Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 245 A Misunderstanding

Chapter 245 A Misunderstanding

The next morning. The servants had dried Joey’s clothes and sent it back to the guest room. Joey had a good sleep last night and woke up when he felt a little cold. He changed his clothes and was about to go downstairs. A servant, who was cleaning the room, was surprised to see Joey. “Kid, why are you up so early? The breakfast is not ready yet.” “It’s okay. I just want to take a walk.” “It is a big house, let me accompany you in case you get lost.” The servant volunteered. Joey took a deep look at the servant. Even though the servant hid it well, he still clearly noticed the suspicion in her eyes. It was obvious she was just on guard against him. “Okay.” He agreed decisively. Anyway, he didn’t really plan to do anything and didn’t mind her following him. Then, the two of them walked out of the living room one after the other. However, when they were about to go down the stairs, they saw a car slowly coming from a distance and then stopped at the gate. 1 “It’s Mr. Sullivan.” The servant’s tone was full of excitement and nervousness. When the car stopped, she hurried down the steps to greet Victor, completely forgetting that she was showing Joey around. Joey raised his head and looked at the car. Victor got off the car with his long legs. Different from the surprise he first saw Victor last night, maybe it was because what Lukas said changed his impression of Victor a little. He actually felt that he didn’t seem so bad. Lukas said that Victor had been looking forward to his birth. Joey pursed his lips and had an impulse to ask Victor if he really did look forward to him. Victor was still wearing the same clothes as he did last night, and his sleeves were rolled up, leaving obvious wrinkles. Moreover, there was faint smell of red wine on him. ‘Did he go out to drink yesterday?’ Thinking of this, Joey suddenly saw someone else and heard a familiar voice before he could say anything. “Vic, you feel better now, you should go and have a rest.” Susan got out of the car and looked at Victor with concern. Last night, not long after Victor and Carson drank, Victor had a stomachache. He always had this stomach problem. Susan tossed and turned because of what Victor said to her before. She couldn’t help but

call him to ask about the wedding, but the phone was answered by Carson. Carson only coldly told her where Victor was and then hung up. When she arrived at the top floor of the Sullivan Group building, Victor was alone there. He must have taken some painkillers, but his face was still a little morbid. Susan was worried and wanted to persuade him to go back to have a rest, but he refused. But later, he found that he left some documents in the Sue Garden, so he agreed to come back to take it and change his clothes by the way. “No, thanks.” Victor said in a low voice, “Wait in the car.” Hearing his words, Susan moved her pink lips but said nothing in the end. She just forced a bitter smile and clenched her fists. No matter how much she said, he wouldn’t care. He would never listen to her. “Okay.” She quickly adjusted her mood and raised her head to smile at him. Suddenly, she saw a little boy on the step from the corner of her eyes. The smile on her face froze for a moment. “Victor, who is that?” Following her gaze, Victor noticed that someone was standing there. When he saw who it was, he was also surprised. He was surprised because he didn’t expect that Joey would wake up so early. It was only six o’clock. Looking at the Joey’s face, Susan couldn’t help but get nervous. This boy… He looked exactly like Victor. “friend’s child.” Replied Victor expressionlessly. However, this answer did not dispel Susan’s suspicion. Looking at Joey’s face, she somehow had an indescribable sense of crisis. She didn’t know why.

On the other side, the moment Joey saw Susan, his impression of Victor, which had just gotten better, was instantly shattered. Sure enough, he couldn’t believe what others said about Victor, Victor was just a scum! He had already brought a woman home? Looking forward to his birth? Bullshit!

After this woman beside him right now got pregnant, he would probably even forget he had a child once!

Thinking of this, Joey glared at Susan’s belly subconsciously, as if there was a child in it already “We meet again.” Joey calmed down and walked up to Susan. He raised his head and looked innocent.

Seeing his smile, Susan took a step back subconsciously. It was not until then that she realized what he had just said. She forced a smile. “Kid. Have we met before?” “Have you forgotten me so soon?” Joey pursed his lips in disappointment.


“Do you know her?” Asked Victor, lowering his head. “Yes, I know her. We just met yesterday. There were a lot of people around her at that time.” Joey nodded heavily and blinked his eyes Upon hearing this, Susan was still confused and she heard Joey continue. “Mr. Sullivan, you know this lady? When I was at the airport, she offered me a candy, but I didn’t take it. I felt a little regretful when I went back later, I knew that she was kind and didn’t want me to be angry. But I refused too soon, I think she must have been sad.” Airport, candy, little boy… It suddenly occurred to Susan that the boy in front of her was the little boy she met at the airport yesterday. The smile on her face froze again. Hearing his words, Victor asked, “She didn’t want you to be angry?” “Yes.” Joey said, “There were a lot of people around this lady at that time, and one of them with a work card asked me to get out of the way. I didn’t, so she called me ill-bred.” “Kid!” Hearing this, Susan suddenly raised her voice and interrupted him. As soon as she finished speaking, both Victor and Joey turned to look at her. Susan was stunned when she said it. She forced a smile and explained, “It was just a misunderstanding.” “Yes, yes.” Joey nodded, “It was just a misunderstanding. The lady explained it to me and said it meant I’m a good boy.” Susan’s eyes widened. Victor’s face darkened. Susan shook her head immediately and explained, “No, I didn’t say that.” “But you said she was praising me for being a polite kid.” Joey’s eyes glimmered. “Did you lie to me? Mommy said it was wrong to lie.”

Susan didn’t know what to say. She shook her head at him and repeated, “I really didn’t mean that. I just…” “Get in the car and wait for me.” said Victor coldly, interrupting Susan. He lowered his eyes and looked at Joey in front of him.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 245 A Misunderstanding

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