Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 256: I Hate You

Chapter 256 I Hate You 


With a soft sound, the scallion that had just been picked out from the bowl fell into the bowl

again. Frowning, Joey muttered, “I don’t like scallion. It tastes weird.” As he spoke, he began to pick out the scallion from the soup bit by bit again. Seeing this, Victor frowned and his eyes darkened. He ordered the servant behind him. “Dump the noodles.” Hearing this, the servant was stunned for a while. Then she answered “okay” and walked towards Joey. Seeing this, Joey quickly covered the bowl with his arm and asked, “Why did you dump it? I haven’t eaten yet!” “Since you don’t like scallion, you don’t have to eat this bowl of noodles.” Said Victor in a stern tone. “……” Joey pressed his lips and looked into Victor’s eyes. After a long time of stalemate, no one was willing to give in. When Lukas walked into the dining room, he was stunned for a moment when he saw the awkward situation. When he was thinking about how to ease the tension, Joey muttered, puffed his cheeks, picked up the chopsticks again and quickly put the noodles into his mouth. His mouth was immediately full of noodles. He muttered, “I’ll eat it.” Then, he lowered his head and ate up the noodles bit by bit. Without giving any hint to the servant to take the next step, Victor took out his phone again to talk with Ivan about tomorrow’s schedule. While talking on the phone, he occasionally glanced at Joey. Since he had stuffed a lot of noodles into his mouth, he chewed slowly and he was like a hamster. His big watery eyes were shining with unyielding light, but maybe he really didn’t like scallion. He frowned after eating a few bites, and he felt like retching. Even so, he didn’t say anything and lowered his head to eat the noodles. The way he never gave in reminded Victor of Rachel. Looking at him, Victor’s heart skipped a beat. The face that he had been missing day and night suddenly appeared in his mind. Four years ago, on the rooftop of the Sullivan Group, she had the same expression. She wasn’t winning but she still didn’t want to give in, so she drank up a full bottle of red wine. Why did they never give in?

The pain in his heart made Victor feel out of breath and annoyed. “Enough!” He suddenly said and then moved the bowl of noodles in front of Joey aside. Joey was stunned for a moment. He had been forcing himself to eat the scallion. The feeling of retching made his face a little pale. Seeing the expression on his face, Victor’s eyes darkened and he felt regretful.

Joey was just a three year old child, he shouldn’t have been so strict with a child.

“Take this bowl of noodles down,” ordered Victor. At the door, Lukas sensed that Victor was in a bad mood, so he immediately signaled the servant to do as he said. Joey frowned, “But I haven’t finished yet….” Hearing this, the servant hesitated for a moment, but soon she felt the pressure from Victor’s gaze. Without hesitation, she picked up the noodles and turned around to leave. Joey didn’t even have time to stop her. When he saw the noodles were poured into the trash can, Joey’s face suddenly darkened. “I’ve listened to you, I ate the scallion and said that I haven’t finished eating. Why do you have to do this?” While saying that, he felt a little aggrieved and tears welled up in his eyes. His mother had never treated him like this. Even if Quintin didn’t like how picky he was with food, he would never force him to eat anything he didn’t like or dumb the food. His father was such a jerk! He didn’t like him at all! He wanted to go home! The more he thought about it, the sadder Joey felt. Tears streamed down his cheeks uncontrollably. Joey always felt that he was a big boy already and had been trying to pretend to be one the whole time. Even though, he was a three year old child. Although he was always talking about how he was going to take revenge on his jerk father and how he would make Victor regret what he had done, he never had a father before and was craving for some father’s love.

He envied the other children when he saw their parents around them all the time. Victor didn’t expect that Joey would cry all of a sudden. Panicked, he reached out to touch


However, Joey shook off his hand and shouted at him with red eyes, “I hate you! Don’t touch me!”

After saying that, he turned around and ran away. Lukas had wanted to stop him, but Joey ran so fast that he couldn’t. Joey disappeared from their sights in an instant. “Mr. Sullivan…”

“He can’t run out of the Sue Garden. Ask someone to follow him secretly and take an umbrella. Don’t let him catch a cold in the rain.” Said Victor as he stood up and took a deep look at the direction in which Joey had run away. He had already known what Lukas was going to say Lukas nodded and gestured for a servant to follow Joey. He was stunned and confused when he saw Victor walking towards the kitchen. “Victor, what are you going to do in the kitchen?” “That boy doesn’t like scallion. I will make another bowl of noodles for him, keep it warm and ask him to eat it when he comes back. ” Victor said. “Mr. Sullivan, just let the chef do it.”

“No, I will do it myself. ” Victor said in a low voice, “When he comes back, ask someone to wait aside until he finishes and goes upstairs. He is afraid of the thunder outside.” Hearing this, Lukas moved his lips but didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 256 I Hate You

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