Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 244: Wedding

Chapter 244 Wedding

Victor put his pendant Beloved back into his pocket and drank up the glass of wine in his hand.

Seeing this, Carson leaned back and said, “I know the groundless news online is unreliable. If you really plan to marry Susan, in the past four years, you wouldn’t have been…” “Next Wednesday.” Victor lowered his voice, seeming a little drunk because of the red wine. Carson was stunned. After a long while, he came to his senses and turned to look at Victor, “… What?” “The wedding of me and Susan will be held next Wednesday,” replied Victor expressionlessly “…….” For a moment, the surroundings became particularly quiet. Not knowing how long it had passed, Carson finally understood what Victor had just said. He just realized that Victor was not joking, but really prepared to hold a wedding with Susan. “You…” Looking at Victor’s side face, Carson’s lips twitched two times. He wanted to say something, but he seemed to have lost the power of speech. He suddenly didn’t know what to say. His good friend finally figured it out and was about to build a new life out of the past. He should be happy about it. After all, this was what he had been hoping for in the past four


Howeverwhen he really heard from Victor that he was going to marry another woman, Carson found that he didn’t seem to be as happy as he had imagined. Because he knew very well that Vic didn’t get himself out of the ordeal. Instead, he was getting more and more depressed and became numb. Moreover, when he heard that Victor was going to marry Susan, Rachel’s face appeared in his mind at the first time. Her eyebrows and eyes were always stubborn, which was incomprehensible. With her gender advantage, if she compromised, behaved obediently and acted like a spoiled child, she could win the hearts of many men who were even willing to help her. But she refused to submit to them. Even if someone put a knife on her neck, she was also unwilling to admit defeat. In the past, he thought that woman, Rachel, was unruly and irrational. But later, after the divorce between Victor and Rachel, he had more contact with that woman. Then he found that this woman seemed to be completely different from what he had known before, which made him have a better impression of her.

Later, he heard that Rachel died. All of a sudden, he, who usually played the field, found that he admired Miss. Bennet vermuch. Everyone who met Susan said that she looked like Rachel, and he had seen her before. But the first time he saw her, he said to Victor, “Susan doesn’t look like Rachel at all.” They were by nature two different people. Susan was like a fragile bud growing in the greenhouse, who was so delicate that made people feel sorry for her. Rachel, on the other hand, was similar to a wild rose struggling in the ice and snow. Against the vast expanse of white snow, she never bent her roots, and her red petals were trying their best to compete for beauty. She was not afraid of wind or rain, nor did she rely on anything So the two women didn’t look like each other at all. Carson poured himself another glass of red wine. After a moment of silence, he raised his glass and said, “Congratulations. But I have something to deal with on a business trip next Wednesday, so I won’t go to the wedding. I’ll ask someone to send the wedding gift to you by then.”

After saying that, he raised his head and drank it up. In fact, he didn’t need to go on a business trip next Wednesday. If there was really someone in his family who needed to go on a business trip, it would only be one of his two brothers and one sister. Any of them was better than him, a ******* who only knew how to eat, drink and play. more New chapters get only  How could it be his turn to do that? He just didn’t want to take part in his wedding. If it had been in the past, he would have gone there happily and offered to be the best man. But when he thought that Victor was going to marry Susan, he couldn’t help but resist, thinking of a painting of the wild rose swaying in the snow. “Alright.” Hearing that he didn’t want to go, Victor didn’t say anything more but just replied to him lightly. Carson put down the glass and let out a long sigh. He crossed his hands behind his head and said, “I didn’t expect that you would get married again, but I don’t even have a girlfriend. If my dad knows about it, he will keep obsessing about it in my ear for a long time!” ” ……” Glancing at him, Victor didn’t say anything. The more Carson thought about it, the more worried he became. He quickly sat up straight and said to Victor, “Victor, shall we have a talk?” “Can you stop inviting my dad to your wedding? Otherwise, I will have a hard time in the future!” “Carson.” “What?”

“How did you become the vice president of the Scott Group?” Victor asked in a deep and serious tone. “Of course it depends on my cleverness and…” “Talent.’ Before he could finish the last word, Carson felt that Victor looked at him as if he was looking at an idiot. Carson didn’t know what to sayWell, he admitted that he was indeed daydreaming. Even if his father didn’t attend the wedding of Victor and Susan, his marriage couldn’t be a trifle just because of his identity. Since it was a big deal, how could he hide it from his father? Maybe it would be more practical to think about where to hide so that his father couldn’t find him.

Carson sighed, pretending to be sad. Suddenly, something occurred to him. He changed the subject and asked, “By the way, I heard from Ivan that your account has been stolen of three hundred million? daily latest chapters on This man is too bold. How dare he have designs on your things? Tut, tut. He just looks like someone who wants to pluck hairs out from a tiger, regardless of danger.” “How is it going? Have you caught that criminal?” As soon as he finished speaking, before Victor could answer, Carson answered it himself, “You must have caught him. Where is the criminal? I really want to see this ‘hero’.” As he spoke, Carson put a green grape into his mouth and looked at Victor with great interest. He didn’t remember who had dared to provoke Victor like this in the past years. When he was waiting for the answer of Victor, Carson saw the man’s face darken. After a while, Victor lifted his thin lips and said, “No.”

There was suddenly the sound of coughing. Before Carson could bite the green grape to pieces, it directly rolled down his throat, choking him and making his eyes fill with tears. “What do you mean by ‘no’? How could it be possible? Didn’t Ivan say that he was about to get the IP address of that person?” With his eyes wide open, Carson said as if he couldn’t believe it at all.

“The IP address shows that…” Looking down at the swaying wine, Victor paused for a moment and said, “It’s located in the Sue Garden.” ‘My goodness!’

“The Sue Garden? Is that person a servant in the Sue Garden?” As soon as he finished his

words, Carson denied the idea quickly, “It’s impossible. The identity of everyone in the Sue Garden has been clearly investigated before. It can’t be a servant there.” That person was not a servant in the Sue Garden, but the IP address was finally located in it. No matter how slow Carson was, it was time for him to react, “This man has guessed how you will track him from the beginning, so he has set a trap for you, right?”

“……” Victor didn’t say anything, but his answer was self-evident. “That’s really interesting.” Carson got excited and said, “It seems that he is a master hacker. But it was a little strange that he didn’t steal all of it since you have so much money in your account. Why did he just take away three hundred million? Now the method of following up IP address has failed. What are you going to do?” Victor put down the glass. After a short while, he said in a low but oppressive voice. He said “As for the three hundred million dollars, I will make him have no chance to spend it after getting it.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 244 Wedding

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