Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 262 Press Conference (Part 3)

Chapter 262 The Press Conference (Part Three) 

Looking at Joey without saying a word for a long time, Victor seemed to want to find some clue from his face. Joey looked into his eyes and tried to look away several times, but he knew very well that as long as he looked away, Victor would definitely be suspicious. Joey loosened his grip on his clothes and continued in a soft voice. “And I heard what you said to Mr. Smith just now. It seems that you will be in big trouble if I don’t go.” “That’s none of your business.” Said Victor, frowning. “But I don’t want you to be in trouble because of me.” Joey suddenly raised his voice, and his voice was clear and firm. His words hit Victor’s heart. With an imperceptible stun, Victor pursed his thin lips and said nothing Seeing that Victor still didn’t seem to have changed his mind, Joey reached out his hand and tugged at the corner of his clothes. He blinked his big eyes and looked at him pitifully, acting like a spoiled child. “Please, let me go. I promise I will be obedient and do whatever you ask me to do.” “……” “You will do whatever I ask you to do?” Victor looked into his eyes and said. “What if I ask you to cut off the relationship with your father? Will you do it?” Hearing this, Joey was stunned for a moment, and his fingertips moved slightly, but soon he hid his emotions. He smiled and said firmly, “You won’t. If I can help you by doing this, I will. But you won’t ask me to do this, you had wanted me to attend the press conference, but you decided to deal with it alone since I am sick. You didn’t change your mind even after Mr. Smith persuaded you. So, you won’t.” Victor looked at him and didn’t reply. Soon, the doctor came. Victor pulled off his hand and made way for the doctor to do a simple check-up for him. Joey thought he was going to leave, so he put aside the doctor’s hand that stretched out to check his pupils, lifted the quilt and was about to get out of bed to chase after him. “Joey.” Seeing that he was about to step on the ground barefoot, Victor’s eyes darkened. He called out his name. Joey froze and looked at him innocently. “I will give you three seconds. Lie down on the bed.” “But…”

“Just three seconds, you are not allowed to go anywhere if you don’t do what I said. ” With

an expressionless face, Victor said coldly. Joey didn’t know what was going on, but Lukas immediately understood what he meant. He smiled and reminded, “Joe, Mr. Sullivan means if you let the doctor do the check-up for you, he will take you to the press conference.” “Really?” Joey’s eyes lit up as he looked at Victor. “You still have two seconds left. ” said Victor, glancing at him indifferently. Joey shivered and immediately lay down without saying anything more. He wrapped himself in the quilt and looked at the doctor with his big eyes blinking. He said to the doctor in a clear and happy tone. “Doctor, do the check-up for me. I am so energetic!” Seeing this, the doctor couldn’t help laughing. Looking at the mischievous expression on Joey’s face, the frown on Victor’s face gradually smoothed out. He turned around and left the room. He called Ivan and ordered coldly. “Arrange two more cars with guards and a doctor to attend the press conference with us.” At this moment, Ivan, who was organizing the press conference, heard the order and asked in confusion, “Mr. Sullivan, what happened?” The guards had been arranged in advance. Normally, they wouldn’t need to more people all of a sudden unless there was a special situation. And why did Victor need a doctor? “Nothing. ” Victor replied in a low voice. “Mr. Sullivan, we got a message from our men in the Sullivan house that Mrs. Sullivan brought back a little boy. According to the description, it should be Joey. ” Hearing the message from his subordinate, Ivan looked a little serious. “But they were too far from them, our men didn’t hear what they were talking about. Mr. Sullivan, I’m afraid things might go wrong, how about we postpone the press conference?” Ivan didn’t worry for nothing. Maria was Joey’s grandma. Even if they had just met for the first time, they were blood bonded. What’s more, Joey was just a three year old boy, he could be easily talked into doing something by an adult.

If he said something in the press conference, which would be on livestream, things would go really bad.

It was about the Sullivan Group, of course Ivan would be worried. “No. We will have it today.” Victor turned to look at Joey, who was in the room. He saw that the little boy was obediently sticking out his tongue to let the doctor examine him. While cooperating with the doctor, Joey kept saying that he was fine and he felt very good. In fact, Victor had suspected it when Joey asked to go to the press conference when he was still sick. Although Joey thought he had hidden it very well, Victor had been in the business world for years and had seen everything, of course he wouldn’t be fooled by a child so easily. Looking at his smile, Victor had a moment of trance. Perhaps it was because he missed Rachel too much, every time he saw Joey’s smile, he would think of Rachel. So he agreed even though he was still suspecting Joey.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 262 Press Conference (Part Three)

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