Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 241: Baby’s Room

Chapter 241 Baby’s Room

In the room of the Sue Garden.

Looking at the watch screen which showed that the phone had been hung up, Joey finally felt relieved. He threw back the covers and sat up, letting out a heavy sigh of relief. At this moment, there was a sound of the mew outside the door, followed by the noise of its claws scratching at the door. “Is it Katie?” Joey got out of bed. “Meow…” Outside the door, Katie seemed to hear his call and replied with a meow. When Joey opened the door, he saw Katie squatting in front of the door and lowering its head to lick its hair. Hearing the sound of opening the door, it raised its head and meowed meekly. “Katie, why are you here?” When Joey saw Katie, a happy smile appeared on his face. He picked it up and said, “I thought my scummy dad has taken you away and didn’t want you to play with me anymore!” this novel daily new chapters uploaded only 1 Katie didn’t understand what he was talking about. It just saw him lower his head. So it took the initiative to lick his cheek ingratiatingly. The cat’s tongue was stinging, and his face was soaked in dribble leaving a tingling sensation. But it was not a big deal compared to holding the cat he liked. “Katie, where is my scummy dad?” As Joey spoke, he glanced around. The corridor was very quiet, and there was no trace of his father at all. 2 “…… Meow!” Joey lowered his head to look at Katie. A white light flashed across his mind and he had the idea of strolling around the Sue Garden. “If I walk around now, my scummy dad won’t suspect me, will he, Katie?”


When Katie heard him calling itself, it only meowed in a reflex action. “Well, I think my analysis is reasonable. In that case, let’s go.” Joey made up his mind in his heart and nodded in agreement when he heard the cat’s reply. Then he left the room with Katie in his arms. Walking forward, Joey mused in his mind. There were two reasons for him to come out and have a stroll in the Sue Garden. First, it was the place where his mommy and his scummy daddy used to live. He wanted to have a look and know something about their past. Mommy had never mentioned the days when she and his scummy dad lived in the Sue Garden in front of him. Uncle Quintin only said a few words about it to him occasionally, but what he said was almost meaningless. He

just kept saying that Joey’s father was a ******* who abandoned his wife and child. Now that he saw his father, who was still in the Sue Garden, it was such a good opportunity to know what had happened in the past. So it was difficult for him not to be moved by it. The second and also the most important reason, of course, was that only by knowing himself and enemy could he fight a hundred battles without danger of defeat! Although he would not expose his identity on his own initiative, he had to be prepared for the worst to fight back just in case if his father found out his identity and wanted to take him away from his mother! While thinking, Joey unconsciously walked to the door of a room. Katie wanted to stretch itself, so it jumped out of his arms and forced him to stop. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the light from the crack under the door. The light was on in the room. Was it a servant’s lounge? But it was on the third floor, and the servants’ rest rooms were all downstairs. How could it be here? Driven by curiosity, Joey hesitated for a while and then reached out his hand to hold the doorknob. He carefully pressed it down and gently pushed the door open a crack. The light as bright as daylight spilled from the room like waterfalls, accompanied by a faint smell of tobacco. Joey looked inside through the crack and saw a person smoking at the balcony. Behind him was the incandescent white light, which reflected off his shoulder creating a ghostly luminescence. Standing under the moonlit night, he looked cold and lonely. This man was his scummy father. Joey tilted his head a little and looked around the room. Only then did he find that the decoration of this room was completely different from those of other rooms. If the door was completely opened, the interior of the room was absolutely different from the outside world, incompatible and incongruous. Outside the door was cold, stiff and ruthless, but the interior of the room was warm, full of intimate atmosphere. Joey almost thought he had an illusion. Besides, why did he feel this room was so similar to a nursery? Thinking of this, he saw the crib in the middle of the room and confirmed his guess more. But why did his scummy father make the room a nursery? Before he could figure it out, Katie suddenly slipped into the room through a crack of the door. “Wait…” Before Joey could stop it, Katie had already ran away. He could only watch it swagger into the baby room. The noise at the door apparently alarmed Victor. He turned around and saw Katie at the first sight. If he remembered correctly, he had closed the door. Although Katie liked to run around, it was not naughty enough to push the handle and open the door. Then, he looked up at the door. this novel daily new chapters uploaded only There was a crack of the door that was just enough for one person to come in, but no one was seen. Victor’s eyes darkened undetected. Katie had already walked to his feet, rubbed his ankle intimately and then lay on the ground, not noticing the emotional change of its master. He slightly narrowed his eyes, squatted down and gently stroked Katie’s head. His eyes were as deep as dark holes, making it impossible to pry into his thoughts at the moment. Without stopping Katie, Joey turned around and ran towards the guest room in one breath. However, as soon as he returned to the room, he bumped into Lukas coming out. Joey?” Seeing that he was in a hurry, Lukas was confused. “Where have you been?” “…” Joey didn’t expect that he would just bump into Lukas. He thought quickly, calmed down and explained, “I want to go to the bathroom, but the toilet in the room seems to be blocked, so I come out to another bathroom.” Lukas was dubious, “Is the toilet really blocked?” Joey nodded, pretending to be serious. Lukas looked him up and down and found that he didn’t seem to be lying, “I’ll ask the servant to come there later and unblock it.” “Okay.” He agreed. “Joey, I’ve brought you the pajamas. It’s a little late and the shops have been all closed. I couldn’t buy a suitable pajamas for the time being, so I have no choice but to take the pajamas that the master wore in childhood, which may be a little big.” “It doesn’t matter. As long as I can wear it, it would be fine.” Lukas nodded. Looking at the sweat on Joey’s forehead, he felt something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell what it was. He suppressed his doubt and said, “Then let’s have a try first, okay? If it really doesn’t fit you, I’ll ask the servant to change it later.” “Okay.” Joey agreed to him frankly, walked into the room and saw the neatly folded pajamas placed by Lukas on the bed. It was a dark blue silk pajamas. Joey opened it and found that it was indeed a little big, but he didn’t say anything and went into the bathroom to change into the pajamas. After a short while, he came out. When he wore the pajamas, he really looked like a child stealing adult’s clothes. Even though he had rolled up his sleeves and trouser legs a lot, it still looked sloppy and was about to fall after he walked two steps. “I’ll ask the servant to make some adjustments.” Lukas looked at him and said, “this is what

the master wore when he was seven years old and was brought back by Madam. It is indeed too big.” Joey shook his long sleeve and was a little confused when he heard what Lukas said. “Was he brought back by Madam?” Lukas couldn’t stand it anymore. He stepped forward to help roll up his sleeves and said, “Yes, I remember the first time I saw the master, he was very thin. But when he saw Madam, he didn’t cry or make any noise, just keeping his spine straight.” “What had happened before he was seven years old?” Hearing this, Lukas suddenly stopped rolling up Joey’s sleeves.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 241 Baby’s Room

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