Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 249: Odin Has A Child

Chapter 249 Odin Has A Child

Cold sweat broke out on Yehuda’s forehead, “I… I…” The others also lowered their heads nervously, afraid that the next second, Victor’s eyes would fall on them. Yehuda hemmed and hawed for a long time, sweat streaming down from his forehead. The meeting room fell into a weird silence. “Mr. Sullivan, Yehuda just blurted it out, he didn’t mean it.” Alex glanced at Yehuda’s pale face and stood up, trying to ease the tension. Hearing this, Victor looked at Alex and squinted at him. He didn’t remember who Alex was for a moment.

“Mr. Sullivan, this is Mr. Green, he had worked with your father before. After your father passed away, he seldom attended the board meeting because of his poor health.” Ivan, who stood behind Victor, reminded him.

Poor health? It didn’t look like that he was in poor health. It should be an excuse, Alex just didn’t want to get himself into trouble. “The meeting can begin now.” said Victor, withdrawing his gaze. Hearing this, Yehuda, who was standing still, breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Alex gratefully. But Alex ignored him and sat down, which made him feel embarrassed. He curled his lips and sat down awkwardly. At the beginning of the meeting, Victor came straight to the point and said, “The vice president of the branch company has confirmed with the Embassy that Odin is dead.” Odin was dead. Victor said these words in a cold and emotionless tone. But it caused a sensation in the board. Although they already heard it from the news, they were still shocked when they heard it from Victor “There will be a press conference the day after tomorrow to officially announce this matter, and a mourning will be held.” Victor continued in an orderly way, “You can put forward your opinions now.” No one dared to say anything. Yehuda, who had been bold in front of Victor just now, lowered his head and didn’t want Victor to notice him at all. Although Odin was his niece, he thought his own wealth and happiness mattered more. Before this, Maria had promised him that as long as Victor went to Washington, she would take over the Sullivan Group and as long as she did, she would give him a promotion. At first, Yehuda thought that Brian might still be alive. Besides, Maria said it in a confident tone, he thought she must have had it all planned out. If Victor really did go to Washington, his standing up for Maria and Odin today would bring him a lot of benefits. But now, Odin was dead. He was really dead. No matter how perfect Maria’s plan was, she was just a woman, a woman without her son. How could she win Victor now?

Yehuda was smart enough to figure it out fast. As soon as he figured it out, he knew he should take Victor’s side now. “Mr. Sullivan, I have no objection.” Forty minutes later, the directors, who came aggressively, left the Sullivan Group.

All of a sudden, there was only Victor left in the huge meeting room. After answering a phone call, Ivan returned the meeting room with a serious look on his face. “What’s wrong?” Asked Victor, glancing at him. “There are two things.” Ivan replied, “The first thing is about the child you asked me to investigate this morning, Mr. Sullivan. The tech guys couldn’t find his information, this boy is not simple.” Victor frowned upon hearing this. His slender fingers tapped gently on the table. No one knew what he was thinking about. After a long time, he said in a low voice, “Go on.” “There’s one more thing. I got a message from Washington…” After a pause, Ivan said clearly, “Odin has a child abroad.” Suddenly, the aura around Victor cooled down. “A child?” When Ivan heard the news, he was also shocked. In the past few years, Brian had been under their surveillance almost everywhere abroad. How could they not know anything about this child of his? “It’s said that Odin slept with a waiter working in a hotel when he was drunk four years ago. That waiter ran away right after because she was afraid of getting herself into trouble. It was not until some time ago that Odin found that this woman had given birth to his child. The child should be three years old now.” “A boy or a girl?” “It’s a boy.” Ivan answered, “Our men went to the place where the child and his mother lived today and found that they had moved away for a long time. We haven’t found them yet.” As soon as he finished speaking, Ivan’s lips moved. There was a faint guess in his mind, and he was hesitating whether he should say it out or not. “What do you want to say?” Victor noticed it and asked. “Mr. Sullivan, I just think it’s too much a coincidence.” Frowning, Ivan asked, “Is it possible that that boy… Is Odin’s child?”.

They had just begun to investigate the child’s identity, but they found that someone was stopping them and protecting the child’s information. They had no lead now. There were only a few people in the country who could block Victor’s men, beside someone from the Sullivan family, Ivan couldn’t think of anyone else. They were both three years old and boys. It was so coincidental that it was difficult for Ivan not to connect these two things. At the beginning, when they saw Joey’s photo, everyone thought that he looked like Victor, but they never thought of Odin. Now thinking about it, they found that the boy did look like Odin as well.

Victor also thought of it. His eyes darkened, and the picture of Joey calling him “Mr. Sullivan” with a sweet smile appeared in his mind. His heart inexplicably ached. “Ivan, I remember there are two tubes of Odin’s blood in the hospital?” ”Yes, Odin left them before he went abroad.” These two tubes of blood had been frozen at a low temperature in the hospital. Almost everyone in the Sullivan family had their blood stored in the hospital in case of an emergency Before he could finish his words, Ivan asked, “Mr. Sullivan, do you mean…” “Contact the hospital, we are having a paternity test.” Victor said.

On the other side, after returning to the hotel, Joey had a good sleep. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he looked at the dozens of calls on his watch and frowned. The whole morning passed, but Quintin still didn’t answer any of his calls. What the **** was he doing? While Joey was thinking, his watch suddenly vibrated. When he saw the caller ID on the watch screen, his eyes immediately lit up. “Uncle Quintin, you finally called me! What’s wrong with you? I’ve called you millions of times! Why do you call me back so late? “Joey finally felt relieved when he got Quintin’s call. “Joe, I have a bad news for you.” Joey blinked his eyes. “What?” “Your mommy…” before Quintin finished his words, the call was suddenly cut off. Before Joey could hear Quintin’s words clearly, he found that the phone was hung up. He frowned and muttered, “What the ****? Is the signal bad?” When he was about to dial back, the doorbell suddenly rang. It should be the afternoon tea he had ordered. Joey stopped thinking about the call, went straight to the porch and opened the door. Unexpectedly, it was not the afternoon tea…

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 249 Odin Has A Child

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