Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 236: Victor And Susan (Part 2)

Chapter 236 Victor And Susan (Part Two)

“Rachel Bennet is notorious for being a loser and she usually made a fool of herself. Some people said that she got divorced because Victor couldn’t bear her. But there are also some people who said that they didn’t really divorce, because someone once boarded the same ship with Rachel and Victor on a cruise and saw Victor fight with others for her on the deck.” Taking another sip of wine, Susan thought for a while and asked, “Where is she now?” “She is dead. Not long before you came back, I heard that she fell into the sea and drowned.”

Susan was stunned.

At this time, a waiter bumped into her shoulder recklessly, and the red wine spilled out of her glass and sprinkled on the corner of her dress. Susan said to her friend that she would go to the lady’s room to clean it up. However, when she came out of the lady’s room, she saw that Victor leaned against the wall smoking. The thin smoke with the smell of tobacco covered his face, which made him look languish and lonely. She couldn’t help but stop and looked at him from a short distance. After a short while, Victor finished his cigarette and was about to leave. Seeing this, Susan walked up to him and stopped him. “Mr. Sullivan.”

“What?” Victor stopped and turned around to look in the direction of the voice. Susan took a deep breath and stood in front of him. She raised her eyes, smiled and reached out her hand, “Nice to meet you, I’m Susan Salazar.” After a long time, Susan felt her hand a little sore, but Victor didn’t move. She felt embarrassed and regretted what she did. When she was about to take her hand back, he suddenly asked, “What’s your name again?” After a short pause, Susan looked into his eyes. His dark eyes reflected her astonishment. “Susan… Susan Salazar. ” She came to herself and said, “My name is Susan. My father is James Salazar, the CEO of the Salazar Group.” Somehow, although Victor was looking at her, Susan felt that he was looking at another person through her face. When he heard her answer, Victor’s eyes darkened. Then he frowned and said coldly, “I don’t know him. What can I do for you?” “……” Susan was stunned. The Salazar family was well known in Apliaria. She had always been proud of her identity as the eldest daughter of the Salazar family. But now, when she heard the words “I don’t know him” from Victor, her pride was shattered into pieces.

“I…” Looking at his face, Susan’s heart beat faster. Looking down at her, Victor noticed the shyness on her face. His eyes rested on her eyes for a moment. Then he said in a low and cold voice. “You like me?” Susan was completely stunned. “I… yes, I do like you. In fact, when I saw you tonight, I…” “Your name is Susan?” He interrupted her.


“I’ll have the betrothal gifts delivered to the Salazar family tomorrow.” Victor said expressionlessly, “Since you like me, let’s get engaged.”


Susan was shocked and widened her eyes. She doubted if she had heard it wrong, but before she could ask, Victor turned around and left. The next day, Ivan really brought a lot of things to the Salazar family to propose. It only took them less than two days from meeting each other to announcing the engagement to the public. Just like that, Susan became Victor’s fiancée. She couldn’t figure out why he decided to get engaged after they only met once. At first, she thought that he fell in love with her at the first sight just like she did, so he chose her without hesitation. Not only she thought so, but the people around her also thought so. Until two years ago, on a rainy night in winter, she received a call from Dwayne, saying that Victor was drunk and had a stomachache. She rushed over in a hurry and opened the door of the box. The mellow and strong smell of alcohol came into her nose, and she saw red wine bottles all over the ground. On the sofa, Victor curled up like a child. “Vic.” She didn’t know why Victor, who had always been a restrained man, would drink so much today, but when she saw his uncomfortable look, she immediately suppressed her doubts and walked up to him and gently called his name. Hearing the sound, Victor opened his eyes. In the dim room, only the dim light from the screen behind fell on Susan’s face. He stared at her for a long time without saying anything. “Vic, does it hurt? Let me take you to the hospital, okay?” Susan thought he was too painful to say anything Suddenly, her wrist was held by him.

Before Susan could react, he pulled her hard and she fell on the sofa. Then he held her wnst

and pressed her against the sofa. “Victor?” Susan was startled.

Looking at her, Victor’s eyes gradually blurred. Susan felt that the big hand on her wrist was burning hot. When she looked into his eyes, she was absent–minded and could not help but soften her tone with a trace of flirtation. “Victor… Dwayne is still outside.”

“……” Without saying a word, Victor‘s eyes were still fixed on hers. Suddenly, he loosened his grip on her wrist, put his thumb between her eyebrows, and gently rubbed it. He looked at her affectionately. They had been together for almost a year, but they had never even held hands or kissed. “Victor, … I love you.” Said Susan emotionally. After saying that, she raised her head slightly and wanted to kiss him, but unexpectedly, Victor‘s eyes suddenly narrowed and he seemed to be a little sober. “You are not her.” Susan paused.


“Why are you here?” His eyes were cold. He stood up with a cold expression on his face, as if the man who had been looking at her affectionately just now was not him at all. Susan didn‘t expect that he would ask such a question. She felt embarrassed. “I…” She tucked her hair behind her ear to hide her embarrassment. “I received a call from Dwayne, he said that you had a stomachache. I was worried about you, so I…” “You can go now.” Victor interrupted her coldly. Hearing this, Susan panicked. She stood up and tried to grab his hand, but was dodged by him. “Did I do something wrong, Vic? Just now, you were… “Susan recalled the look on his face when he looked at her just now. He looked so affectionate just now. How could he suddenly

change into another person? “I’m fine. You can go back now.” Said Victor, urging her to leave again. Susan pressed her lips and her eyes turned red. All the grievances she had accumulated in the past year burst.out. “Why? I’m your fiancée, Victor. You can tell me everything, and… And you haven’t touched me once in the past year. Did I do something wrong?” “You did well.” He looked at her. “Then why? Don’t you think that the way we get along with each other doesn’t look like we are an engaged couple at all? We had never even held hands!” “I thought I had made it clear to you when we were engaged,” said Victor coldly. “What?” asked Susan in surprise. “On our engagement day, I asked you what you want.” Said Victor. “I…” It suddenly occurred to Susan that when Ivan came to the Salazar family to deliver the gifts and later at the engagement party, she had been asked twice what she wanted. She smiled and said that she wanted the Salazar Group to get better and better, she wanted to be an actress and Mrs. Sullivan. And now, with the Sullivan Group’s help, the Salazar Group had become one of the most powerful in Apliaria, and she had become an actress. Her career was flourishing, and she would be the future Mrs. Sullivan. What she said all came true. “So…” Susan suddenly realized what his words meant back then. “Susan, I can satisfy you whatever you want.” Victor said, “Except for love.” teardrop fell on Susan’s hand. She forced a smile. She admitted that her original intention to be with Victor was not purely out of love. She indeed wanted to be with Victor to get what she wanted, but she had never thought that Victor had never loved her even just a little bit. “You don’t like me at all?” Asked Susan unwillingly. “No.” Without any hesitation, Victor’s word turned into a sharp blade and stabbed into Susan’s heart, making her feel difficult to breathe. “…… If you don’t like me, why did you propose? Why did you help the Salazar Group! Why? You are lying, right? How could it be possible? If you don’t like me, why did you…” “Because you look like her.” He said coldly.


It was not until then that Susan realized who he was talking about. Rachel Bennet, who had been praised for her beauty but laughed at as a loser, his ex-wife.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 236 Victor And Susan (Part Two)

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