Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 251: You Are Not My Grandma

Chapter 251 You Are Not My Grandma

It was not until then that Joey realized who this person was. She was his jerk father’s stepmother. No, that was not exact. Joey was thinking about how to describe who Maria was. Suddenly, he thought of something and looked up at Maria with his eyes wide open. “What did you… What did you say just now?” He was busy thinking about who she was that he didn’t pay much attention to the latter part of her words. When he realized what she said just now, Joey was stunned. “You said you were my grandma?” Maria nodded. Joey pursed his lips and thought for a while. What she said was right. She was his grandma, only not bonded by blood. However, judging from the attitude of Maria towards him, it seemed that she actually thought he was her grandson by blood. Moreover, the most important thing was that he couldn’t admit it. “You are wrong, lady.” Joey replied immediately, “My grandmother has passed away a long time ago. It can’t be you.” “I know you can’t accept it in such a short time, but I’m indeed your grandmother and you are my grandson.” After saying that, Maria turned her head to look at Mary. Mary took out a photo and said, “Kid, Mrs. Sullivan didn’t lie to you. You can see the person in the photo.” Joey looked at the photo. It was a strange man’s face. The man had dashing eyebrows and starry eyes. Joey looked a little like him. In the photo, the man was dressed in a suit and stood next to Maria. Although he hadn’t seen the man in the photo before, Joey soon realized who the man in the photo was. He must be Odin. “If I’m not mistaken, you should have lived with your mother since childhood, right?” Maria said, “Have you ever seen your father?” Joey looked up at her without saying anything. “Your father is my son, Odin Sullivan. The second son of the Sullivan family.” She softened her tone, “I’m not mistaken. You are my grandson.” Fearing that he wouldn’t believe her, Maria continued, “Four years ago, your parents fell in love with each other at a wine party. Later, I knew it. I didn’t like your mother because she came from a poor family but didn’t know that she was pregnant with you at that time, so I gave her a sum of money, on the condition that she would leave your father. It was not until a few days ago that I knew your mother gave birth to you. When I sent someone to pick you up, you were no longer there. I know you will hate me and blame me for breaking up your parents. I’m sorry. I didn’t know your mother was pregnant with you. If I had known it, I wouldn’t have driven the both of you away. My dear grandson, can you forgive me?” Then Maria sat beside him and held his hand. “……” Joey looked at Maria and pursed his lips. He still didn’t say anything. His big eyes blinked but no one knew what he was thinking about Maria was very kind and gentle to him, but even though she had said so many sentimental words, there was no joy in her eyes.

She didn’t seem happy when she found her long lost grandson and she didn’t look like she regretted what she did at all.

It was more like… A show.

Joey didn’t know what Maria wanted from him, but he didn’t intend to be nice to her. He drew back his hand and said firmly, “You are not my grandmother.” “You…” “I’m going back.” Joey got down from the sofa and said politely and indifferently, “Although your story is very touching, it’s a pity that you’ve got the wrong person. I look like this man in the photo. But it doesn’t mean that I am his son. All of a sudden I am some stranger’s son? If my dad knows this, he will be angry. Besides, if I don’t go back now, Mommy will worry about me. If she can’t find me, she will be anxious. Maybe she will ask someone else for help.”

The smile on Maria’s face froze. What Joey meant was very clear. If she didn’t let him go, police would come.  After saying that, Joey turned around and walked outside. Seeing this, Mary looked at Maria. Maria tightened her grip on the pearls. She had thought that a child should be easy to deal with. Just as Joey was about to reach the door, Maria suddenly said “Is this how Rachel taught you to treat the elders?” After a pause, Joey suddenly turned around and looked at Maria sitting on the sofa. His eyes widened in shock.

“But I didn’t expect that four years ago, under that circumstance, Rachel could keep you alive.” She stood up and walked towards him step by step. “Your mommy hasn’t told you anything about your daddy and her, has she?” “I don’t know what you are talking about.” Joey clenched his hands and said. Then he turned around and was about to leave. Instead of stopping her, Maria said with a faint smile, “Do you know that your daddy almost

killed you and your mommy?”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 251 You Are Not My Grandma

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