Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 243: Get Married

Chapter 243 I Heard That You Are Going To Get Married 

It was getting late. After saying that, Lukas left the room. Standing on the small stool in the bathroom, Joey looked at himself reflected in the mirror and pursed his thin lips gently. He couldn’t get rid of that sentence in his mind. Mr. Smith said that his scummy dad had been looking forward to his birth. Looking down at his pajamas, Joey couldn’t tell how he felt. If what Mr. Smith said was true, how could his mommy be parted from his scummy father? How could Uncle Quintin hate his scummy father so much? However, it didn’t seem to be false from Mr. Smith’s expression when he talked about it or the lonely figure of his scummy father in the baby room tonight. Joey’s mind was in a mess and he sighed deeply. In another room After leaving the guest room, Lukas walked a few steps and saw Victor coming out of the baby room. He greeted, “Good evening, Mr. Sullivan.” Victor put Katie down and replied to him indifferently. Seeing that he had changed his clothes, Lukas asked, “Mr. Sullivan, are you going out like this?”

It was already ten o’clock in the evening. “I have something to deal with in the company.” Victor said in a deep voice. After saying that, he looked up at the closed door not far behind Lukas, “Is he asleep?” ‘He?’

Lukas didn’t react for a moment. After he was stunned for a while, he just smiled knowingly and nodded, “Yes, Mr. Sullivan. Joe has gone to bed.” “Joe?” Hearing this name, Victor was stunned, “His name is Joe?” Lukas nodded and said, “I was worried that a child like him would shrink from meeting strangers in a strange place. But Joe is a brave and obedient child.” Victor’s eyes darkened. He simply replied to him with ‘okay’. Then he said, “I’m going back to the company. Call me if you need anything.” Before Lukas could say anything, Victor turned around and went downstairs. He stood at the landing and watched his master Victor leave. plzz bookmark for new chapters Lukas couldn’t help but sigh. Victor had managed to come back to the Sue Garden, but he just left in a few hours. He knew that Victor wanted to stay here but dared not. He wanted to stay here because there were memories of Miss Bennet getting along with him and traces of her life in the Sue Garden.

But he didn’t dare to do that because these traces and memories would turn into sharp knives that would pierce into his heart all the time.

On the top floor of the Sullivan Group’s edifice. With a sound of ‘ding-dong’, the elevator door opened slowly and the person inside walked out.

The night breeze blew over with a hint of coldness. Standing on the top floor of the Sullivan Group’s edifice, one could see the night scene of the entire Apliaria. If it was in the past, it would definitely be a good place to relax.

But now…

When Carson looked into the middle distance, he smelled a strong smell of red wine before he walked towards it. He flicked a switch. Carson turned on the light of the glass room, and the incandescent light immediately illuminated the room as if it was daytime. He joked, “You asked me to drink here. But I haven’t arrived yet, and you’ve almost finished the wine yourself. Mr. Sullivan, you’re too insincere, aren’t you” As soon as Carson finished his words, his eyes alighted on the pendant in his hand — Beloved. In the past four years, Victor had almost been wearing this pendant all the time. But it was rare to see it being taken out like today. plzz bookmark for new chapters Carson immediately realized that something must have happened to Victor today, so he restrained his cynicism and poured himself a glass of wine. After a while, he said slowly“I’ve heard a lot on the Internet recently that you are going to get a marriage certificate with Susan and get married with her?”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 243 Get Married

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