Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 248: Odin Has Died

Chapter 248 Odin Has Died

Before Joey could figure out the uneasiness in her heart, the Sullivan Group was already in a hell of a mess. It was a sunny day outside, but the entire edifice of the Sullivan Group had been overlaid with a certain gloom. The atmosphere became strange and oppressive. Everyone walked in a hurry, looking unhappy, and whispered something. “Ding-dong!” The elevator stopped at the meeting room on the twenty third floor, and then slowly opened the doors on both sides. Seven or eight people came out one after another and went straight to the meeting room. They were all shareholders and members of the board of directors in the Sullivan Group. In less than five minutes, the meeting room, which could accommodate twenty people, was full of people with different expressions. “At 10:23 this morning, a car accident occurred in Washington, Ustyas. Four people died and one was seriously injured and in a coma, all of whom are from our country. It is reported that one of the four dead men is the second eldest son of the Sullivan Group, Odin. At present, the staff of our embassy are learning about it from the police in Ustyas and the case is being investigated.” In the front of the meeting room, there was a report from a Liquid Crystal Display television. There was suddenly a smack.

One of the senior directors smacked his hand down on to the table hard, frowned and looked

at Ivan unhappily, “Ivan, where is Mr. Sullivan?” Glancing at the director indifferently, Ivan recognized him at a glance. He was one of Maria’s distant uncles, Yehuda, who was two generations away from Odin. Four years ago, Victor had reorganized the disobedient old fellows on the board of directors. Those who were still on the board basically would not become a threat to him. They were just a bunch of leeches raised by the Sullivan Group. These bunch of leeches were basically Maria’s relatives of the Kennedy family. It wasn’t that Victor didn’t have the ability to get rid of these people together. It was just that Maria had been silent for the past four years, and she didn’t make trouble from time to time as before, so he couldn’t drive these people out for the time being. He couldn’t be too ruthless. The reform four years ago had already sapped Maria’s power. If he also drove these useless relatives away, even a worm would turn. “Mr. Sullivan is contacting with the branch company in Ustyas. Please calm down.” Ivan said respectfully, but his tone was indifferent, as if he didn’t take the directors seriously. L”Calm down? Everyone had heard the news just now! Now he should give us an explanation!” |

Yehuda said in an unfriendly tone, looking anxious and worried, “And if this matter wasn’t reported, would Victor still want to hide it from us like this?” “……” Ivan lowered his eyes and said nothing. The news of Odin’s death was so sudden that they didn’t get the news until an hour ago. And according to the information given at that time, it was uncertain whether the dead men included Odin or not. Victor immediately contacted the branch company in Ustyas to get more information. Although he didn’t want to care about his so-called brother’s life or death, once this matter was exposed, it was not a good thing for the Sullivan Group, and it was easy to cause turmoil.

However, these directors were more well-informed than anyone else. Before the news was completely broadcast, they all received the news and they were eager to ask Victor for an explanation. ‘What explanation? Do they want to let Mr. Sullivan say that Odin is killed by him?’ Although that was what these people thought in their minds that they just thought that Odin had been murdered by Victor. Ivan couldn’t help sneering in his heart. Yehuda usually didn’t dare to say anything, and four years ago, he directly stood idly by. But now he was so aggressive. Ivan didn’t believe that there was no instruction of Maria behind him. As soon as Odin died, Maria couldn’t control herself anymore. “That’s right, Ivan. Now that the tragedy has happened, the most important thing is how to deal with it! Now that the situation is so clear, what else does he need to know?” Someone


Yehuda snorted, “What do you mean by learning the situation? You’re obviously stalling for time! In my opinion, the top priority now is that he should set off for Ustyas immediately!” Ivan’s eyes darkened and he didn’t say anything. The other directors looked serious and continued, “I also think so. It’s hard to explain the specific situation only by phone. And if Mr. Odin Sullivan is really gone, whether from the blood relationship or from the superior subordinate relationship, Mr. Sullivan should be on his way to Washington now.” “Ivan, go and tell Mr. Sullivan now. We can’t delay it.” Yehuda ordered arrogantly, “If it’s too late, the media may say something bad about it. And it would also make him culpable if it affects the stock price of the Sullivan Group.” Hearing this, Ivan’s eyes suddenly turned cold and looked up at Yehuda. Yehuda’s heart skipped a beat and looked a little guilty when he saw the eyes of Ivan. He raised his voice deliberately to make himself look confident, “Did I say anything wrong?” “No, you are right.”

“I think what Yehuda said makes sense.”

The directors nodded. Although their tone was gentle and was not as aggressive as Yehuda’s, their words were forcing others to commit themselves to it. “Aren’t we too anxious?” Suddenly, an unpleasant sentence was heard among the echoed voices, “I think it’s better to discuss it after Mr. Sullivan comes. He is the biggest shareholder of the Sullivan Group and the president. Anyway, we have to listen to him first…” “What did you say?” Following the voice, Yehuda turned to look at him, “Mr. Green, what do you mean? Hearing what you have said, why do I feel as if you think we are wrong? And do you mean that we’re overstepping the boundaries?” Alex was speechless. ‘Isn’t it the truth?’ Alex was a gentle and kind person.  The reason why he was on the board of directors was that he took some shares when he was driving for Victor’s father. He didn’t expect that the shares of the Sullivan Group became more and more valuable later. With that few shares, he muddled into the board of directors. Usually, he didn’t want to get involved in the board of directors’ affairs. He just wanted to mind his own business quietly. But now these directors looked so arrogant as if they didn’t care about Victor, the president at all. Besides, because he had almost retired, he didn’t know much about Victor. He only heard a little about his vigorous and resolute style, and Alex subconsciously regarded Victor as a ‘vulnerable member’.

After all, he had been a soldier before, and what he couldn’t bear the most was to see such a thing of bullying the weak. Alex felt uncomfortable and replied, “I didn’t mean that. I just think that Mr. Sullivan is the leader of the Sullivan Group. We don’t know what’s going on outside now. If Mr. Sullivan leaves at this time, what if something happens to the Sullivan Group? Besides, I don’t mean that your suggestion is wrong. But we don’t know the specific situation yet. If he goes abroad rashly, no one knows what will happen.” No one knew whether the shooting was an accident or a deliberate conspiracy. If it was a conspiracy to strike the people of the Sullivan Group, then Victor would put himself in danger if he went abroad. “Mr. Green, it’s ridiculous of you to say that.” Yehuda snorted, “There are so many people in the Sullivan Group. Are you afraid that no one can preside over the overall situation? If Mr. Sullivan isn’t here. Don’t we have…” “Mr. Sullivan.” Before Yehuda could finish his words, the door of the meeting room was suddenly pushed open from the outside. Ivan called out respectfully. Hearing the voice, Yehuda turned to look at Victor. He bit back the words he would like to have said and confronted Victor directly with the intimidating aura emanating from him. His tone suddenly weakened and he greeted, “M-Mr. Sullivan.” “Mr. Bates.” With a cold glance at him, Victor said, “Go on.” “Mr. Sullivan, I’m not…” “If I’m not in the Sullivan Group, who are you going to let preside over the overall situation.” Victor interrupted him coldly and asked expressionlessly. As soon as he finished speaking, the air in the meeting room seemed to stop flowing, and the atmosphere froze all of a sudden.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 248 Odin Has Died

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