Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 264 Press Conference (Part 5)

Chapter 264 The Press Conference (Part Five) 

“Testify? ” Maria chuckled, lazily raised her eyes to look at Mary in the mirror and asked. “They are father and son. Do you really think that child will listen to us and really testify against his father? And even if he really did it, I couldn’t keep his life. ” Maria’s beautiful eyes squinted, and a hint of cruelty flashed across her eyes. She paused, turned to look at Mary, and said word by word. “His existence will only be a threat for me to take over the Sullivan Group.” Hearing thís, Mary finally realized. From the very beginning, Maria didn’t intend to keep Joey alive. Just like she did four years later. Mary suddenly thought of the man who had just left. Four years ago, it was him who pushed Rachel into the traffic and almost caused her miscarriage. Later, because Victor kept investigating, Maria had to send him away. Four years later, he was called back, and the purpose of his coming back was the same as four years ago. He needed to kill the child who should have died four years ago.

The car was running steadily on the highway. There were two escorting cars in the front and two in the back. Every once in a while, the four cars would change sequence, driving towards the Sullivan Group. “Achoo!” Joey couldn’t help sneezing. As soon as he sneezed, a big hand suddenly reached out and covered his forehead. After making sure that he didn’t have a fever again, Victor took back his hand and then ordered the driver in a deep voice, “Turn up the heat.” “Yes, sir.” Joey rubbed his nose and looked into Victor’s eyes. He was stunned for a moment, but soon smiled. “I’m fine. I feel energetic. Someone must have been cursing me just now.” “…… Have you taken your medicine? ” Victor withdrew his gaze but didn’t reply to his words.

Speaking of the medicine, Joey suddenly remembered the bowl of bitter medicine he had this morning. He swallowed and nodded. Victor nodded and said nothing more. He blinked his eyes. Probably because the heating was on, he felt a little stuffy in the car. He reached out to roll down the window a little, but as soon as he touched the button, he heard Victor’s low voice.

“Don’t open the window.” “…… ” Joey glanced at the man from the corner of his eyes and found that Victor didn’t even raise his head, as if there were eyes on the back side of his head. “It’s a little hot in here. ” Joey murmured. “If you feel hot, I can ask the driver to turn around and go back to the Sue Garden so you can have a good rest. ” Victor looked up at him. Hearing this, Joey immediately withdrew his hand and said, “It’s not hot at all.” Victor cast a glance at him, with mixed feelings in his eyes. Seeing this, Joey felt a little uncomfortable. When he was about to say something to change the topic…


Because of the sudden stop of the car, the wheels left two heavy marks on the asphalt road. Joey couldn’t help but pounce forward. With a stern look in his eyes, Victor stretched out his long arm and held Joey in his arms. “What happ… ” Joey was wondering what was going on. The car was driving well just now but it suddenly stopped. He raised his head, wanting to have a look, but before he could finish his words, a big palm suddenly covered his eyes. He was held in Victor’s arms and his hand blocked his view. “Close your eyes. Don’t open your eyes no matter what you hear. ” A low voice came from the top of his head. “Why?” Bang! Their car was hit hard and Joey felt dizzy. If he opened his eyes at the moment, he would find that their car was in the middle of two minibuses. The two cars kept hitting them, and the door of the car had been hit hard. If this kept going, the car would turn over sooner or later! “Mr. Sullivan, our men are stopped.” On the passenger seat, Ivan frowned and looked at Victor. Victor, sitting in the back seat, with Joey in his arms, said calmly, “Keep driving.” As soon as he finished speaking, he caught a glimpse of light from the corner of his eyes. His eyes suddenly darkened and he ordered Joey, “Cover your ears.” Before Joey could react, he was pushed down to the seat. At this critical moment, there was a clap! The window glass suddenly exploded, and the pieces of glass splashed in all directions.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 264 Press Conference (Part Five)

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