Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 235: Victor And Susan (Part 1)

Chapter 235 Victor And Susan (Part One)

Susan pursed her pink lips and didn’t say anything. But her face was still gloomy. The assistant looked at her agent for help. The agent noticed her gaze and immediately understood what she meant, but he only shook his head, indicating her to stop talking. Everyone around Susan knew that the fact that Susan looked like Rachel was a thorn, which had been deeply rooted in her heart these three years. Therefore, they had been avoiding this topic. Even so, there were still people constantly comparing her with Rachel. In the elevator, the atmosphere froze. The agent and assistant lowered their eyes, and even their breathing became cautious.


The elevator arrived at the 33th floor. “You don’t have to follow me. Just go wait in the car.” Said Susan, walking out of the elevator. “Okay.” The agent immediately agreed and said in a concerned tone, “Have a good talk with Mr. Sullivan. We won’t disturb you. Your favorite cake shop happens to have opened a new branch nearby. I always heard you talking about it, I’ll go and buy some dessert you like and wait for you in the car.” Then the elevator door slowly closed. At the same time, the door of the office was opened from inside. “Miss Salazar?” As soon as Ivan raised his head, he saw Susan. He was surprised, “Aren’t you supposed to be…” Susan quickly adjusted her mood, smiled and said gently, “I don’t have anything to do at home, so I come here. Is Vic in his office?” “Yes.” Ivan replied, “But Mr. Sullivan is having a video conference now. Maybe…” “I know. Don’t worry. I won’t disturb him.” Susan said in a considerate tone, “I just haven’t seen him for a while and missed him. He has stomachache problem, when he’s busy, he often forgets eating. It’s almost evening. He haven’t even had lunch yet, right?” “Well… Yes.”

“I knew it.” Susan frowned and said helplessly, “I ordered some food and they will be sent here later. I’ll go back after he ate it.” Looking at Susan, Ivan thought for a while and nodded, “Let me take you in.” “No, it’s okay. Do you have documents to send?” Noticing the folder in Ivan’s hand, Susan said, “Go ahead with your work. I can go in by myself.” “…… Okay.” The document in his hand was indeed important and urgent. After thinking for

a while, Ivan agreed

with a smile. Susan watched him enter the elevator. Then she turned around and looked at

the closed door of the CEO’s office. She opened the door slowly The big office was painted in black and white. As soon as she walked in, she felt a burst of pressure and coldness, just like Victor himself.

Ivan didn’t lie. Victor was indeed holding a video conference. When he noticed the noise at the door, he looked up and saw Susan. His eyes were still cold, and he didn’t say anything. He continued to look at the computer screen. Susan stood at the door for a while. Seeing that he treated her so indifferently, she felt a sudden pain in her heart • Three years had passed, but she still couldn’t get used to his attitude towards her. Susan took a deep breath to calm herself down, She smiled at him gently and sat down on the sofa. Then she took out her phone and a dozen messages popped up on the screen. They were all the work arrangements sent by her agent and the staff. Suddenly, a micro-blog message popped up. “Susan Salazar back to Apliaria, getting married soon.” Seeing this, Susan couldn’t help but turn to look at Victor. She clenched her fists and hesitated whether to break the silence. Last week, when the host asked her when her wedding would be held at the award ceremony, she said with a smile that it should be soon. Then the whole world knew that she was going to marry Victor soon.


Now there was a lot of discussion on the internet. Susan thought that he would call her when he knew it, but he didn’t. She waited for a week, but he didn’t call her to ask. She felt uneasy and couldn’t get in her character during her acting, so she asked for a leave and went back to Apliaria, wanting to ask him face to face. 1 But when she really met Victor, she suddenly lost the courage to ask. She was afraid that once she asked him, she would not get the answer she wanted. She was afraid that Victor would leave her. By then, she would definitely regret it. The words she heard in the elevator downstairs came to her mind again. She clenched her phone unconsciously, and her fingertips turned pale. Three years ago, she returned from abroad after finishing her study. At a banquet, she met Victor for the first time. One glance, she was captivated by him.

Wearing a well cut suit, he was surrounded by several people. He had dashing eyebrows and starry eyes, and his angular face was always very cold. His face were full of coldness, which showed his powerful aura. He was exactly Susan’s type and what she had been looking for in a man. . For the whole night, Susan was secretly looking at him. She had been abroad all the time. Although she knew something about the situation in Apliaria, she didn’t know much about it. She heard about Victor, but she didn’t know what he looked like. She asked her friend beside her, “Who is that man? I saw the director of the Chamber of Commerce proposing a toast to him. He seems to be very important.” “You don’t even know him?” Her friend said, “He is the CEO of the Sullivan Group, Victor Sullivan.” Of course he is flattered by everyone!” It turned out that he was Victor.

“Susie, do you have a crush on him?” One of her friends teased when she saw Susan keep checking on Victor Susan smiled shyly, took a sip of wine and looked straight into her friend’s eyes. “He is such an excellent man and he is not married, isn’t it normal for any woman to like him?” Moreover, if she could be with him, it would be good for both the Salazar family and her. “That makes sense. If I hadn’t been married, I would fall for such an excellent man as well.” Her friend smiled and said, “I just didn’t expect that you would fall in love someday, it has always been guys chasing after you.” Hearing her friend’s words, Susan blushed and glared at her coquettishly. “But then again, you have been abroad for all these years, you should know little about things in Apliaria. Victor had been married.” “He had been married?” “Yes, his ex-wife is the daughter of the Bennet Group.” “Then why did they divorce?” Asked Susan.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 235 Victor And Susan (Part One)

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