Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 258: Who Is Your Mommy

Chapter 258 Who Is Your Mommy Knock, knock, knock

Holding the bowl of noodles in his hand carefully, Joey knocked on the door of the study. “Come in.” All of a sudden, a low voice of Victor came through the door from the room. with a gentle push of the door, Joey stood at the door and looked inside. He saw the man Victor sitting behind the desk. He wore a pair of glasses and decisively signed on a document with his pen. Then he quickly took out one of the stack of documents from the table and continued to read it.

The light in the study was incandescent with a little warmth. It fell on his shoulder, as if it was coated with a layer of golden light, which made his eyebrows and eyes less sharp. His features were intense and his face was chiseled. Victor had heard the sound of door opening, but no one came in. He stopped signing for a moment and looked up at the door. With the noodles in his hands, Joey stood at the door and drew his small body up to his full height Victor was stunned, but soon came to his senses. He glanced at the bowl of noodles and asked, “What’s the matter?” “…… Mr. Smith said you haven’t had dinner yet.” Joey said in a clear and childish voice as he walked over. “……” Victor eyes darkened. He looked at him and said nothing. Joey pressed his lips and put the bowl of noodles on the table, “There are too many noodles in this bowl. I can’t eat them all by myself, but it seems such a waste to dump them. My mommy said it was shameful to waste food, so…” He paused for a moment and looked into Victor’s eyes. There was an imperceptible expectation in Joey’s obsidian eyes, “So can I invite you to eat with me?” After a long while, when Joey thought that Victor was going to refuse, he finally opened his mouth and said in a deep voice, “Okay.”

The corners of Joey’s mouth was raised at a visible speed, and his two cute upper canine teeth were exposed, “Then I’ll go to Mr. Smith to get another set of tableware.” “No need to do that.” “But I only took a pair of chopsticks. Mr. Smith said that you have a fetish about cleanliness and don’t like to eat using the same pair of chopsticks with others.” Joey looked at him in confusion when he heard it. Victor explained, “You can eat first. If you can’t eat anymore, you can give it to me.” Joey’s eyes widened. Did he mean that he didn’t mind it?

Noticing the astonishment in his eyes, Victor narrowed his eyes and didn’t want to explain. He picked up another document and said in a low voice, “Take the noodles over there and have it.” “Oh.” Joey replied to him, picked up the noodles and walked towards the tea table on the other side of the study. Victor’s eyes fell on the documents, but, out of the corner of his eye, he couldn’t help glancing at Joey His eyes darkened. Joey was right. He had a fetish about cleanliness and didn’t like to share the things with others, especially something that would be eaten. But when he heard Joey took the initiative in sayirtg that he would eat noodles with him, he blurted out for no reason to agree with him. It was not that he didn’t want to explain, but that he didn’t know how to explain himself. All of a sudden, Victor found that he couldn’t focus on his work at all. So he closed the file, stood up and walked towards Joey. When Joey was full, there was still a lot of noodles left in the bowl. Seeing that Victor came over, he moved the bowl to his side and said, “Look, have the noodles.” “Are you full?” Perhaps it was because he was full, or because Victor didn’t refuse his invitation, Joey was in a better mood. He nodded heavily and touched his belly, “Yes, I even a little bloated.” Victor glanced at his belly, which bulged slightly. “Well, go back to your room to have a rest if you are full.” “…… Can I stay here for a while? I’ll go back to my room when I don’t feel bloated.” All of a sudden, when Joey heard that Victor was about to ‘drive him away’, a touch of reluctance appeared in his mind. He remembered what Maria had told him this afternoon again. He pursed his thin lips into a straight line and asked in a soft voice with a hint of request.

Hearing this, Victor frowned. Seeing him frown, Joey thought he was going to refuse, so he said quickly, “I promise I won’t disturb your work.” “…… Suit yourself.” Victor said after a moment of silence. With his consent, Joey smiled again, his big eyes shining with joy.  “Thank you. And… I’m sorry.” Joey raised his head to look at Victor. After a pause, before Victor could say anything, he heard the voice of Joey. “Mr. Smith has told me about it. I’m sorry. I misunderstood you, but you can’t completely blame me for that. How could I know your thoughts since you dumped my noodles without saying anything? I’m not your mind reader.” Joey continued to mutter, “So, in the final analysis, the two of us are both wrong in this matter. If this happens again, I won’t be so impulsive. Besides, thank you for your noodles,

Your noodles are the second best that I have ever eaten.

The most delicious food is cooked by my mommy. It’s the best.” This was the third time he had heard Joey mention his mother from his mouth. He had asked Ivan to check the identity of the Joey’s mother, but the detailed information had not been sent yet. He only knew that the biological mother of Joewas a waitress in a bar.

But in Joey’s words, she looked like an omnipotent superwoman. A touch of curiosity arose in Victor’s heart. He asked casually, “Who is your mommy?”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 258 Who Is Your Mommy

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