Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 240: The Call

Chapter 240 The Call

Standing up and casting a glance at Joey, Victor ordered, “Lukas, ask someone to clean up the guest room.” Then he picked up Katie, turned around, left the living room and went upstairs. Lukas had been smiling since Joey agreed to stay. It had been a long time since the Sue Garden had a guest. “Kid, let’s go. I’ll take you to the guest room and find you a pajama. Take a shower and have a rest.” Lukas said kindly. With a nod, Joey jumped off the sofa and said, “Mr. Smith, you can call me Joe.” “Joe?” “Yes, it is my nickname.” Joey replied with a grin. The more Lukas looked at Joey, the more confused he became. He felt as if he saw Victor for the first time when he was just a little boy. That day, in the cold wind, Victor stood there, he was thin but he looked strong. However, Joey’s eyes were bright and sparkling while little Victor’s eyes were desperate. “Mr. Smith, what are you thinking about?” Joey couldn’t help asking when he saw that Lukas was staring at him in a daze. “Nothing, nothing.” When Lukas came to his senses, he asked, “Joe, do you know why your mother gave you this name?” Joey followed Lukas out of the living room and headed to the guest room. He shrugged and said, “She said it was for remembrance.” “Remembrance?” “Yes, Mommy said that she had a dream once, in her dream, she was a superhero but she fell into bad men’s trap and died because she believed them.” Joey said, “When she woke up, she didn’t know how, but this name came to her mind. She gave me this name so as to remind me not to trust others easily.” Lukas frowned. It was just a dream, a nightmare. Why would a mother pick a name with such a story behind it? But there was one thing that Lukas agreed, “your mommy was right. Don’t trust others easily no matter what happens. This is to protect yourself.”

They arrived at the guest room talking. Standing at the door, Joey raised his head. His eyes were clear and innocent. He asked. “Mr. Smith, can I trust you?” Lukas twisted the doorknob and pushed it open. He was stunned when he heard this question. Before he could say anything, Joey tilted his head and said, “I think I can.”

“Why?” Lukas was amused by his answer. “Because I think you are a good person.” Joey said with a smile, “My mommy said that she met an old housekeeper when she was pregnant with me. He took good care of her and helped her a lot. I think you are just like the housekeeper my mommy mentioned.” Lukas looked at him and touched his head. He said nothing but to find a pajama for Joey and then left the guest room. Joey walked into the room and looked around. The decoration here was simple, and the style was in line with Victor’s character, cold. Even the air was filled with coldness and ruthlessness. All of a sudden, Joey’s watch buzzed. As soon as he sat down, he saw that it was a video call. He took a look at it and found that it was Rachel who was calling. He was alert immediately. ‘Shouldn’t Mommy be busy with work at this time?’ He quickly got out of bed, locked the door and ran back to the bed. He lifted the quilt and lay down. He did all these fast. “Mommy!” Joey answered the phone and the hidden camera in the watch was exposed, facing his little face. Then a beautiful face appeared on the tiny screen. It was Rachel.

Compared with four years ago, she didn’t change much. Only her eyes were less sharp but gentler.

After staring at the codes for a whole day, she was wearing a pair of glasses on the bridge of her nose. When she saw Joey’s chubby and cute face in the video, she was less tired. “Joe, where are you?” “On the bed.” As if afraid that Rachel wouldn’t believe him, he moved the camera to his side, revealing a corner of the pillow. But soon he moved it back and aimed the camera at his face. Rachel didn’t see it clearly, but she didn’t find anything wrong. Rachel checked the time and said, “It’s only nine o’clock, you sleep early today.” “Because I’m sleepy.” After saying that, Joey yawned and then changed the topic. “Mommy, when will you come back? I miss you so much!” “I’ve gotten some problem here. It may take some more time.” Rachel grinned, “What? Did you bully Uncle Quintin again?” “Of course not!”

Rachel took off her glasses and leaned back, smiling without saying anything. Apparently, she was suspicious of his answer. “Mommy, I really didn’t!” Joey pouted. “Did he tell you something?” • “No, I called Uncle Quintin today, but he didn’t answer or call me back.” Rachel said, “I was

about to ask you, what’s Quintin busy with today?” What was Quintin busy with? He didn’t know. But Quintin didn’t answer Rachel’s phone or call back. He guessed that Quintin was afraid he might leak the secret. After all, this was a big secret they were keeping, if Rachel found out what they were doing, they would be doomed for sure. With a guilty conscience, Joey blinked his eyes with an innocent look on his face. “He’s not busy with anything. Maybe he didn’t see your call. Mommy, what dyou need Uncle Quintin for?”

“Nothing.” “Oh…” After a sigh of relief, Joey yawned and said softly, “MommyI‘m so sleepyI want to sleep now.” “Ok, you can go to sleep now. I’m not around these days, so don’t run around, okay?” Seeing that he looked really sleepy, Rachel didn’t say anything more. Joey muttered, “I will wait for you to come home here. Mommy, when I see Uncle Quintin tomorrow, I will tell him to call you back. Good night!” Rachel smiled, “Good night, sweetheart.” Then the video call was ended. At this time, someone knocked on the door of Rachel’s office and pushed the door open. “K, you’ve been working for three days. Let us handle the rest of the work. Go back and have a rest.”

Kwas Rachel’s code name in this mission. In addition to taking orders, the Red Hackers would take on some special tasks. For example, this time, they were intercepting the data transmitted by international espionage, tracing the data traces and destroying it. This was what the Red Hackers was founded for. As the leader of the Red Hackers, Rachel had to take the lead. “Okay, please book a ticket for me to go back tomorrow.” She nodded.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 240: The Call

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