Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 252 He Saw Rachel

Chapter 252 He Saw Rachel 

“Four years ago, your mommy had an operation to keep a baby. This operation lasted for ten hours, and this is the record of that operation. In this record, there was a notice signed by Victor himself, when he was asked whether to keep the baby or Rachel’s life… He chose the baby.” Joey heard Maria continue, “At that time, if he decided to give up on Rachel, Rachel would die at any time. The success rate of saving the child was only five percent, but the success rate of saving the mother was eighty percent.” That was to say, knowing the success rate of these two choices, he chose to keep the child’s life without hesitation. He didn’t care about Rachel’s life at all.” After going back to the hotel from the Sullivan family, What Maria said to him kept echoing in Joey’s mind, as well as Victor’s signature on the notice. His written name was printed in Joey’s mind, which made Joey’s fists clenched. ‘Daddy, he almost killed Mommy…’ He pressed his lips, trying his best to suppress his emotions. Suddenly, the doorbell rang again. Joey looked out of the window. It was getting dark. Who else would be here at this time? After a short hesitation, he walked to the door, grabbed the doorknob and pressed it down, then he opened the door…

Half an hour ago. In the CEO Office of the Sullivan Group. Ivan knocked on the door and put a U disk on the table. “Mr. Sullivan, the result of the paternity test has been sent here.” Looking down at the U disk for a while, Victor didn’t intend to take it. He just asked in a low voice, “What’s the result?” “The result shows…” After a pause, Ivan said slowly, “There might be a 99.9% chance that Joey is Odin’s son.” Then, Ivan turned on the test result he had copied on his iPad and handed it to Victor. Victor raised his eyes and looked at the result of the paternity test. His hand unconsciously tightened, but he didn’t say anything. After a long time, there was still no response from him. After hesitating for a while, Ivan asked, “Mr. Sullivan, shall we send someone to pick up Joey? Since the news of Odin’s death came, Mrs. Sullivan has been staying in the old house. I don’t know what she is planning. If she knows the existence of Joey, I’m afraid that she will use him to get through the media.” Now the news of Odin’s death hadn’t spread widely in the country, but it should be soon. Although Odin was deprived of his real power by Victor, he was still the second son of the Sullivan family and the second most powerful leader in the Sullivan Group. His death was not a small news. The shareholders also would need a reasonable explanation to keep their morale. Otherwise, the stock price of the Sullivan Group would inevitably suffer a great turmoil. Ivan thought that Maria would go crazy if she knew her son was dead. After all, she cared about her son so much. But to his surprise, she didn’t. She just cried and locked herself in the room since then. She didn’t make any scenes. She didn’t even attend the board meeting in the afternoon, in which Victor was asked to give an explanation about Odin’s death. She only entrusted a servant of hers to attend it symbolically. It was not like her at all. The calmer she was, the more uneasy Ivan felt. He always felt that she was full of schemes and was waiting for them to get into her trap. “Don’t bother.” After a moment of silence, Victor picked up his suit on the armrest and stood up. “I’ll pick him up myself.” Ivan was stunned. By the time he came to his senses, Victor had already walked to the door of the office. He came to his senses and followed Victor. About ten minutes later, the black Maybach slowly drove out of the underground parking lot of the Sullivan Group to the hotel Joey was staying in. Ivan looked carefully at Victor sitting in the back seat through the rearview mirror, His eyes were closed, and his face was cold. There was no light in the car. Only a few street lights came in from the window and fell on his shoulder from time to time, which made his expression obscure and his mind unpredictable. Somehow, Ivan felt that Victor was a bit depressed after knowing that Joey was Odin’s son. Withdrawing his gaze, Ivan turned on the test result again. Joey was three years old. If the child of Victor and Rachel’s was still alive, it should also be three years old now. All of a sudden, Ivan understood why Victor became so depressed. Perhaps he thought of that child again. With a sigh, he turned off the iPad and looked out of the window. A while later, the Maybach drove to an intersection. Not long after the car stopped, the green light turned on and the car started again. Suddenly, from the corner of his eyes, Ivan saw a familiar figure sitting in a car that just passed theirs. He trembled. He sat up straight subconsciously and looked out. Ivan wanted to see that person more clearly, but the car drove fast, before he could see clearly, the car had already driven away. Through the rearview mirror, he could clearly see that the car they had just passed by was a black Volkswagen. He looked at the car in the rearview mirror driving further and further away and felt a little distracted.

On the back seat, Victor sensed his abnormality and raised his eyes. “What’s wrong?” Hearing that, Ivan hesitated for a while. Maybe he was wrong? “Nothing, Mr. Sullivan.” He said. Victor looked at him up and down with his deep eyes for a moment and didn’t ask any more questions. “When will we arrive at the hotel?”

“In about five minutes.”

As soon as Ivan finished speaking, he saw that the Victor slowly closed his eyes again. Ivan narrowed his eyes and couldn’t help but look out of the window at the rearview mirror again. He couldn’t see the Volkswagen anymore. The reason why he was so shocked just now was that he seemed to see Rachel in the Volkswagen But Rachel had died four years ago. Four years ago, in the heavy rain, the scene of Victor kneeling beside Rachel’s coffin was still vivid in his mind. How could a dead person appear here? He couldn’t help laughing at himself. It must be because of the appearance of Joey that he thought of Rachel and that child, so he had an illusion. But what he didn’t know was that… He was not wrong. The woman sitting in the car was indeed Rachel. Rachel turned her head to look out of the window at the scenery passing by, and wind gently blew her long hair. Four years had passed. She came back again. “Boss, don’t worry. I’ll keep an eye on Joe. He’s in the hotel room and didn’t go anywhere.” Quintin’s voice came from the earphone. “Quintin.” Rachel said in a cold voice, “You’d better pray that I can bring him back safely. Otherwise, you’ll have to go mining in Africa.” After saying that, the Volkswagen turned around at the end of the road and drove towards the hotel where Joey was staying in.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 252 He Saw Rachel

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