 Press Conference (Part Seven)

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