Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 260: Press Conference (Part 1)

Chapter 260 The Press Conference (Part One) 

The next day, the rain, which had lasted for the whole night, finally stopped before dawn. The sky gradually turned white. Lukas walked in with a glass of warm water in his hand. When he saw Victor sitting on the edge of Joey’s bed, he persuaded in a gentle voice, “Mr. Sullivan, it’s almost dawn. Why don’t you go and have a rest? I’ll take care of Joe here. The doctor has said that he’ll be fine as long as his temperature went back to normal.” “What time is it now?” Victor raised his eyes to look at the balcony. The sky was slightly bright. He asked in a low and hoarse voice, perhaps because he hadn’t slept all night. “It’s almost seven o’clock.” It was autumn now and the sky got bright later and later. Victor nodded and looked down at Joey who was still asleep. The quilt was tightly wrapped around him, and his face was not as pale as last night. When the doctor arrived last night, Joey had already fallen asleep, but his fever had not been brought down.  At a time, he even had a 39.5 degree Celsius fever. As he was a child, the doctor advised Victor to bring down his fever physically. So, Victor asked Lukas to get a basin of cold water. After soaking the towel, he wrung it dry and applied it on Joey’s forehead to lower his temperature. He repeated the action for the whole night, and the water in the basin had been changed several times. For several times, Lukas wanted to take the towel from Victor, but Victor refused. Later, Joey’s fever was brought down a little, but he was still have a mild fever. Worried, Victor continued to wipe his neck with alcohol. The fever was finally brought down at six o’clock in the morning. Because of Joeys fever, Victor didn’t sleep at all. He stayed up all night talking care of Joey. “Ask the chef to cook some porridge. If Joey hasn’t woken up at eight o’clock, wake him up and tell him to continue to sleep after eating the porridge and taking medicine. “Okay, Mr. Sullivan, go to rest. I’ll take care of him.” Lukas looked at the tired expression on Victor’s face and asked with concern. Victor took another look at Joey and said nothing more. He stood up and was about to leave. Just as he was about to leave the room, an idea suddenly flashed through Lukas’s mind. He asked, “Mr. Sullivan, Ivan said that the Sullivan Group is going to hold a press conference today?” “Yes.” Victor paused, “What’s wrong?” Lukas cast a glance at Joey who was sleeping soundly with his eyes closed. “Is it about your brother’s death?”

“……” Victor didn’t say anything. In fact, even if Victor didn’t answer, Lukas knew it was. “Then I guess Joe would attend this press conference?” ”He doesn’t need to go.” Lukas was confused and looked at him. ‘He doesn’t need to go?’ The most important thing in this press conference was to announce the news of Odin’s death. Since they had found out that Odin had a one night stand with a woman and they had a child, the others could also find it out. Thus, at the press conference, someone would ask about the child. As the current leader of the Sullivan Group, Victor had to give an explanation. If he didn’t say anything about the child, there would definitely be a lot of rumors about it. There would even be all kinds of conspiracy theories. For example, someone may say that Victor killed the child in order to secure his position as the CEO of the Sullivan Group. Although Victor never cared about such rumors. But once someone wanted to use this conspiracy theory to stir up public opinion, the stock price would be affected and the Sullivan Group would be in danger. Everyone knew this. The only person who could solve the problem was Joey, a child who just had a fever. Victor’s original plan was to take him to the press conference and officially expose his identity to the media, which could dispel the guesses and the shareholders’ doubts. Of course, Lukas knew it. He hesitated for a moment and said, “Mr. Sullivan, Joe’s fever has gone down. As long as he doesn’t get in the wind…” “I said he didn’t need to go.” Victor interrupted him coldly. “I want to go. ” SuddenlyJoey opened his eyes and said in a hoarse voice.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 260 Press Conference (Part One)

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