Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 237: My Wife

Chapter 237 My Wife

Susan waited for two hours and the video conference was finally over. It was completely dark outside by then. She poured Victor a glass of water and said, “Victor, you have been busy all afternoon, have a rest. Drink some water.” Victor turned off the computer screen and glanced at the glass of water on the table, then he asked indifferently. “Why are you here? What can I do for you?” “Nothing. It’s just… We haven’t seen each other for almost a month.” Susan looked at him affectionately, “I just want to see you.” “……” Victor didn’t say anything and kept silent. Being stared at by him like this, Susan unconsciously felt a little nervous. She avoided his sight, trying to ease her nervousness with a smile. “I ordered some food, but it’s cold now. Since it’s dark outside, how about we go out and grab some…” “What do you want?” Victor interrupted her The smile on Susan’s face froze. She clenched her fists and her fingernails clenched her palms. It hurt so much that she felt her eyes were a little sore. After a long time, she took a deep breath and said, “Victor, my parents want to have dinner together.” Afraid that he would refuse, Susan added, “But we don’t have to if you are really busy.” They might have read the rumors on the Internet recently, so…” She suddenly stopped and didn’t go on. She stared at him with her beautiful eyes, trying to see how he would react.

Sure enough, Victor’s hand writing paused. He looked up at her and said, “Rumors? What rumors?”

“It’s just… Those media have been gossiping that we are going to get married. I don’t know why.” Said Susan guiltily. “Get married?” Sweat appeared on Susan’s forehead. Although they were engaged, it was normal for them to talk about marriage, she was still nervous. The relationship between her and Victor was never equal. Two years ago, after the conversation in the Crown Club, she chose to stay with him. Because only by clinging to the Sullivan Group could she get what she wanted. She was unwilling to give up what she had now. “Yeah.” She nodded and then explained, “They always like to gossip about our marriage. I clarified it once a year ago, but it didn’t work, so my agent suggested that I don’t need to explain it anymore. But, if you think it’s not appropriate, I can contact the media to explain it to everyone and clear it up…” “No, that’s fine.” Victor said coldly after a moment’s silence. Hearing this, Susan’s eyes suddenly lit up. She asked with shock, “What did you say?” Closing the folder, Victor stood up and said, “Let them gossip if they like it so much.” “So do you mean…” Susan felt her heart was about to jump out, “We are going to get married?” Victor walked up to her and looked down at her coldly. Susan swallowed nervously and said in a soft and trembling voice, “Vic…” “Do you really want to marry me?” “I…” Susan’s eyes were soft, “You know, I love you and want to marryou.” After working for two consecutive days, Victor felt a little tired. Looking into her eyes, listening to her affectionate confession, Victor was a little absent-minded, as if he had seen the person he had been missing for four years. Every time he thought of her, he would feel heartbroken.

But soon he centered himself.

Susan was not her.

If it was Rachel, she would probably only sneer and answer, “Mr. Sullivan, are you going to marry your ex-wife? But unfortunately, I don’t want to marry you.” She could always use the sharpest words to stab into his most painful part, and her eyes were always full of unyielding. There was always coldness and hatred in her eyes when she looked at him. Noticing the change of the expression on his face, Susan looked into his eyes and realized that he was thinking about Rachel again. She clenched her hands, and the unwillingness and jealousy in her heart were rampant. Three years had passed. When he looked at’her, he was always thinking about another woman. He chose her just because she looked like her! At the beginning, she simply thought that he loved her, but after knowing the reason why he chose her, she firmly believed that someday he would forget about Rachel and fall in love with her. But after three years, he still had no feelings for her, he hadn’t even looked at her sincerely once. She hated it.

How could she not hate it? She hated herself because she looked like Rachel and hated Rachel. But now that she had no way to vent her anger since Rachel was a dead woman, she had to endure it. Rachel was dead, what could Victor do? In the end, she would be Mrs. Sullivan, Victor’s wife.

“I can marry you and we can have the wedding you want.” Said Victor in a flat tone, loosening her chin. Susan was overjoyed, but before she could show it on her face, Victor added, “But except that, I won’t give you anything else, including the marriage certificate.” Susan was stunned. “If you agree, I will ask Ivan to prepare the wedding right away.” He said. Holding a wedding without getting a marriage certificate? Wouldn’t that make her no more than his lover? Susan felt bitter in her heart. She knew why, but she still didn’t give up and asked him.

With an indifferent expression, Victor said, “You can be Mrs. Sullivan, but she will always be my wife, no one can replace her.” Susan smiled, there were tears in her eyes, which made people feel sorry for her. But Victor didn’t His heart had already died on the day Rachel died. “You can think about it. After you make up your mind, tell Ivan.” Taking a look at the time on his phone, Victor said, “As for the dinner with your parents, it’s too late today. I’ll ask Ivan to book a restaurant tomorrow night, I’ll ask the driver to send you back now.” With red eyes, Susan moved her lips and could only say, “Okay.” After she left, Victor devoted himself to his work again. Suddenly, his phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, he found it was Lukas. He answered the phone, “Lukas.” “Mr. Sullivan, will you come back tonight?” Lukas asked with concern. Victor turned his head to look out of the French window. The night was dark, with only a few stars in the sky. In his office, he could see the most beautiful scene in Apliaria. In the past four years, he had spent most of his time in the company and seldom went back to the Sue Garden voluntarily. It was only when Lukas called that he realized that he hadn’t been home for several days. Subconsciously, he didn’t dare to go back. There seemed to be memories of Rachel in evercorner in it. Lukas knew he was in pain and had mentioned to change the stuff in the Sue Garden, but he didn’t agree and didn’t allow anyone to move anything. No matter how painful it was, he didn’t want to erase the last traces of Rachel. He put down his pen and leaned back. “What’s up?” “Nothing.” After a moment of silence, Lukas said, “The servant didn’t notice it this afternoon and Katie jumped into the water. She caught a cold and didn’t eat much tonight.” Katie was the cat that Victor searched all the cathouses in Apliaria and found for Rachel. At that time, Rachel knew at a glance that Katie was not that street cat, so she asked Ivan to

send it to someone else. After Rachel died, Victor thought of it and told Ivan to get it back Since then, the cat had been staying in the Sue Garden. He didn’t know why he raised it, but when he looked at it, the guilt in his heart seemed to be slightly relieved. “I’m going back now.” His eyes suddenly darkened. Then he picked up his coat and stood up. “Okay, but don’t worry too much, Mr. Sullivan. The vet has checked on her. She is fine.” Lukas’s voice came from the phone again. “Okay.” Victor said, “Lukas, I don’t want to see that servant again.” Then he hung up the phone and ordered Ivan to get the car ready. He left the office and took the elevator, going back to the Sue Garden. At the same time, a small figure was sitting at a corner outside the Sue Garden where the camera wouldn’t capture him. He shook his legs and looked around the Sue Garden, muttering “His place is not that fancy.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 237 My Wife

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