Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 265: Press Conference (Part 6)

Chapter 265 The Press Conference And The Background Of Joey (Part Six)

His head was spinning, and the car was shaking more violently. The air was filled with a pungent smell of paint. Joey could clearly feel that the hand covering his eyes was tightly gripped. Another car crashed into them. The hand that had been covering his eyes loosened a little when the car hit them, and Joey’s vision gradually became clear. “Mr. Sullivan, watch out!” The voice of Ivan hit his eardrum violently, followed by the sound of glass breaking. When Joey listened to it carefully, it seemed that he could hear the sound of pulling the trigger.

He turned his head and looked up.

But before he could see Victor’s face clearly, the glass fragments suddenly flew towards him. The next second, they were about to pass through the corner of his eyes. Joey subconsciously closed his eyes and had no time to dodge. But after a while, he didn’t feel the pain as he had imagined. There was suddenly a thud— It seemed that something was piercing into the flesh and blood. As Joey slowly opened his eyes, a few drops of warm liquid suddenly fell on his face. The paint and the smell of blood intertwined in the air, making him very unpleasant. He reached out his hand and wanted to wipe off the liquid on his face, but his wrist was grabbed by a big hand.

Then, a deep voice came out from Victor’s thin lips. He said, “Close your eyes.” For some reason, Joey followed his words and closed his eyes, but his heart was pounding violently, mixed with some fear. He grabbed the man’s sleeve subconsciously and asked in a trembling voice. “You… Are you hurt?” “No.” Victor’s voice was still low, but if one listened carefully, he or she could tell the weakness in his tone. Joey pressed his lips together, “We..Are we being hunted by others?” “Yes.”

“Then… Will we die here?” “No, we won’t.” A thin layer of sweat oozed from Victor’s forehead, and blood kept dripping from his arm. Seeing that it was going to drop on Joey’s body again, he loosened his wrist and leaned back slightly, “Close your eyes and cover your ears. Don’t move. Don’t worryYou won’t die.”

Joey couldn’t help but reach out to wipe the liquid off his face. It was blood. The smell of blood was so strong. He forced himself to calm down and clenched his fists, “You are bleeding.”

… Has anyone ever told you that children shouldn’t talk so much?” Frowning slightly. Victor looked at his watch and began to calculate the original plan in his mind. “No.” Joey answered seriously, “But my mommy has taught me not to turn a blind eye when others are in danger.” Hearing this, somehow, a faint smile appeared on Victor’s face. “Then how do you want to save me?” “…” Joey subconsciously touched his watch on his wrist. He wanted to say that he could certainly save him. As long as he wanted, he could make the system of these cars stop working in just thirty seconds. But he didn’t touch it. He forgot that he had left his watch in the hotel and hadn’t taken it back. Suddenly, a big palm pressed on his head and gently rubbed it for a moment, “Don’t worry, No one can kill me unless I want. Now, what you need to do is to close your eyes and have a sleep.” “Really?” Feeling the comfort of Victor, Joey couldn’t hold on any longer. His eyes tumed red, revealing the fear of a three year old child. “Yes.”

“Mommy said that adults can’t lie. Or their noses will grow longer.” Joey said in a hoarse voice, “I will close my eyes, but you can’t lie to me.” Victor asked with a smile, “Why do you trust your mommy so much?” “……” Joey pressed his lips together and said nothing. “Since your mommy has said that adults won’t lie, I promise you that we will all be alive.” As soon as he finished speaking, he raised his eyes to look at Ivan. Ivan understood what he meant, nodded, clicked the Bluetooth on his ear, and ordered in a deep voice,

We can start now.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 265 Press Conference (Part Six)

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