Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 250 Your Grandmother

Chapter 250 Your Grandmother

In the Sullivan family. “Get out of my way! I want to leave here!” In the hall, with his big eyes glaring at the servants in front of him, Joey gritted his teeth and his face reddened. “You can’t go anywhere without Mrs. Sullivan’s permission.” One of the servants lowered her head and said respectfully, “Please, sit.” “Mrs. Sullivan? I don’t even know a Mrs. Sullivan at all. This is child trafficking! If my mommy knows it, you will all be doomed! Let me go!” Joey ordered, frowning. An hour ago, he opened the door of the hotel room.  He thought it was the afternoon tea he ordered, but he didn’t expect that when he opened the door, there would be several tall men in black standing there. He immediately felt that something was wrong. He wanted to close the door without hesitation, but it was too late. The leading man in black said “sorry” expressionlessly and then slapped on his neck. He felt a dull pain, and then he was knocked out. When he woke up again, he found himself in a strange room. He came out of the room and looked around. His intuition told him that this was bad and wanted to leave this place right away. However, as soon as he went downstairs, he was stopped by these servants. When Mary, the housekeeper came out of the kitchen, she saw that Joey and the servants were in a stalemate, so she hurried forward and gave him a flattering smile, as if coaxing a child, “Kid, you misunderstood. Don’t worry. We mean no harm.” Joey’s eyes were full of vigilance. “What’s wrong with you? I asked you to take good care of our guest, but you made our little guest misunderstand us! If Mrs. Sullivan knows it, you will all be in big trouble! ” Mary turned to the servants behind him and scolded them with a long face. Upon hearing this, the servants made a ninety degree bow to Joey and said in unison, “We are sorry!” Joey’s eyes darkened when he saw this. If it was someone else, they would probably have waved their hands and said that it didn’t matter. They might even stay here obediently. Unfortunately, their trick didn’t work on Joey. He could see others use the same “good cop, bad cop” trick every day in the headquarter of the Red Hackers. He had been tired of it since a long time ago, moreover, the people in front of him were terrible at acting nice.


“Kid, see, they have apologized to you.” Mary said slowly“So don’t be angry with them, okay? I’ve asked the chief to prepare some dessert for you. Would you like to have a taste? I will send you back in person when the time is right.” “……” Joey looked at her without saying anything. When Mary looked into his eyes, her heart skipped a beat inexplicably. Joey’s eyes were very clear and shining bright, but they were calm. It was like a deep pool in the night, which made her feel a faint sense of pressure, and even gave her a feeling that she was seen through But he was just a three year old child. How could he see through her? Mary thought to herself, but she looked away from Joey’s eyes subconsciously. “Bring the desserts here.” After that, she said to Joey, “Kid, how about you sit back on the sofa?” She sounded gentle. Glancing at Mary standing in front of him, blocking his wayJoey knew no matter how he refused, he couldn’t leave here easily.

He pressed his lips and turned back to the sofa. Mary glanced at the servant behind her and gave a hint with her eyes secretly. The servant behind her immediately turned around and went upstairs. Seeing that the servant had gone upstairs, Mary walked towards Joey. But before she could say anything, she was interrupted by Joey’s words. “How long are you going to keep me here? Who is this Mrs. Sullivan?” Mary was stunned for a moment, and then smiled, “You will know when you meet her. Mrs. Sullivan should be about to come down.” Joey’s eyes turned cold and he didn’t say anything.

He knew he couldn’t leave. Because there were not only the servants here, but also men in black outside. He knew that he could not defeat them. But it didn’t mean that he couldn’t try to save himself. He casually looked down at the watch on his wrist. This watch had a secret button on it, as long as he touched it lightly, it would trigger the alarm and directly connect to the Skynet and the system of the Red Hackers. As soon as he pressed the button, it would give out a red warning to the two systems, and the police and Rachel would know his location. This was a program designed by Rachel. Quintin said that it was designed before he was even born in order to protect him. So he wouldn’t touch it unless he had to. And he was also curious about who brought him to this damned place. After drinking half a glass of milk and waiting for about ten minutes, he finally heard a sound from the door of the living room.

“Mrs. Sullivan.” Mary called respectfully. Joey tapped his watch idly. Hearing the sound, he raised his head and looked up. The woman walking in was in an elegant dress and looked dignified. There was a string of pearls in her hand, which set off her neat and exquisite manicure. She looked familiar. Joey muttered to himself while looking at the woman up and down, but he couldn’t remember who she was for a while. As soon as she entered the living room, she noticed that someone was staring at her. Maria frowned slightly, looked at the housekeeper and then looked at the child sitting on the sofa. After taking a glance at him, her hand that was playing with the pearls obviously paused. The boy looked like him. He really looked like him. Although she had been prepared, she was still inevitably surprised to see Joey‘s face. She clenched the pearls in her hand and asked, “What’s your name?” Joey felt that there was a significant change in the way Maria looked at him, which made him feel even more strange. “You are impolite.” Maria was stunned. Mary and the servants were also stunned. They didn’t expect that he would say this. The housekeeper’s face changed. “How could you…” Joey interrupted her, “My mommy told me that I should introduce myself first before asking others what their names are.  But this lady not only kidnapped me here without my permission, but also asked me what my name was at the first sight of me instead of telling me who she was.” “……” Mary was choked by his words. With her beautiful eyes half closed, Maria centered herself. With a smile, she said, “You are a smart boy.” “Did I say anything wrong?” He asked. “No, I was impolite.” Maria took a look at him and said, “Then let’s get to know each other again.” After a pause, she continued, “My name is Maria Sullivan, I am your grandmother.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 250 Your Grandmother

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