Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 239: Just One Night

Chapter 239 Just One Night

Ten minutes later, in the living room of the Sue Garden. “Meow!” Katie leaned on Joey’s lap, staring at his arm with her round eyes. She called out as if she felt guilty, and then gently licked his palm with her tongue. “Mr. Sullivan, here is the medical kit.” Lukas put down the medical kit and looked at Victor. Victor took off his suit and only wore a white shirt. His sleeves were rolled up, revealing his forearms. With one leg bent, he was half-kneeling in front of Joey, holding his slender wrist with his hands. On Joey there were three scratches with blood oozing from them. “Okay.” Victor’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, and he said in a deep voice. Then he took out the medical kit, opened it, took out a bottle and was about to pour some alcohol on the scratches on his arm.

All of a sudden, he felt that Joey’s hand retreated.

When Victor saw the fear in his eyes, he immediately understood and asked, “Does it hurt?” “……” Frowning, Joey pursed his lips and said nothing. “Katie scratched you and alcohol can disinfect your wound. Although there is no need for vaccination, if we don’t disinfect the scratches in time, it may inflame.” Seeing that he didn’t answer, Victor didn’t care and continued.

“I know.” Joey replied stiffly. But he knew that, he couldn’t help but feel scared when he looked at the bottle of alcohol. He was afraid of pain. Before the New Year’s day, Quintin took him to climb a tree, but he accidentally fell down and his palm was wounded. When he went back, Rachel cleaned his wound with alcohol, the pain was still vivid. It was more than the amount that Rachel used on him last time, it must be even more painful. The mere thought of it sent a chill down his spine. Joey couldn’t help but wonder why he was so unlucky. When he was about to leave just now, maybe it was because Katie didn’t want him to leave, she pounced on him all of a sudden when he was still climbing the wall. However, her claw scratched his arm hard. And this scene, unfortunately, was discovered by Victor. Joey sighed, looking like an adault. His sigh was very light, but Victor heard it clearly and looked up at him. “Well…” Joey opened his mouth, “I don’t think it’s necessary to use so much alcohol, how

about I do it myself?” “You can do it yourself?” Apparently, Victor didn’t think he could handle it himself. How could he look down upon him? Joey didn’t want to be looked down upon by his father, he straightened his back and nodded heavily. “Yes, I am used to dealing with my wounds by myself. So don’t look at me like that, I’m good at treating wounds.” Hearing this, Lukas frowned. This child looked only three or four years old. How could he know how to disinfect wounds at such a young age? Where were his parents? Of course, Victor was thinking about it as well. Instead of agreeing in a hurry, he asked, “Do you often get hurt?” Being asked this question, Joey was slightly stunned and thought for a while.



Rachel was now the head of the committee of the Red Hackers. Apart from the founder of the Red Hackers, everyone did everything as she said. As her son, Joenaturally became the young master of the headquarter and he was always under protection. Since he could remember, he had only been injured once in his memory. And because of that injury, Quintin was dispatched to Africa for two months by Rachel. Quintin had cried and begged so that he could come back. After that, everyone knew what the consequence was if they didn’t protect him well, and Quintin dared not take him anywhere since. so it was not so often. But he couldn’t say that in front of Victor, otherwise, Victor might look down on him. He blinked his eyes and said, “Sometimes. It’s normal for kids to get hurt.” Victor’s eyes darkened. He looked his face but said nothing. “Where are your parents? They just let you deal with the wounds yourself? Don’t they know you are hurt?’” Lukas couldn’t help saying, “They are irresponsible!” His parents? Subconsciously, Joey took a look at Victor and recalled what Quintin had said to him. He lowered his eyes and a sad look appeared on his face. He whispered, “It’s not their fault.” After a pause, he looked up at Lukas and said, “My mommy is the best mommy in the world! But she is always busy with her work. I am afraid that she would be worried, so I never tell her.”

Hearing this, Lukas’s heart softened. How could this child be so sensible at such a young age? He was so considerate that it made him feel sorry. “What about your daddy?” “I don’t have a daddy.” As soon as Joey finished his words, he turned to look at Victor and his eyes twinkled. Somehow, when Victor heard this, his heart ached inexplicably. But it disappeared before he could figure out why. “I’m sorry, kid. I…” “It’s okay.” Joey looked away from Victor’s face and smiled at Lukas. “I don’t feel sad at all, because he is a pig. He abandoned mommy. Although I have never seen him before, my uncle told me that he was very bad to Mommy and always bullied her.” Hearing these words, there were mixed feelings in Lukas’s heart. He looked at Joey’s face. In fact, when he first saw him in the backyard, he felt that Joey looked like Victor.

Now when he saw the determination in Joey’s eyes, he felt that they were really alike. He looked exactly like Victor when he was a child. If he went out with Victor, everyone would probably think they were father and son. However, Lukas knew very well that they were not. Victor could have a cute and lovely child like Joey if Rachel and their child were still alive. In the end, Victor still didn’t let Joey disinfect the wound himself. But he knew that Joey was afraid of pain, so he changed to use a cotton stick to wipe his wound gently with alcohol. Joey didn’t say anything except taking a deep breath at the beginning. After the disinfection, Victor threw the cotton stick into the trash can and asked in a low voice, “What’s your mommy’s phone number?” Joey became alert as soon as he heard this. When Victor saw the wariness in his eyes, he was slightly stunned. Then he came to his senses and explained, “Katie scratched you. Although I’ve had your wound disinfected, in case of any emergency, you’d better stay here for one night. I need to call your mommy to inform her.”


He had thought that Victor had known who he was and wanted to use him to find his mother. “No, thanks. I can go back by myself,” said Joey with a sigh of relief. “Whatever you want.” After taking a look at Joey’s determined face for a while, Victor didn’t insist. “Kid, you’d better stay here for one night. The wound may inflame.” Lukas advised worriedly. “Meow!” at this moment, Katie reached out her claws and hooked the corner of Joey’s clothes, as if trying to persuade him to stay. Joey looked at Lukas’s worried face and then at Katie. He was a little hesitant and didn’t want to leave Katie. He thought that he could stay here for one night. Anyway, Victor didn’t know who he was. “Fine, I’ll stay here for one night, just one night!”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 239 Just One Night

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