Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 238 They Met

Chapter 238 They Met

Joey had a good sleep in the hotel. When he woke up, he found that Victor had known that he hacked into the system, which was much faster than he had expected. He thought it would take a few days for him to find the clues he deliberately left. According to his original plan, if Victor followed the clues he left, he would only find a virtual IP address. But now looking at the codes jumping on the screen, Joey changed his mind.

He made a program for his watch in case that Quintin, who was far away from him, detected his whereabouts. Then he took his schoolbag and left the hotel. After a short while, he arrived at the Sue Garden, found a blind spot for monitoring and sat here. Holding the tablet PC, Joey tapped the screen with his chubby fingertips. A green light flashed on a camera not far away, and a series of codes were on his screen. “Great!” Joey smiled complacently, looking forward to seeing Victor’s expression when he found the IP address. He changed the virtual IP address to the Sue Garden, which meant that when Victor found it out, he would find that he had circled around and returned to where he started. Joey stuffed the tablet PC into his bag, looked at his watch and was about to go back. The program he designed could help him hide his whereabouts, but it couldn’t last long. Otherwise, Quintin would be suspicious. By that time, he would have to be forced to go back. Thinking of this, Joey supported himself against the wall and was ready to go down.


Suddenly, a cat’s scream came from the corner. Joey stopped climbing the wall and looked down. In the dim light, he saw a snow-white cat looking up at him with its bright blue eyes. He was immediately attracted by the cat. “Meow!” Joey looked around and made sure no one was around before coming down from the wall. As soon as he stood firm, the cat rubbed against his feet before he could speak. It seemed that the cat liked him. Joey squatted down and reached out his hand to the cat. The cat rubbed its head against his palm like a child asking for candies. “Are you trying to be nice to me?” Joey was amused and held it in his arms. “Meow!” “Victor keeps a cat? That’s new.” Joey liked cats. Every time he saw a cat, he couldn’t walk,

especially this was a beautiful and cute one. Last year, on his birthday, Quintin knew how much he liked cats, so he gave a cat to him as a gift. But not long after, the cat got cat pestilence and a series of complications. Rachel and Quintin tried everything they could but the cat still couldn’t live. Joey cried and had a high fever because of its death, which frightened them. Since then, they had stopped talking about raising cats. But Joey still liked cats. “Kitten, what’s your name?” Joey lowered his head, the kitten nestling in his arms, and showed him her belly. The cat was willing to let him touch her belly, which meant that she liked JoeyJoey didn’t expect that the cat wasn’t afraid of strangers. He smiled, “You are so cute!” “Meow!”

“But your nose seems a little dry. Are you sick?” Joey gently touched its nose with his finger pulp. The cat stuck out her tongue and licked his hand. Her big eyes twinkled but she didn’t scream. “Katie? Katie?” At this time, a voice sounded and someone was walking towards them.

Joey was alarmed. He held the kitten and hid behind a big tree in the corner.

“Katie, where are you?” “Meow…” the kitten responded subconsciously when she heard her name. But as soon as it made a sound, its mouth was covered. Joey held her, put his index finger on her lips and made a gesture of silence. Katie looked at Joey and whimpered. She put her hand on his wrist as if promising him she wouldn’t make any sound. The footsteps were getting closer and closer. Holding the cat tightly in his arms, Joey was thinking about how to escape if he was found. Suddenly, another voice came. “Lukas, we’ve searched everywhere, but we still can’t find Katie.” The servant ran over in a hurry, “Mr. Sullivan… Mr. Sullivan is back.” Lukas stopped and thought for a while. He frowned and said, “You continue to look for her nearby. I heard her voice just now. I’ll go to greet Mr. Sullivan first.” “Yes, sir.” The servant nodded. Lukas glanced around with a flashlight and then walked towards the front yard. Several servants kept looking for the cat. Hearing the footsteps farther and farther away, Joey breathed a sigh of relief. He looked down at the cat in his arms and put it down. “So your name is Katie.” The little guy squatted down, propped his chin with both hands, tilted his head a little and looked at Katie. “Meow!” Katie replied with a cry. Then she lowered her head and licked her hair.

According to the servant, Victor must be back, and the servants were looking for the cat. He had to leave here as soon as possible. Joey reached out his hand and touched the cat’s head. “Katie, I have to go.” “Meow!” “I want to take you away, but if I did, Victor would find me soon. I can’t let him know who I am now, so I have to go alone.” Joey withdrew his hand and said softly, “But don’t worry. I will come to see you as long as I have the chance.” After saying that, he stood up and was about to find a place to climb up from the corner. In the front yard. Lukas hurried to the front yard garden and saw Victor getting out of the car. “Mr. Sullivan, you’re back. I’ve asked the cook to prepare dinner. Would you like to have dinner first?” “Where is Katie?” Asked Victor, frowning After a pause, Lukas said, “Katie has taken some medicine. The servant is taking care of her now, she is resting.” “Let me have a look.” Victor went straight to the living room. Lukas moved his lips, but there was no time to stop Victor. He had to follow him. After a short while, Victor arrived at Katie’s cat den and found that she was not there. He called in a low voice, “Lukas.” Lukas lowered his head and explained, “Mr. Sullivan. Katie felt better after taking the medicine. But she jumped down from the window all of a sudden. The servants are still

looking for her.” Frowning, Victor looked at the half-opened window and his eyes darkened. Seeing that he didn’t say anything, Lukas wanted to say something more. He knew that in the past four years, Katie was the only thing that could make Victor happy or sad. Katie was very important to him. “Give me the flashlight. I’ll look for it myself.” Before Lukas could say anything, Victor said. Then, Lukas and Victor arrived at the garden. “I asked the servants to look for it over there. I heard Katie’s voice just now. She always likes to stay there.” Lukas pointed at the place where Joey had been hiding. When Victor looked over, his eyes darkened.

The comer was the place where Rachel used to stroll around. He knew it because he missed her so much that he checked the surveillance video of her traces in the Sue Garden after her death.

His heart ached.

He walked over.


“Hiss!” As soon as he approached, there was a meow and a gasp. As soon as Victor pressed the switch of the flashlight, the corner was lit up. Victor saw Katie and a little guy.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 238 They Met

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